Sep. 3rd, 2008 08:03 pm
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I know I'm obsessed right now (perhaps a little tipsy) with McMenamin's. 

[ profile] fickleone did you ever hear of this one?  I hadn't.  It's in North Portland.  A "rock 'n roll hotel'--legendary?  Had you heard of this place?  Is it because it's in North Portland -- perhaps it was a "legendary" local hangout.  Or perhaps it's just hype.

So now I think Bob and I need to travel to each McMenamin's.  Kinda like some folks "collect" travels to lighthouses or something.  Too bad--we were just in Sunriver--there's one in Bend now too.  

Yes, I know, I'm drunk and obsesing on something stupid.

ETA:  Oooo.  Tall tales of resident spirits.  They need to film an SPN episode there.  Of course they could do the same at Edgefield.  We had a department event there and a couple of staffers who claimed they were "senstive" were completely spooked out there.  Wouldn't surprise me as Edgefield was the local poor farm.

View the White Eagle Hotel's Large Photo Gallery]

Experience nightly live music and memorable lodging at one of Portland's oldest bars

Nestled in North Portland's industrial neighborhood, underneath the mighty span of the city's Fremont Bridge, the legendary White Eagle Cafe and Rock 'n' Roll Hotel echoes with tall tales of resident spirits, poker games and Shanghai tunnels, as it has since its opening in 1905.

Originally a civic and social hub for Portland's Polish immigrants, today the place is known for its vintage charm and nightly rock 'n' roll shows. By establishing residency at the White Eagle in the early '70s, rockers such as The Holy Modal Rounders and blues man Robert Cray helped launch the bar's live music tradition. Drop-in acts such as the Isley Brothers, ZZ Top and Big Walter Horton were followed in the '80s by Northwest music icons including Paul deLay, Curtis Salgado, Norman Sylvester, Terry Robb, Pete Karns, Jon Koonce and Steve Bradley.

Upstairs, the Eagle's 11 original lodging rooms offer simple charm and a definite Old World sensibility. A separate, outdoor entrance leads overnight guests upstairs to narrow, winding hallways and spare yet welcoming rooms that beckon guests with their chenille-covered beds and antique furniture and lamps. Named for a variety of Holy Modal Rounder tunes, historic photos of the band's performances here line the walls and painted lyric adorn the walls of each lodging room. With its nightly live music tradition, the hotel is not for the light sleeper -- a McMenamins Distillery Pear Brandy nightcap may be in order!

An intimate beer garden outdoors is popular during warmer months and inside the Saloon, a massive oak back-bar serves up McMenamins' handcrafted ales, wines and spirits along with a menu of tasty, satisfying pub fare. The venerable saloon's gorgeous ceramic-tiled floor, corner stage and compelling artwork all contribute to the strong sense of places that envelopes visitors to this Portland legend.

After a Blazers game or a concert at the Rose Garden, or a tradeshow at the Convention center, the White Eagle is now more accessible than ever thanks to the new MAX Yellow Line that drops folks off a mere block away.


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I love McMenamin's.  Bob and I need to hang out their more--go to some of their music events or something.  But they are getting so crowded--especially at the Edgefield Estate.  That's not too far away from where we live and if we "shortcut" through that area to get home, we know immediately when there's an Edgefield event because there are cars and people walking everywhere.  Now that we're almost empty-nesters, we really should go to something.

One event caught our eye--a Halfway to St. Patrick's Day celebration on Sept 17.  Looks like there's something at most of the McMenamin locations--at least the bigger venues...

Of course it is on a work night..



OK, we know, it's kind of a wacky idea -- no one celebrates halfway to St. Valentine's Day, right? (Although, now that we think about it… nahhh…)

But, regardless, we love St. Patrick's Day and we love being halfway to it! So let's have some drinks, hear some music and have a full-on good time together. Because why not?

Follow the links below for full details...

Events are Free and All Ages (unless noted)

Wednesday, September 17

With live music from The Clems at 7 p.m.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Wednesday, September 17

With live music and Irish dancers starting at 4:30 p.m.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Wednesday, September 17

With live music and Irish dancers starting at 6 p.m.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Wednesday, September 17

With live music and Irish dancers starting at 6 p.m.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Wednesday, September 17

With live music and Irish dancers starting at 5 p.m.

7 p.m. | $40; reservations required | 21 & over

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Wednesday, September 17

With live music and Irish dancers starting at 5:30 p.m.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Wednesday, September 17

With live music starting at 5 p.m.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Wednesday, September 17

With live music starting at 7 p.m.

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What a great phrase that is (see subject line).  Hubby and I just returned from our local McMenamin's Pub -- a series of locally owned & run micro breweries--usually in an older reclaimed building such as an old school or something.

Other than their beer they are also known for their tator tots.  I had a side order and all I could think about was Ruby's phrase. 

Deep Fried Crack.  So apt.
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I love it.  It really hasn't rained a lot lately and I kinda miss it. 

Good thing I guess since I live in the Pacific NW--I'd kinda go nuts if I didn't like the rain.

Of course by March I'll hate it again--but for now...

I'm sitting in my comfy chair, reading and listening to the rain.

And until now all I've done all day is sleep--like a rock.  No idea why I was so tired but everytime I tried to get up to do something my body just siad, "no" and went back to sleep.

So the rain is very much matching with my lazy day.
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Nothings changed except I've vented all over the place, my son and I went to KFC for some deep fried fat, and ... wait for it... and OMG you will not believe how desperate I was ... I am now drinking vodka mixed with fruit punch crystal light. Because I'm all out of *any* other kind of mixer. It's kinda gross...but effective. I was a little heavy handed with the vodka part of the drink cuz I figured I needed it a) cuz work sucks, remember? and b) um? fruit punch crystal light???

Hubby consoled over the phone and said he'd be home early. Daughter let me rant a bit (also over the phone). Son condescended enough to give me what I used to call a "timmy-hug" back when he was like ... um ... short. Now, of course my head barely comes to his shoulders....weird.

And reading about upcoming Comic Con also helped.

Just a few days ago I was actually watching a couple of SPN episodes with my daughter (yes, the one that rolls her eyes at my obsession--I think she was humoring me.) We watched Long Distance Call and Time is on My Side.

Remember in Long Distance Call when monster-o-week had Sam tied to the chair? (*pauses to enjoy the image*) um...okay I'm back. Anyway, in that scene MoW says how we're all so connected but never so isolated or far apart or something. My recent work experiences caused me to vent to Hubby tonight about how it's *never* worth it to devote so much psychic energy and/or your life into work, because in the end it's meaningless and, in a strange way, not real.

But then I thought about online friends. And fandom. At least fandom should fall in the "not real" category. But it doesn't feel not real. Despite the long distances and the fact that I can't just call someone and say, "let's go out and get drunk cuz I'm mad as hell." Online friends can feel as "real" as friends who live 2 miles away. Certainly more real than a lot of work-based friendships which are, again weirdly, in a more artificial environment than fandom/online is to me.

Am I making any sense?

Am I totally crazy? (never mind about that last question, I don't really want to know.)

And you know, I'll totally blame the vodka.

And no I haven't yet posted to But I am almost done with the resume, except for the description of my current job. I'm so f'ing mad at that job than I'm not sure I can do a professional job at describing it. And if I don't post the resume tonight, I'll be so cooled off in the morning I likely won't post it.

And Hubby just called, he's on the way home and offered to pick up fresca so I won't make myself sick on this red stuff.

Oh and thanks to everyone who pointed me in the direction of some new icons. But while I was purusing and saving, I didn't think to save an "angry" icon. Preferably one of Dean. Anyone got one (or two, or three)?
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Edit October 2010 :: When I first posted this article back in 2008, I find it interesting that I was not sensitive to the extrovert digs that appear in this article and in my own responses to it.   I think the fact I was insensitive shows how very dark those days were for me. I can truly say that July 2008 was a very dark time for me personally. Yesterday I was reviewing some of that past history and it led me back here. I can definitely remember that in 2008 I did not at all see any negative aspects to the viewpoints of the article. I think I was feeling victimized. Something I'd never thought I'd hear myself saying about myself. And coming from that space, all I could think was "hell, yes!"

Now in 2010, coming out from a 2 year period where I've undergone some reflection, growth, and healing, I re-read this article last night and did notice and wish there had not been extrovert bashing. I winced a little at the digs at extroverts.  I just didn't bother to point that out in my relinking; which I should have.   After responding to a insightful comment by[ profile] jeeronie , I decided to provide some new 2010 context here. I still very much liked the points about introverts.   However, turning the tables "against" extroverts doesn't make those points any stronger.   I've always liked to think I believe in tolerance and balance.   Recognizing that I can have my own episodes of intolerance is not something I enjoy.   I'm not going to change any of the original post below because it helps me frame that time of my life for me.   Perhaps the original article was only trying for humor.  But I just want to say that the world needs both introverts and extroverts.  I know I very much depend on my main extrovert in my life, my husband.  My life without this key characteristic of him would have been a lot less vibrant and enjoyable.  And if I've offended any extroverts, I apologize for that.


This is going to be one of those TL:DR posts.  Triggered by another day at work.  The day itself was not bad actually.  But my continuing frustration with "people" continues.  Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em (really, you sure about that???)

Anyway I was thinking about [profile] fickleone's response to a recent meme where she said something like LJ or the Internet seems to be full of introverts.  When I woke up this morning I found myself thinking about how the Internet seems to be freeing up introverts into a world of socialization--but without the pressure and/or angst that comes with socialization in the real world.

Surely, I thought, someone out there has done a study and/or master's on this or something.

So at the end of today's work day, as I was walking through the parking garage thinking about how strange people were and how I could never seem to truly deal with politics and competition and territorial in-fighting and one-up-manship.  I mean I just DON'T CARE and I sometimes don't get why others DO? 

When I got home I remembered my thoughts of the morning, so I went a web-surfin'.  I googled "Introverts and Internet."

Whoa.  Huh.

174,000 hits.

I guess my thoughts were not unique.  I found master's and blogs and articles all over the place.  Some as early as 1996---and that's only looking through about two-pages worth of hits.

I won't get into some of the anger and frustration I felt when I found some folks who loved to equate introversion with being neurotic.  I mean some folks used the two terms interchangeably.

And of course, I re-found the an Atlantic article I remembered finding and reading before.   "Caring for Your Introvert" by Jonathan Rauch published in March 2003.  I can remember finding it an having an email conversation with [profile] fickleone about it at the time.  Being an extreme introvert married to an extreme extrovert I can so identify with this article.  If you haven't read it--GO THERE now.  A excerpt to entice you:

Extroverts are easy for introverts to understand, because extroverts spend so much of their time working out who they are in voluble, and frequently inescapable, interaction with other people. They are as inscrutable as puppy dogs. But the street does not run both ways. Extroverts have little or no grasp of introversion. They assume that company, especially their own, is always welcome. They cannot imagine why someone would need to be alone; indeed, they often take umbrage at the suggestion. As often as I have tried to explain the matter to extroverts, I have never sensed that any of them really understood. They listen for a moment and then go back to barking and yipping.

And this speaks to my thoughts of this morning..

Your article has also been one of the most popular pages on our Web site. We posted it three years ago, and it still gets more hits than practically anything else on the site.

Yes. The Internet is the perfect medium for introverts. You could almost call it the Intronet. You know the old New Yorker cartoon with a dog sitting at a computer saying to another dog, "On the Internet, no one knows you're a dog." Well, on the Internet, no one knows you're an introvert. So it's kind of a natural that when The Atlantic put this piece online, introverts beat a path to it; it's the ideal distribution mechanism by which introverts can reach other introverts and spread the word.

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My SPN, SAA, eBay and doggone Trism game addictions are starting to take a toll. 

Darn RL work making me actually get up in the mornings and spend 8-10 hours doing "real" activities.  (But oh BTW, work's going pretty good.)

I'm gonna try to stay a little inactive tonight as far as online stuff.  *crosses fingers that I can do so.*

I'm bored

Jun. 13th, 2008 02:14 pm
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If there's anything in the world I hate more than anything it's being bored.  Luckily I don't normally have the problem--family, work, RL, and SPN fandom keeps me more than busy.  But I can just FEEL it starting right now.

My son just "graduated" from middle school and is now officially on summer break.  So no homework or getting him up early in the morning.  Which--YIPPEE!  But it's adding to the "what do I do now" possible boredom syndrome.  BTW he won a presidential achievement award at he graduation ceremony--which for anyone who knows me will know is a huge deal for him.  He's been struggling with getting his school work act together for a few years now and somehow has turned a corner in the last few months.  So again--more YIPPEE!

My grown daughter is spending more and more time away from home.  It's starting to REALLY feel like she's building her own, separate life.  Which is great--but again--another checkmark in the "what do I do now" column.

Hubby's working again--so he's gone a lot.

The program I'm managing at work is settling into more routine--which again--YIPPEE!  But again--checkmark.  (And man I hope I just didn't jinx that.)

BSG airs it's mid-season finale tonight and then nothing more til 2009.  SPN is on hiatus.  Dallas Con is over.  I did finally commit to going to the LA Con in March 2009 and will be at Chicago Con this November....but month's without new SPN-related stuff.  huh. 

I do need to watch S2 of Heroes and S4(?) of LOST.  But somehow I'm not highly motivated to do so.

I think Hubby is planning on taking us to the beach next weekend--so that's something.

But yeah.....I feel like I'm teetering on a boredom cravasse here. 

RL Update

May. 21st, 2008 10:57 am
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Been mostly off of LJ for a couple of days due to work and family stuff.

I miss SPN.  But also?  I'm kinda glad the summer hiatus is starting.  I feel like I have to catch my breath.  Plus I have so many DVDs to catch up on.  Still need to S2-S4 of Six Feet Under.

I'm still going through S1 of Mary Tyler Moore.  Although I really wouldn't watch any 30-min sitcoms today--I do kinda miss being able to sit down and enjoy a light-hearted 30-min break from reality.  I realized last night as I watched another episode that any show I watch these days is 60-mins and tends to be angtsy, dark, or action-packed.   I don't really watch comedies any more.  Maybe I need to.  And because the few current shows I watch are 60 min & intense, I always feel like I need to set aside a "significant" segment of time to devote to watching it and then digesting/discussing it.  No quick, 30-min injections of amusement.

I took some pain medication for my knee and am feeling a little loopy.  *AND* I'm feeling guilty for calling in sick to work.  Even though I am-because of my knee.  Even though I worked 14 hours on both Monday and Tuesday.  *is lame and obsessive*  Why can't I cut myself the same slack I cut others?

Sorry.  Didn't meant to circle back to work. 

I want my SPN magazine to arrive.  I know I can read scans online.  But I want to read it first in my hands.  Now that's strange for me.  I'm usually all about online reading. 
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Warning--this post is self-reflective rambling and navel-gazing..

My husband randomly asked me tonight who said "If you can't stand the heat..."  We both thought Truman and he asked me to look it up to verify.  I did, and it was.  But the site I ended up on was a Keirsey Personality Type site. 

Now I've taken the Myers-Briggs test many, many times (seems to be a favorite test for employers to give out in training classes.)  I'm a INTJ.  First tested as such when I was about 25 years old and with each test through the years I've remained an INTJ.  I had an instructor once say that normally once you are an adult your personality type doesn't change much although you learn to "compensate" and develop other traits to cope when needed.

So, what's weird to me is that I went to this site's description of an INTJ.  It was termed the Mastermind (hee!)  Which both felt good and felt not right--because although I take leadership roles--I really prefer to not do so and to stay in the background.  I've since termed myself a "beta" in that I'm best suited to be a very strong second-in-command.  And, of course, I learned more about what a beta really was by reading metas about SPN (everything goes back to SPN!)   But I digress. 

So I was reading through this description--which felt flattering to me because Stephen Hawkings and Ayn Rand were among other Masterminds.  And towards the end came across this statement: "Natural leaders, Masterminds are not at all eager to take command of projects or groups, preferring to stay in the background until others demonstrate their inability to lead." 

Whoa.  I truly only thought that was me.  Not the "natural leader" part--but the part about only stepping into the leader role if someone who should be leading was not doing a good job.  I've done that so many times and it was why I frequently found myself in management roles at work--despite my preference not to.  It was eerie to see that stated exactly as I would have said it about myself (again other than the "natural leader" part.)

Here's the INTJ description.  You can find the other description types by clicking on the various tabs.
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....Is it the end of the world?  Global warming?  The influence of my poor choices in fandom/fanfic?  Not hugging a tree today?

I don't know.

It's just weird.  Last weekend we were in the 80s (which is weird in itself for the Pacific NW).

Then today?  Hail, sleet, thunder, some snow just for good measure.

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... get yourself some time to watch the last three episodes of S2 of Torchwood (dammit).

/end note
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I was reading a blog by Andrea Hill about social networking and identifying a person's Groundswell Social Technographic Profile (wow--big words--so early in the morning too!)  Groundswell is a book by Forrester featuring "data-based strategies for companies that want to harness the power of social technologies like blogs, social networks, and YouTube."

I'm very interested in media convergence, social networking and how the advent of the Internet and low-cost software and hardware tools are enabling everyday people to participate in media creation in ways previously unheard of.  I'm constantly amazed at the talent that is out there.  I watch fanvids and read fanfic and often I find things that are just as good (or sometimes better) than work done by "professionals."

I followed the links through Andrea's blog to a quiz to identify your social technographics profile based on the Groundswell data.  I must have answered some of the questions wrong--because I don't really consider myself a creator (at least not yet--someday I hope.)  I'm more a consumer and observer at this point.  However ever since I went to the SPN LA Con I find myself posting almost every day with comments, observations, links, or whatever.  The quiz had a lot of questions about "do you blog" this or that.  I answered yes. 

I wanted to answer yes to all the "do you digg" this or that.  But I had to choose between blogging and digging--and these days I blog more than digg (boy, those words really sound strange don't they?)  Ever since I got swept up into LJ and SPN and other fandoms, I don't digg near as often as I used to.  I have started to twitter a bit--but the concept of micro-blogging every little aspect of my day-to-day life just seems--strange.  I use a twitter desktop widget and I'm amazed at the things folks are twittering.  I guess you'd have to be a person who really wants to be "on stage" to truly get into that.  I'm more a "back-stage" person. 

LJ blogging is enough for me right now.

Still not convinced that's "creator" status.  Especially given the description below.  I don't make videos (although I aspire to someday.)  I do make graphics (just not publicly).  The results below don't seem to belong to me.  Although the last statement about turning off the computer because my family misses me--that's pretty true.

Discover Your Groundswell Social Technographics Profile
Your Result: Creator

With all the blogging and video making you do, I'm surprised you had time to take this quiz. Whether podcasting or maintaining a website, the amount of content you create makes your Groundswell Social Technographic group a valuable target for social media marketers. As a creator, you join an elite 18% of the US online population. Now turn off the computer, your family misses you.

Discover Your Groundswell Social Technographics Profile
See All Our Quizzes
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I love Sundays. Bob usually makes breakfast and rich, dark coffee. Alex and Emily are here. Emily's doing much better. Tim was up late last night and I'm still having trouble getting him up (*sigh*). It's beautiful outside. Got the back sliding glass door open and can hear the birds and smell the cut grass.

Listening to my favorite music on my iPod.

Lazy Sundays. Just feels so good.
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So it's taken about 5 days, but I think I'm finally really back into RL.  I went back kicking and complaining.  But today's another one of those great Sunday mornings.  B made me breakfast--more of his great eggs and bacon.  I made coffee and cleaned the kitchen from our get-together last night.

It's all good.  (Didn't Chad say that in his Q/A in response to just about every question?)  Hee--it always comes back to SPN.
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...OMG.  [profile] fickleone and I are flying out tomorrow morning at the ungodly hour of 6:50 am.  We're in LA by about 9:00!  Hopefully we'll be able to check into the hotel waaayyy early!

I'm now officially off of work.  So much to do!

Boy that was a boring list.

I think I'm still in denial about this trip.  When I let myself think about it too much I get waaayyy too excited. 

I finally caved yesterday and bought Photoshop CS for my Mac.  I'd been wanting to get it for over a year since the previous version I had only worked on my old Windows-based laptop.  That's the software that supposed to be arriving today!  I Can. Not. Wait.  I love Photoshop and playing with graphics and photos.  I'm excited about being able to do stuff with all the photos/vids I take at the LA Con.  Plus I have a bunch of family photo stuff that's been waiting for me to get this software.

ETA:  And the second I posted this I received an email from Creation about the posting of the "final?" schedule for this weekend.  Here

ETA 2:  I promised some work friends and family members that I'd spam them with info over the weekend.  I will be doing the same on my LJ.  I can't link these other folks to my LJ because I just don't want to worry about fully expressing myself and I definitely keep my work environment free from some of my freedom of expression items!  (grin).  So I either have to cut/paste into email or figure out that LJ filter stuff.  I don't even know if I can set up the filters to keep some people *only* viewing some things.  But you know?  My LJ is mostly public and I don't feel like changing that.  So if I even tell them my LJ name that would be a potential problem.  So cut/paste I guess it is.
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Last week I posted that I had started reading Neil Gaiman's "American Gods".  I mentioned how much it reminded me of Supernatural.  Not to long later I was browsing LJ for meta's on either Mystery Spot or WIaWSNB and came across a post by [personal profile] setissma where she mentioned "American Gods" and said: 

"I know the novel is listed as an influence on the show, and the connections are obvious..."

So I guess Kripke must have been partially influenced by "American Gods."   I just thought it was my mind's habit these days to somehow connect *everything* to Supernatural! 

I'm really enjoying this book.  The main character just realized the fellows he's been traveling with are actually old gods.  He's just identified his main traveling companion as the old Norse god Odin.  This prompted me to go off and read about Odin.  Which is cool--I'm half Norwegian and I just realized today how little I know about Norwegian folklore.  I find myself wondering how much my grandmother (who was born in Norway) would have known about old folklore.  I'm betting not much--she was a no-nonsense type of woman who was also a very strong Lutheran.  But who knows?

More rambling thoughts... I found myself thinking about Kripke earlier this morning.  I was musing on how it must be to be a writer, to create a set of characters, imagine them in a world that you created.  And then to have it "come to life" so to speak by directors, cinematographers, and actors who breathe life into them.  I've heard that Kripke is a Jensen-fan.  I wonder if it's partly because of the depth of life Jensen has given to the character of Dean.  Which made me wonder if Dean is somehow partially an aspect of Kripke's self and/or a fantasy self for Kripke.  Kripke has said he loves classic rock, as does Dean.  Kripke loves the gore and lore, as does Dean.  I'm betting Kripke self-identifies a bit with Dean. 

Of course I'm not a writer myself, so I can only speculate what it must be like to create something and see it come to life.
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It's probably just because I'm tired.  I didn't get much more than 4 hours of sleep last night.  But things seem weird to me tonight. 

So less than 2 weeks (OMG!!!! *hyperventilates*) until the LA con.   I watched Mystery Spot for about the billionth time this weekend and spent Sunday evening browsing LJ for meta's on the episode.  I really, really, really love that episode.  It's right up there with WIaWSNB for me.

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Not really that drunk.  I have some kinda early-shut-down system in my body that doesn't really let me get stinking drunk.  But I've had a couple of beers (yeah, I know light-weight).

Did a few hours of work from home.  Got just about everything done, plus some more.  (Then remembered something I forgot to do after I logged off--but I don't care.)

Made spaghetti, had 2 beers.  Feeling good.

Em's going to go pick up Alex.  Told her I had the munchies and to pick up desert and some chips or something.

I'll probably end up falling asleep before she gets home (hee!)

25ish days and counting....starting to get excited.  More 8x10 glossies came yesterday.

And other than working--I've spent all day reading fanfic.  Mostly abouttwoboys stuff.

Watched Heath Ledger movies yesterday.

*random post over*


Feb. 3rd, 2008 02:32 pm
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I'm reading a manuscript written by a young man in his twenties.  I'm about halfway through.  It's a biography of his high school days.  I'm very impressed with this young man.  For a guy so young he's had a lot of experiences--many not good.  Yet he's cheerful, friendly, and a well-rounded human being. 

So the Superbowl is about to start.  I've decided I'm taking advantage of the national obsession (especially in the male department) to take what will hopefully be a quick trip to Home Depot to pick out various bathroom stuff for Tim's bathroom remodel.  I figure Home Depot will be very very empty when the Superbowl is on.  *crosses fingers*

I like football--more and more in fact.  But I like the idea of an empty Home Depot even more.  In and Out in under 45 minutes I hope.  I need to pick out tile, flooring, cabinet, paint, counter-top.  Since this is an extra bathroom upstairs, I'm just gonna go totally and boringly beige.  I never want to remodel another bathroom again for eons.  This is the last room in the house to go through a major change.  Took us 10ish years--but it's just about over.


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