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I was inspired by a comment by [personal profile] laurondo  to do a tribute post to Steve McQueen after Todd Farmer's interview referred to Jensen Ackles as a "young Steve McQueen." 

I admit it's been years since I've watched a Steve McQueen movie.  So I went out and downloaded "The Great Escape" from iTunes and rewatched it this afternoon.  I wanted, at the least, to nab some screen caps of the solitary scene comparing those images of Hilts to Dean in FPBs. 

Plus while I definitely associate Jensen with McQueen, I wasn't sure that McQueen had the same abilities as Jensen to express so much by the raise of an eyebrow, the look in his eye, his body language, etc.  I wouldn't be able to tell that for sure from one action movie.  But I wanted to look for it.

Read on for my McQueen tribute and comparisons to Jensen.  (Note none of the images are mine unless I mention I took a screen cap.)  At the end I make my pick between who wins--Steve McQueen or Jensen Ackles.

Someday perhaps I'll do a "bad ass" Dean picspam.  But for now I hereby declare Jensen Ackles to be the New and Improved Steve McQueen.

But you know what?  Any public comparison of Jensen as a young Steve McQueen can only help draw attention to Jensen, where he can then blow them away with his acting and all-around nice-guy while still being cool abilities.  Being associated with McQueen's "mystique" can only be a good thing.
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I love Jared, I really do. But I started as a Jensen/Dean girl and I feel somewhat deprived with all the new Jared photos and stories. I need me some Jensen/Dean. I'm crossing my fingers that now that the boys are back in Vancouver filming, more Jensen stuff will be forthcoming.

But in the meantime. I need me some Jensen. So I'm doing my first ever picspam. It was so hard to choose amongst all the great Dean & Jensen photos. So I just did a random sampling.

1. I love, love, love the Australian Channel Ten ads. I wish we'd have ads like that here in the states.


*sigh* Now I feel better.

Spam me with your favorite Jensen or Dean photos.  Pretty please?


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