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I can't believe I missed this J2 vid by [ profile] fatedcinderella .   Found this morning via [ profile] daisychain1957 --thanks S! and btw I loved your words to describe their friendship.

Go here to thank [ profile] fatedcinderella ...

Editted:  YouTube yanked the video, but you can still DL from fatedcinderella's post plus she also posted it here:


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allie-quixotic pointed this out.  And I think she's right.

I've watched Jensen hamming it up to Eye of the Tiger, oh, about 10 million times now.  And after reading allie's post I've slow-mo'd through the last few seconds many times.  *is pitiful*

Look at Jensen's smile after he drops the character of Dean at the end of the clip.  He first smiles off to his right thusly....

Then he dips his head down (does anyone else *love* when he does that?).  And he looks up to his left.  His eye's immediately latch on to something and he.  Just.  Beams. 


Allie points out that this is Jensen's "Jared Smile".  Again, after watching this in slow-mo several times I really, really agree.  He is so looking at Jared with that smile.  There is a difference between his smile to the right and his smile at the end.

And as I pointed out to fickleone, how pitiful is it that I watch these boys so closely that I recognize their body language so well that I can tell when one is looking at the other?????  (Assuming I'm right, that is.)

ETA:  I just have to add in that hearing Jared laughing and chuckling during Jensen's/Dean's performance--just makes this clip that much more terrific. 

ETA2:  Oh and btw, I so hope someone writes some fic based on this clip.

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I have not read this yet.  With my hyperventilating waiting for the S4 premier on the west coast--I didn't think I could take it.  But [ profile] cindyls says it's spoiler-free.  Find it here.

The first first lines...

You read it here. It's true. Jensen Ackles has a big ol' crush on Jared Padalecki.

OK. Just kidding. Almost.

As you know, BuddyTV went up to the set of Supernatural and got to hang out with these fine gentlemen.
ETA:  OMG.  I quote Jared:  "[Jensen] rolls his pretty ass out of bed"

*iz ded*

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...what a perfect fandom day.


*is happy*

Nite all!

(O and I re-watched Shadow tonight.  I'm still spotting that same Dean red-checked shirt throughout the episodes.  He wears it in Shadow during the brother-moment when Sam says he'll leave after they get the demon.  I couldn't help but compare that brother moment to the AHBL brother moment where he wears that shirt.)
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I still haven't opened that BuddyTV post--don't want the spoilers.

On another thread about this news.  The so-called Buddy Debbie evidently also said:

:BuddyDebbie said:
Haha! You guys are all so funny! :) OK, I'll give you tiny bit of a teaser: They tease each other about how long it takes for them to get ready in the morning. That's all I'm saying!

Okay--who knows more about this new comment from Buddy Debby?

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I just got back from taking my son to his first doctor appt.  On a quick work break (hee) til I have do the doctor carpool thing again.

First I get an IM from the girl at work who I lent the SPN S1 DVDs to.  She likes 'em!  And I'd sent her links to the J2 Soapbox and she was very intrigued by the "sense of community" around the fans (I figured I'd leave her ignorant of fan wank for awhile--until she's good and hooked!)

Then I open my f-list and the first thing I see are three posts from [ profile] balefully [ profile] fickleone and [ profile] huntress69 all talking, squeeing, or wondering in somewhat shock if a recent Buddy TV interview is true or some reporters mistaken assumption.

This is the Buddy TV interview with J+J in which this little tidbit was revealed:

"Jared and Jensen live together and carpool to work every day. They like to rib each other about who is lazier than whom in the morning, and it's very cute."

Warning--I understand part of the interview is spoilery--I haven't opened the link myself.

I said to [ profile] fickleone in response to her post that my first thought is maybe that's why Jared seems so....Jared and happy again.  

And then I take off my tinhat and sigh and figure it's just a reporter's mistaken assumption.

But either way--fandom's going to implode/explode from the squee  in the next few hours.

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There were so many great photos and stories from the J2 Soapbox Red Bull Soapbox event.

I just had to do a picspam of my favorite pics.

Under the cut for lots of picspammage )
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I was so hoping someone would get a photo of one of the boys with the reflection of the other in his sunglasses.

Looks like Peter Andersen at Flickr did!  (and [ profile] fickleone  how weird is that name? Do you think?  .... NAH...)

Lookie, lookie!under the cut for photo size )

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Here on Flickr (found by [ profile] bloominidiot ).

ETA:  The Flickr photos are by Ianiv & Adrieanna.  There are quite a few marvelous photos there. 

This one is gorgerous.

And Jensen looks like he's having fun almost running over Jared.

And Jared FTW!

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On Google HERE.

OMG!  So terrific--it shows the ending!

(Thanks to [ profile] estarmuerta )

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This time from [ profile] glockgal HERE.

ETA:  I just love this cropped image from [ profile] glockgal 

And of course [ profile] missyjack  is updating the SuperWiki with all postings HERE.

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From [ profile] faunaana posted HEREShe doesn't say where she got it from.    Looks like the photo is from Red Bull.  And there's supposed to be a Jared one soon.

I giggle-snorted when I saw it!


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No new photo links (at least that I've seen--I'm sure there will be more.)

I was on the phone with [ profile] fickleone  squeeing over the wonderful photos and she pointed something out.

These are the first photos of a J2 appearance that [ profile] fickleone  and I have seen since we attended the LA Con back in March.  We saw a lot of Jared this summer and nothing (as I recall) from Jensen.  And nothing together.

No wonder SPN fandom is going nuclear--that's a long time without J2-ness. 

Was the twizzle event the last J2 we've seen?

This is so awesome.  I really needed this.

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This time from [ profile] salsa_babe -- Go HERE!

Man, there are just making my day!

ETA:  Wow!  I'm downloading her picture file now so I haven't seen them all--but look at this one!

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Yeah! [ profile] alaerys  has absolutely fantastic photos of the boys at the soapbox derby HERE!

Here's a small teaser--go to her LJ and check them all out!  I'm a Jensen girl, but I was BLOWN AWAY by Jared in these photos.  Guh.


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