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I haven't even gotten 5 minutes into watching this and I saw something I never noticed before.

Just a moment though--first I just have to say *sigh* oh boys how I've missed you...

Then I realized that I'd watched AVSC so many times after it first aired, that I assumed I wouldn't get a lot out of watching it again. 


When the opening "Special" title came on, I SMILED.  When I saw the opening sequence of the grandfather and grandson I smiled and grimaced.

THEN I noticed THIS...

This is what I remember from the opening credits...

But I just happened tonight to pause this shot above because I wanted to screen cap it.  As I was moving backward and forward one millisecond at a time.  I noticed THIS>>>>

1) We go from this lovely (gruesome) shot...

2) Through this sequence....

3) to THIS!  (I NEVER noticed this before, did you?)

And then it very goes very quickly to the shot we all remember.  And I mean so quickly that you don't even see it unless you happen to step through it millisecond by millisecond.



Jun. 22nd, 2008 06:56 pm
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Um... The eyelashes! The stubble! The grin! Iz ded. See more by [profile] twistedlaletz HERE.  She actually has some higher, clearer quality pics.  But this one?  I just couldn't resist his face in this one.

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Trying to catch up on the weekend's Supernova appearance by Jared.

I love that "Jared Padaleki, star of TV series Supernatural, caused the most excitement at the expo on Saturday" according to According to one fan quoted in the article:

“He was so nice! He reached across and shook my hand and smiled. He was very talkative, exactly how I expected him to be. He’s gorgeous,”
Well naturally he was! *sigh* Hey! Uhuru --- Nichelle Nichols was there! Someday I'd like to see a Star Trek convention with Shatner, Nimoy and others. But right now SPN has to come first! (and yes I know Shatner and Nimoy aren't getting any younger.)

And OMG look at this! (credit to samushy @


And I'm not sure who took this. I found it linked over at [personal profile] keepaofthecheez .  I love Jared's hats!


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Just taking a quick moment to update. I think I'm going to have to apologize to my flist soon for spamming. Ever since I discovered LJ Book I want to use my LJ not just for fandom stuff but for RL stuff. I love the thought of being able to capture experiences and thoughts so that I can browse through them years from now. So if this starts to get too spamming for you all--I won't be insulted if you defriend.

I'll likely start posting more private posts as well. I do tend to "not care" about sharing too much. But there are limits--even for me!

Yesterday Mr. GYW took me to the coast to celebrate my birthday! We live in Oregon and the coast here is beautiful, unspoiled, all public, sometimes rocky (in Northern Oregon), and frequently cold and rainy. But I still absolutely love it! The ocean both calms and energizes me. I used to come over all the time before I met Mr. GYW. Unfortunately he's more a mountain and desert person. So when we do go places we have to balance his love of the mountains etc with my love of the ocean.

We're in Lincoln City at the Surftides. We have a room overlooking the ocean. I'll post photos later. It was clear and sunny all the drive over here until, you guessed it, we actually got to the edge of the ocean--then it was fog-bank city. But the fog cleared around 9:30 pm last night.

Last night there were fireworks over the beach. We could stand on our balcony and see them. It was cool.  We went to bed kinda late so Mr. GYW is still snoozing away while I'm sitting by the balcony watching and listening to the ocean while I browse the net a bit.

Just did a quick (and I mean 1 min) look see on my flist and found this post with photos of Jared in Australia. Man he looks terrific.


Then [profile] fickleone (by way of [personal profile] mrsr58) sent me over to Jim Beaver's MySpace blog.  He seems to be such a great person.  I used his RSS feed to subscribe to his blog through my flist so I can be sure to keep up with his entries.  I really hope he's at either or both ChicagoCon 2008 or LA Con 2009.

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...from [personal profile] bellanut here.  She did such a fantastic job of photo-montaging this!  I love it!

(Hee!  And I so love it when I spy some of my photos in the mix!)
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At the Jared and Jensen panel the boys were asked about the fan requests for a bodyswap episode.  At one point a fan asked Jensen how he would play Sam.  Jensen replied "Gladly."  And got up and walked across the stage in a caricature pose of Sam.  I was able to get some shots of the walk.  They are not high quality. 

I'm in the process of posting all my con photos to Photobucket and will post the link likely tomorrow.
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I'm too tired to put many words around these.  But here are a few photos from today


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