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Just got home from work.  Eating dinner and browsing LJ.  I noticed a notification for an episode reaction post for SPN.

And I paused.  And thought, there's an SPN episode on tonight?  Is it Thursday????

*lightbulb*  (my icon is very self-appropriate, Bobby is speaking to me)

So YAY!  for my delayed joy.  But man, I cannot believe I didn't even think of it once today!!!

Is it the 100th?  I've lost track.  I know nothing about the episode, not the title, and I don't think I even watched the preview.
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missyjack posted this this morning.  I just watched it.  Made me smile so wide.

So very glad Show is back!

I'm completely unspoiled for tonight's ep--I don't even know the title.  So looking forward to this!

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*does a jig*
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I told myself I wasn't going to post today after my spamminess of the last few days. But then I got online and remembered it was SPN Thursday--and that always deserves a post. And it's a mid-season finale. And we have until about mid-January until the next episode (*sad face*).

And then I saw that elsiecat posted the first part of of her J2 panel photos. I DL'd and just about died. OMG. There are all so good. I've no idea how I'd even do anything with them because I'm just overwhelmed by them. I may just have to toss a coin to pick a subset of them to play with.


Life is hard! *grins*

Happy SPN Thursday everyone!
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....and I'm already missing the fact that there's no new SPN this week. :(

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(first off I've gotten NOTHING done I was planning to today because I've been so absorbed in LJ land today. but not the point of this post..)

I really appreciate being spoiler free because I've found I enjoy episodes that much more for being surprised.

But when I see something like this...

I just sit there, stare, and resist temptation while all the while thinking...but I wanna know TOO! (dammit.)  :-)

And is it actually already 4pm????

(Oh--but the good news about being 4pm is that it's that much closer to 9pm!!)

Dbl Oh! I just realized that screen shot I just put above may have an icon from one of my Vancon photos. It might also be someone elses, but the angle is more like the shots I took. I always get such a kick and a little thrill when I recognize my photos being used somewhere. Makes me smile!

Yup! I think it's from this photo from Vancon.

I'm feeling hyper--perhaps it's from watching Vitamin D, the recent ep of Glee!  ;-)


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I was working on waking myself up and thinking about my day when I realized....OMG it's SPN day!!!!

I rewatched The End with my daughter and her friend Alex yesterday.  It was very gratifying since Alex (who's been watching along with us a few days after the fact) was all kinda dismissing the 5x04 episode ever since he saw the preview (he was saying that the concept was all so cliche.)

My daughter and Alex thought they'd seen Croatoan.  I told them that I bet they hadn't because it was so long ago.  So we watched that first (and sure enough they had not seen it.) 

They we watched Tne End and it was great to see Alex change his mind about the episode.


\O/ for Thursday!

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SPN Thursday!!!!

As per [ profile] wendy 's command request, here's a random boy picspam to celebrate!

boys under the covers... (heh) .... )

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I'm a little late with this..but yesterday [ profile] wendy challenged everyone to post a Jared and/or Jensen photo to their LJ.

So to celebrate SPN Thursday, here's mine.

It's a J2 photo that I took at the recent LA Con with some additional work done on it by [personal profile] dramaa_princess ...

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...this has been a PSA of the Winchester Appreciation Foundation (otherwise known as the Winchester Gospels).

We now return you to your normal programming....
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It's SPN Thursday!

I feel like I've just been given a great surprise.  Somehow I'm a day behind in my internal calendar.

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I just learned that tonight's episode is the last before the holiday hiatus.  Does anyone know the date that SPN returns?  I'm considering doing a SPN party before the hiatus ends but I already have another event planned for the first week in January and was wondering which day SPN returns.
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Here I was moaning about missing the boys and I just realized today is THURSDAY.  The "to be continued" Thursday.  I cannot believe I totally spaced that.

I guess being gone for a long weekend and having yesterday be my first day back at work has totally messed with my head.

But YAY!  It's THURSDAY!!!

(and this icon is TOTALLY appropriate for me right now.)
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Happy Winchester Day everyone!

And as a's a new vid by one of my favorite vidders, ChevyBabe!

Winchesters Kissing!!!! (girls, people, girls....*wags finger*)

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..until SPN Thursday!

...and yes I'm up way too late and am getting very silly.

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Happy SPN Day everyone!

One of my favorite SPN vidders has posted another great SPN vid "In the Light".  It is spoilery for 4x01.

BTW if you haven't seen JessciaRae's vid "Haunted" (spoilery for AHBL)--you have really missed out.  The song used (by Kelly Clarkson of all people) is so well matched for AHBL it could almost have been written for the purposes of summarizing it.

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Just had to say it.

So excited.


And yesterday I woke up with an image in my mind. It was Sam & Dean--side by side talking to each other.  On Sam's shoulder, whispering in his ear, was a little Ruby!demon and on Dean's shoulder, also whispering, was a little Castiel!angel.
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I feel like it's Christmas!

And go check out [ profile] missyjack 's SUPERNATURAL: THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS 3  -- It's her hilarious recap of S3 in prep for tonight.

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....and that means it's ALMOST THURSDAY!

It feels like FOREVER since we've seen our Winchester boys. 

I so can't wait.
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Sorry.  Just had to have a moment of squee-dom.

Yay!  Can't Wait.


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