Jan. 4th, 2013 12:43 am
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Not gonna commit to a photo a day.   But have a mind to potential try it again.

Photos from 1.1.2013.  The frost left some leaf imprints on our side deck in the brillant winter sunshine.

And from today's early morning drive through downtown Portland.  On the Burnside Bridge and on Burnside.  These are all iPhone photos.

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p r i n g    T e x t u r e


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Some people clean their cars before a road trip.  Me, I clean my laptop hard drive and camera cards LOL.   Then again, we are not taking my car!

Some various photos from the past three months, that I never got around to processing.


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project365,multnomah falls

Saturday I went out with a friend and took a whole mess of photos.   Seriously.  A mess of 'em.   Due to the circumstances of the last couple of days I haven't had time to go through most of them.  But I did distract myself last night and went through a small portion of the ones I took at Multnomah Falls.  We met there early on Saturday before most of the tourists showed up.   I took photos and videos at the base of the Falls and then we walked up to the bridge where I took more.   By the time we came back down, the place was teeming with people.  

We later drove around Portland and out over the St. John's bridge and finally went to the Japanese Gardens.   As I get through all the photos I'll be posting them in batches.lots of photos under the cut... )



May. 4th, 2010 11:16 pm
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I was out last night working with a friend in her downtown Portland office.   I randomly snapped this photo of the street as I was leaving to drive home around 11pm last night.

project365,downtown PDX

click to enlarge

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multnomah falls,project365

A couple of weeks ago I ended up driving from work to Multnomah Falls on a whim.   I didn't have even my small camera with me, but as I was standing on the bridge looking over the lower falls I realized I did have my blackberry.  Which did not fare too well in the low lighting through the trees--but with some heaving editing and filtering in Photoshop I'm still kinda happy with a few of the shots.

I wish i could have gotten a good shot of the main falls itself--but the blackberry just was not up to the task.
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Bob and I went walking up on Powell Butte this afternoon.  It's about 3 miles from our house and has some great views.

project365,powell butte  project365,powell butte  project365,powell butte
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Today may be my picspammy day. I have a lot of photos that I've taken over the past 2 months that I've never off loaded from my camera until today.

Impalas In the Wild

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I'm so, so behind! I need to clean off my camera photo cards and my laptop hard drive--so it's time to suck it up and process all these photos.

Lunch in Portland - or It's a Veritable Quandary

I haven't really been keeping up with Project 365. I did go to downtown Portland on March 18th and took these photos. I met a friend for lunch at a restaurant called Veritable Quandary.

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Okay, so I've decided a need an icon for drawing. *puts on to-do list*

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I'm less than happy with my results from yesterday's class. However, the results are exactly as they should be. I just think my result looks like I was "too tight" and constrained last night.

I didn't feel exactly that way when I was actually drawing last night. I was enjoying myself. In retrospect however I do recall having more of an "intent" last night. Like I wanted to "produce" something.

That wasn't the purpose of last night's class (again)--but I think my own intent caused me to tighten up.

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I took my daughter to this new restaurant I discovered last week through a friend of mine. It's located in the Sellwood area of SE Portland.

When I was there the first time with my friend Barbara, I did take photographs, but never got around to posting them.

I posted previously about my visit to the NW 23rd Ave area of Portland. The Sellwood area reminds me a little of the NW23rd area. However, it's not quite as ... yuppified ... yet, that is. I can see that changing.

The restaurant we visited was The Jade Teahouse and Patisserie on SE 13th.

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Busy, busy, busy today. But better than yesterday because it didn't feel so mundane--or maybe I just wasn't so mundane.

I met with a headhunter for lunch to talk about job prospects. We met at this neat SE Portland restaurant called Mile's City Grill. Over by Lloyd Center area. Had a great lunch with the dude. He's been working in job placement for 8 years in this community and one of the first things he told me was that when he checked around with his contacts, it seemed like EVERYONE knew me and had good things to say.

Now of course the guy's not going to stress bad things to me. He wants to make money off of me. But I know from personal experience in the last several weeks how people have been coming out of the woodwork and contact me.

Just made me feel good. We had a long talk about the job market and about health care reform and about living in Portland (how great it is) and about our mutual excitement over the hope that Obama brings.

Then since I was in such a high mood, I decided to head off to NW Portland across the river to the New Renaissance Bookstore. A place that a friend had recommended to me. I'd been putting it off for a few reasons--not the least of which was...dude...it's in NW Portland! On 23rd of all places!

Now NW 23rd Avenue is one of those places in Portland where all the bohemian, new age, inner city, cool people live. There are tons of interesting and cool shops along the street. Amazing older (and very large!) houses and attractive newer townhouses and condomiums are springing up all over the place. And the parking is basically NON-EXISTENT! Everyone likes to go, shop, eat on NW 23rd--and there is only street parking and they are very narrow streets. So basically it's hunt and peck for parking and walking for a few blocks (if you are lucky.)

But it was a beautiful (if a tad chilly) day out and despite the fact that I was wearing business clothes and not walking shoes--I decided to check out this bookstore.

Glad I did. Got a ton of books (on top of the books I bought yesterday at Borders). All new-agey (or old eastern if you prefer) types of books. Perhaps more on this on my other LJ if I feel up to it later. Plus got some other neat stuff there too. The place was a little over whelming with all it's terrific stuff! It was in three connected old NW Portland houses.

Then I drove back home by way of SW Portland. So I have photos of NW and SW Portland as my Project 365 post today.

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Today I just have one photo for Project365. It's of our dog Cody. When I started to get ready to go to bed last night (around 2:30 am!), I looked over at our dog (who, btw, is NOT supposed to be on the couch)--and saw this.  Click for larger view....or...um....maybe not...if you don't feel like being flashed by a dog this morning.

He sure looked awfully comfortable.



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