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Last week I posted that I had started reading Neil Gaiman's "American Gods".  I mentioned how much it reminded me of Supernatural.  Not to long later I was browsing LJ for meta's on either Mystery Spot or WIaWSNB and came across a post by [personal profile] setissma where she mentioned "American Gods" and said: 

"I know the novel is listed as an influence on the show, and the connections are obvious..."

So I guess Kripke must have been partially influenced by "American Gods."   I just thought it was my mind's habit these days to somehow connect *everything* to Supernatural! 

I'm really enjoying this book.  The main character just realized the fellows he's been traveling with are actually old gods.  He's just identified his main traveling companion as the old Norse god Odin.  This prompted me to go off and read about Odin.  Which is cool--I'm half Norwegian and I just realized today how little I know about Norwegian folklore.  I find myself wondering how much my grandmother (who was born in Norway) would have known about old folklore.  I'm betting not much--she was a no-nonsense type of woman who was also a very strong Lutheran.  But who knows?

More rambling thoughts... I found myself thinking about Kripke earlier this morning.  I was musing on how it must be to be a writer, to create a set of characters, imagine them in a world that you created.  And then to have it "come to life" so to speak by directors, cinematographers, and actors who breathe life into them.  I've heard that Kripke is a Jensen-fan.  I wonder if it's partly because of the depth of life Jensen has given to the character of Dean.  Which made me wonder if Dean is somehow partially an aspect of Kripke's self and/or a fantasy self for Kripke.  Kripke has said he loves classic rock, as does Dean.  Kripke loves the gore and lore, as does Dean.  I'm betting Kripke self-identifies a bit with Dean. 

Of course I'm not a writer myself, so I can only speculate what it must be like to create something and see it come to life.


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