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via [ profile] dean_sam  via andreas is a slightly extended version of the Castiel scene from Lazarus Rising.  I believe it's only a few lines around the 1:40 min mark that is different.

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I mean really. 

I would NOT have thought it was possible for me to love SHOW even more. 

I mean just ask my daughter about my current level of Show-love and watch her roll her eyes.  She'd be the first to tell you I'm already WAAAYYY around the bend with SHOW.

But thinking about 4.01 and 4.02 and reading others reactions to those episodes has done the impossible.

It's INCREASED my love of Show!

Kripke--you magnificent bastard...

Under the cut in case I mention some specifics about 4.01 or 4.02... )

And in other non-SPN news...I have today OFF from work!!!! YAY!  Of course it's not totally non-SPN related as I will likely spend my day immersed in SPN stuff!  (hee!)

Oh and also... I ordered a second S1 DVD set.  It's supposed to be delivered today.  I've found that it tends to take folks awhile to get through S1 so I'm getting a second set to try and spread the SAA infection love even more.  I will probably loan this on out to our long-time hairdresser who is expressing a lot of interest in Show right now.  So much that she says she's talking it up to all her customers!

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Even though I'm working to stay spoiler free, I could not resist opening the link to the "first" interview with Misha Collins about his Supernatural role. I really didn't find it to be that spoilery myself.

The interview is by Cynthia at SFUniverse and can be found here.

(damn LJ and it's recent problems with lj-cuts....)

So help me this LJ cut had better work the 100th time around. Under the cut for non-spoilery excerpts. You should be okay if you've seen 4.01 )


I so love this show....

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I've been meaning to mention this for awhile.  As with most obsessed SPN fans, I've been trying to infect encourage others to watch Show.  I've met with limit success over the past two years. 

Mostly I've been able to hook [ profile] fickleone  and get some nibbles from others--but that's about it.

For some reason over the past few weeks I've had more people show interest in Show.  So much so that when 4.01 aired I had three people call me immediately after saying they had watched and OMG they *LOVED* it!
  • Another of my sister-in-laws who has watched S1 but not much more.  I had a chance to talk with her a couple of days before 4.01 and mentioned it was airing.  She watched and called me at 5 minutes after the show.
  • A co-worker who I'd tried to interest last year, but who had only watched about 5 shows in S1, has started watching S1 again and also texted and called me during and after the 4.01 airing.
  • My long-time family hair-dresser tuned in for the first time for the repeat of No Rest for the Wicked and then for 4.01.  She says she's pimping the show to all her customers now.

And this is what finally prompted me to post.  I was waiting in line to order lunch at work and was chatting with a couple of co-workers.  We were talking about Dexter.  I made a comment about only 2 more days until the next episode of my favorite show.  One co-worker asked which show.  When I told her Supernatural--she said they were ordering those DVDs because she had "started to hear really good things about that show." 

And it wasn't from me!!!!  Which means others are talking too!

\O/   !  !  !  !

I couldn't help but think, wish, wonder, whatever---that perhaps SHOW may finally get more attention that it deserves.

Did you all read the recent posts about the "Q" ratings for SPN?  In the top ten for fan commitment!

We rule and we rock.

Yeah Show!

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I rewatched the episode for the 4th time and found myself taking screen shot after screen shot.  I have about 40 of them, so hold on. 

WARNING:  Spoilers for 4x01 and very not friendly to dial-up.

I so hope this cut works the first time so I don't spoil people.... )

Can.  Not.  Wait.  Is it Thursday again?????

And I can't believe I just screen capped and spammed that amount of photos....

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Item the First:  I just went to buy my iTunes season pass for SPN season 4 and lookie!  We're the #7 Top TV Episodes and the #4 Top Season Pass purchase for that moment-in-time!  Plus the season has all 5 star user ratings on iTunes as well.  Cool.

Item the Second: 
Several days ago I was whining posting about the torture of missing out on the spoiler conversations.  Well I have to say that IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!  I really can see how knowing ahead of time about the premier would have kept my level of squee down a bit.  Not that I wouldn't have still been squeeful--but I almost exploded last night.

Item the Third:  New Creation Con guest for both Chicago & LA!  The TRICKSTER!!!!  YAY!

Item the Fourth:  I'm still trying to absorb everything from the episode last night.  I loved it so much!

Item the Fifth:  I love SHOW!  (Duh)

Item the Sixth:  I agree with [ profile] runedgirl .  Kripke *is* god!

That is all--off to re-watch 4x01 for the third time.  Hopefully I can actually absorb more this time.  I probably rewatch HoTH again too.


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I re-watched a season 2 episode several weeks ago and I so called at least part of what happened tonight. 

I so called this. abt 4x01 )

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I feel like it's Christmas!

And go check out [ profile] missyjack 's SUPERNATURAL: THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS 3  -- It's her hilarious recap of S3 in prep for tonight.

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So now I'm watching Road Kill. 

I was so excited when this episode was first announced because I am such a Battlestar Galactica fan and this was the episode that Tricia Helfer (Number Six from BSG) was to be on.

Then I was so disappointed in the episode.

Not because it was really bad, but because it was just much an ordinary MOTW episode and I had built my hopes up so much for Tricia Helfer.

I'm not done watching it yet.  But for those of you who read my post yesterday about the connection between SPN 4x01 and BUaBS.  I found more in Road Kill.  (Don't click on the cut if you aren't already spoiled for the first 5 minutes of S04.)


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