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SPN Thursday!!!!

As per [ profile] wendy 's command request, here's a random boy picspam to celebrate!

boys under the covers... (heh) .... )

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Head on over to [personal profile] dramaa_princess for a great picspam of Vancon.  I love how she put this together.  With icons too!

I can't figure out my favorites from this picspam.  Too many good things to pick from.

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Today may be my picspammy day. I have a lot of photos that I've taken over the past 2 months that I've never off loaded from my camera until today.

Impalas In the Wild

image heavy under the cut... )

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Because obviously I don't have a real life tonight...

"I'm driving..."

The Impala in 1x02 Wendigo.

image heavy under the cut... )

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I'm getting SO excited to see the Impala! And to have my photo taken with her! I got it in my head to try to do an Impala Picspam.


Do you KNOW how much the Impala was featured in the Pilot? She was like in practically EVERY scene!

So in honor of Dean's baby...

Pilot Episode Impala under the cut (image heavy) )

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To celebrate the RETURN of SPN tonight.  *hyperventilates*

I considered doing something...

Then I saw [ profile] annkiri 's post of yesterday where she asked folks to share their favorite photos of the boys.  Go there now and bask in the wonderfulness of the Js....

This was more than enough...combined with the new(old) photos of Jared...I think I can make it until 9pm.

ETA:  God I love it when Jared throws his head back when he laughs and when Jensen's eyes crinkle....

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I rewatched the episode for the 4th time and found myself taking screen shot after screen shot.  I have about 40 of them, so hold on. 

WARNING:  Spoilers for 4x01 and very not friendly to dial-up.

I so hope this cut works the first time so I don't spoil people.... )

Can.  Not.  Wait.  Is it Thursday again?????

And I can't believe I just screen capped and spammed that amount of photos....

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There were so many great photos and stories from the J2 Soapbox Red Bull Soapbox event.

I just had to do a picspam of my favorite pics.

Under the cut for lots of picspammage )
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I'm late early to the birthday wishes.  (So many folks posted mid-day yesterday--likely non-Americans--that I thought I was just under the wire with posting for Jared's birthday.  Turns out the birthday is July 19th!  So I was actually on the way early curve for my time zone.)

Was having fun re-learning CSS and playing with my LJ layout some more. Was able to fix all my CSS errors! So now I have that little LJ user symbol showing up when it is supposed to. Plus I fixed some minor formatting errors.

But back to the important thing..... wishing one of our favorite two actors a very happy birthday!

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I was inspired by a comment by [personal profile] laurondo  to do a tribute post to Steve McQueen after Todd Farmer's interview referred to Jensen Ackles as a "young Steve McQueen." 

I admit it's been years since I've watched a Steve McQueen movie.  So I went out and downloaded "The Great Escape" from iTunes and rewatched it this afternoon.  I wanted, at the least, to nab some screen caps of the solitary scene comparing those images of Hilts to Dean in FPBs. 

Plus while I definitely associate Jensen with McQueen, I wasn't sure that McQueen had the same abilities as Jensen to express so much by the raise of an eyebrow, the look in his eye, his body language, etc.  I wouldn't be able to tell that for sure from one action movie.  But I wanted to look for it.

Read on for my McQueen tribute and comparisons to Jensen.  (Note none of the images are mine unless I mention I took a screen cap.)  At the end I make my pick between who wins--Steve McQueen or Jensen Ackles.

Someday perhaps I'll do a "bad ass" Dean picspam.  But for now I hereby declare Jensen Ackles to be the New and Improved Steve McQueen.

But you know what?  Any public comparison of Jensen as a young Steve McQueen can only help draw attention to Jensen, where he can then blow them away with his acting and all-around nice-guy while still being cool abilities.  Being associated with McQueen's "mystique" can only be a good thing.
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So the second thing I read this morning is THIS.  A Top 15 from [personal profile] ellel on Dean's Smiles. 

*AAAHH That hits the spot!"
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Can be found here.

Love seeing a more "happy" Dean from S1!

Side Note:  My 3:30 am bedtime last night is REALLY catching up with me.  I am so, so tired.  I just finished my CBT course so I signed off work.  I will likely conk out within an hour.  But can't bring myself to walk away from computer, so I'm going to do a bunch of Mac software updates I've been putting off and go out to my mailbox--cuz I think I may have some cards waiting for me there.  So if you don't hear from me for a bit (ha! unlikely) it means I've conked out and I'll see you on the flip side Houston.
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I love Jared, I really do. But I started as a Jensen/Dean girl and I feel somewhat deprived with all the new Jared photos and stories. I need me some Jensen/Dean. I'm crossing my fingers that now that the boys are back in Vancouver filming, more Jensen stuff will be forthcoming.

But in the meantime. I need me some Jensen. So I'm doing my first ever picspam. It was so hard to choose amongst all the great Dean & Jensen photos. So I just did a random sampling.

1. I love, love, love the Australian Channel Ten ads. I wish we'd have ads like that here in the states.


*sigh* Now I feel better.

Spam me with your favorite Jensen or Dean photos.  Pretty please?


May. 15th, 2008 05:44 pm
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[personal profile] bellanut posted a great S3 summary picspam to celebrate tonight's episode.  I just finished it.  It's so great!  I felt the heartstrings in so many areas.

Work?  Don't ask.  I'm getting more convinced that the "time of life" may have something to do with this.  Cuz work?  It really ain't the different from normal.  Just my tolerance/reactions to it.

Got my vodka lined up for 9pm tonight, though.  I'm so conflicted, anxious, nervous, fearful, happy (cuz a new SPN!), sad (cuz the last SPN for quite a while), and more.  Part of me is so wound up that I'm afraid the episode can't possibly "live up" to my emotional expectations--so now I also add "worrying about not likely the episode because it disappoints" - to my list.  *headdesk*
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My re-watch reaction (which is better, thank god).  Screen-caps under the cut--so don't open if you haven't seen the episode.

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...from [personal profile] bellanut here.  She did such a fantastic job of photo-montaging this!  I love it!

(Hee!  And I so love it when I spy some of my photos in the mix!)


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