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While driving through NW Porlland today I came across a Leverage filming with Chris Kane.

I had thought it was Grimm filming and was standing on the sidewalk since my car was blocked from passing through. A guy came out of a shop behind me with some lunch and sat down near me. I did a double take when I realized it was Chris Kane. I couldn't get my mindset out of thinking this was a Grimm shoot. Nope - Leverage.

While I was still trying to figure out in my brain why Chris was even there (I was VERY tired today), I pulled out my iPhone to snap some photos.   He spotted me towards the end and it looks like he's scowling at me.  I felt slightly bad about that. But he once snapped my bra strap at the Leverage Con Con in PDX, so heck I can snap his photo when I accidentally find myself standing next to him on a Portland street.

Seriously, I was driving back to the hospital to visit with my mother after lunch and was stopped due to a blocked off street near the hospital. Got out to see filming going on. I assumed it was Grimm. Then I did a double take when I saw this guy sit down practically right next to me. Christian Kane? What is he doing here while they are filming Grimm? Seriously, in my own defense I am VERY tired. 12 hours of sleep in 3 days due to graduation events and then my mother breaking her hip last night. But even after seeing Kane I did not connect the filming to Leverage until someone else standing next to me pointed out the Leverage t-shirts on the crew members. They filmed the street scene VERY quickly. 15-20 mins of filming Kane walking up to someone and talking for a few seconds - about 5 to 8 very quick takes. Then they were breaking down and letting traffic through. After the past 12 hours I felt like the universe was trying to give me a 15 min break of something good.

They were filming by the Food Front Co-op in NW Portland, just a few blocks from where I work.  The street was temporarily blocked for a short period of time while filming a scene in front of the co-op with Chris Kane walking up and talking to a woman, who (I believe), made to strike him at the end. I thought I saw Chris demonstrate to the woman how to punch out at him. 

Below are the photos I snapped with my iPhone.





more photos under here ... )


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I've been lurking and following a recently created LJ account created by a Time Magazine writer who wanted to interview fan fiction writers.   I am always so interested in why and how and what fandom does or is. 

The Time article was posted online today and will be in Friday's print version.  If you want to read the article go here.

I found it a fair and interesting piece.


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Interesting survey.   Part of me thinks that perhaps having an online survey might sqew (sp??) skew (thanks M!) some of the answers.   But I still think it will be interesting to see the results.

You can find it here.  Found via a link provided by [ profile] cha .

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...just LOVE this fandom...

/end random

ETA:  OKAY so NOT /end random.  Sssessh....

Today we had:
  • New hot photos of Jared
  • New outtake from S4
  • News that Jared will be at Asylum 3
  • Continuation of the Fandom Steel Cage Match (which Dean in the final championship round)
  • AND...AND.... a NEW SPN ep!
Almost....almost... reminds me of last Sept with the J2 Soapbox and Move-In Fandom Quakes


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I posted on my other LJ today about how thankful I felt.  One of the items I mentioned was that while yesterday was so very, very sad.  I felt so warm from the outpouring from fandom about Kim.

Just now the wonderful [ profile] missyjack  posted her refections on this in her LJ.  Check it out here

I just had to include this in my LJ -- but it's from her post above.  I love this fandom.

From [profile] canadiangoddess some news from the set (please thank her for passing this on.

In light of yesterday’s devastating news regarding the death of Kim Manners, I was shocked to hear from my old friend Julie from set-dec today - they all had yesterday off, but almost everyone was at the studio to be together. When I mentioned that we had all heard, and that we hoped everyone was going all right she said a couple of things I wanted to share with you guys.

• everyone (cast/crew/Kripke etc) is aware that we know, and that there have been some amazing things said all over the internet and they are SO grateful to us for that

• Jensen and Jared are trying to get a remembrance thing on the season 4 special features with pictures, behind the scenes stuff, and generally Kim as we the fans never got the chance to see him. As far as Julie knows Kripke & Co are 110% behind the idea

• Robert Singer referred to us as “the greatest fans anyone could ask for, because they make this show so much a part of their lives that they bleed when we bleed, cry when we cry, and that is a beautiful thing.”

Hearing the Robert Singer talk like that about us is pretty amazing!

The wonderful [profile] pocketfull is collecting donations for the American Lung Foundation here and has already raised over $400.

If you wish to send a card or flowers to the set the address is:
Supernatural Cast & Crew c\o
Supernatural Films Inc.
8085 Glenwood Drive
Burnaby, B.C.
V3N 5C8

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Do you love us?  Or what?  I mean really!???   Three conventions in March!??  We really hype you up, don't we?

(And Jensen's going back to Asylum???  Is that in May?  (*is too lazy to go look.*)  I guess they must have beefed up the security to re-assure him or something.  I'm so glad he's going back.  SPN-love and the Js have to go EVERYWHERE so everyone can see how wonderful they are.)

And I see Misha's getting around.  He's going to be an old pro at this rate.

All's well in SPN Land.

O, btw, I'm watching this DVD--"Finding the Future.  A Science Fiction Conversation."  I saw it mentioned in some of the obituary notices for Forrest Ackerman--who I guess is one of (or maybe the original?) SciFi fanboy.  I obviously majorly FAIL and should have my scifi card revoked for not knowing about him until he died and I read it on Wil Wheaton's blog. 

This DVD is basically an overview of Fandom  and Scifi Con's.  It's such fun to watch!

Here are some memorable quotes that I actually wrote down when I started watching it a few days ago.  Most of these are Fen trying to describe who they are...

a willingness to imagine differences

a willingness to look beyond the everyday

fandom tends to be more accepting of differences among people on our own planet.  Or differences among each other.

Fandom is a very accepting community of differences among people.

Everybody is an alien to everyone else.

Science fiction fandom is actually a tribe.  We're a tribe of individuals who have unique characteristics of mutual and common respect.

Fans are freaks and geeks.

Their ability to accept just about everything and everyone.

What do you call someone who is not a fan?  A Mundane.

A Mundane is a non-fan.  People who don't "get it."  They call us freaks--we call them Mundanes.

[regarding Mundanes...]  We see them as people that there really isn't anything--we can't talk to them about anything--they're not reading books.  None of this excites them.  None of this interests them.  They think the current consensus reality as they've been fed it, by whoever feeds it to them, is all there is.  And that doesn't bother them!

We question why things are.  We question authority. 

Fans are all interested in ideas and speculation than gossip and keeping up with the Jones'.  Who gives a shit what the Jones' have?

Science fiction is the future.  What has been science fiction in the past has now become science fact in many cases.  We are doing things today that our grandfathers knew wasn't possible.

OMG--look at the TIME!  I slept so much yesterday, I wonder if I'll ever get to sleep tonight...

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Saw this blog rec'd just now on [ profile] sdwolfpup 's LJ here.  I loved it!  It so captures how I feel about being a part of fandom.  Go read it here.

Here's a excerpt:

"Fandom's about not being alone anymore. Maybe you started as a fan-inna-box, two hundred miles from the nearest con and farther still to the nearest fan, but you came here to find friends, and to share your squee, and to create things together, and to say, "I was here, and I loved this thing, and these are the people who will remember me.""

and this...

"This is fandom. Aside from the squeeing, aside from the flamewars, 'shipwars, and FK wars (don't ask), it's about forming a community. It's about making friends with people you'd otherwise never even meet, and becoming as close to them as your family. Closer, in some cases."

and this..

"And yes, we geek about our shows. Of course we do. That's why we came. In-between exchanging recipes and photos and memes, we're debating the finer points of race issues and feminism in shows created and written in other countries and trying to interlace the social histories of multiple continents in order to ask ourselves the age-old question: can I love this series and still respect myself in the morning? In the many cases where the answer is "No," we call it a guilty pleasure and watch anyway. And we tell each other jokes about it, and we write silly fanfics, and we create funky fanvids, and when the next show comes along that's a little better, we drag our friends in with us so we're not alone."

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Nothings changed except I've vented all over the place, my son and I went to KFC for some deep fried fat, and ... wait for it... and OMG you will not believe how desperate I was ... I am now drinking vodka mixed with fruit punch crystal light. Because I'm all out of *any* other kind of mixer. It's kinda gross...but effective. I was a little heavy handed with the vodka part of the drink cuz I figured I needed it a) cuz work sucks, remember? and b) um? fruit punch crystal light???

Hubby consoled over the phone and said he'd be home early. Daughter let me rant a bit (also over the phone). Son condescended enough to give me what I used to call a "timmy-hug" back when he was like ... um ... short. Now, of course my head barely comes to his shoulders....weird.

And reading about upcoming Comic Con also helped.

Just a few days ago I was actually watching a couple of SPN episodes with my daughter (yes, the one that rolls her eyes at my obsession--I think she was humoring me.) We watched Long Distance Call and Time is on My Side.

Remember in Long Distance Call when monster-o-week had Sam tied to the chair? (*pauses to enjoy the image*) um...okay I'm back. Anyway, in that scene MoW says how we're all so connected but never so isolated or far apart or something. My recent work experiences caused me to vent to Hubby tonight about how it's *never* worth it to devote so much psychic energy and/or your life into work, because in the end it's meaningless and, in a strange way, not real.

But then I thought about online friends. And fandom. At least fandom should fall in the "not real" category. But it doesn't feel not real. Despite the long distances and the fact that I can't just call someone and say, "let's go out and get drunk cuz I'm mad as hell." Online friends can feel as "real" as friends who live 2 miles away. Certainly more real than a lot of work-based friendships which are, again weirdly, in a more artificial environment than fandom/online is to me.

Am I making any sense?

Am I totally crazy? (never mind about that last question, I don't really want to know.)

And you know, I'll totally blame the vodka.

And no I haven't yet posted to But I am almost done with the resume, except for the description of my current job. I'm so f'ing mad at that job than I'm not sure I can do a professional job at describing it. And if I don't post the resume tonight, I'll be so cooled off in the morning I likely won't post it.

And Hubby just called, he's on the way home and offered to pick up fresca so I won't make myself sick on this red stuff.

Oh and thanks to everyone who pointed me in the direction of some new icons. But while I was purusing and saving, I didn't think to save an "angry" icon. Preferably one of Dean. Anyone got one (or two, or three)?
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Somehow this makes me sad. It's an article about what I've been talking about for a while. That geeky, dorky fandom folks are an unexplored market for TPTB to discover and make money from.

It's both good and sad. It's good because it recognizes the energy and wonderfulness of fandom. But it's also sad because I worry that fandom will become overly commercialized and changed.

I wanted to go to ComicCon last year. But got scared aware because of the size of the thing. Looks like that window of opportunity (which was there for years, but i didn't know it), is gone. It will only get bigger.
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From this post here.

"The five top broadcast networks were down a collective 17 percent for the week ended Jan. 27 in ratings among viewers aged 18 to 49, the audience most prized by advertisers compared with the same week last year, according to Nielsen Media Research."

The numbers look like this
CW down 46% from one year ago
CBS down 23% from one year ago
ABC down 21% from one year ago
Fox down 13% from one year ago
NBC had no real change from one year ago

The CW is down.  I think I heard through my SIL ([profile] fickleone) that my brother was thinking that the strike could significantly impact the "smaller" networks--as in "put them out of business" impact them.  I'm not a fan of the CW specifically--but it's currently the home of my uber-obsession--Supernatural.

Probably not worth worrying about....

ETA: Just noticed that NBC had no real change.  This urks me because I've a pet-peeve about NBC (and NBC Universal)--they and Apple went head-to-head which resulted in their shows no longer being offered on iTunes.  From what I understood about the whole thing--I "blame* NBC-U.  And I'm pissed that I can no longer get Battlestar Galactica or Heroes (or Project Runway) through iTunes.  It forced me to invest in a TIVO so I could capture shows and get them onto my aTV (shhhh...*whistles*).  In the long run I save money, but at more work for me. Plus it just urks me how mainstream, old-school networks are using doublespeak about how they "can't" make money through "new media" (aka the inter-webs). 

I just read another wga-strike blog entry about Zucker (CEO of NBC) which pushed my buttons as well about how the networks don't want to trade the "dollars" they make through traditional media for the "cents" they make through "new media."  Ugh.  Until the advent of the "new media", these folks weren't making hardly *any* money off of me.  Damn new media snagged me and now I spend all kinds of money on iTunes (for music, movies, & TV shows).  That got me hooked on shows--which caused me to purchase more DVDs.  Shows led me to songs and/or recording artists I was not familiar with--and I started buying *those*!  OMG.  Get out of the mid-20th century and look around--things are CHANGING.   *gets off soapbox and tries to calm  DOWN*
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So I went totally off the deep-end this morning... sparked my my reading of the graphic novel Watchmen.

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Home. Sick. Bad cold. Ugh. One benefit though is that I have time to sit in my favorite chair and catch up on what's up on LJ, the Internets, my yahoo-lists, etc. Reading up on Lost spoilers (can't wait for season 3!) Catching up on reading of fanfics that I had to bypass previously because I had no time.

It's been a long time since I've given myself premission to "be sick." Work has done such a good job of instilling the "show must go on" mentality--even at the expense of your health, your family, your happiness, your soul. This cold is likely my body and soul saying, "enough already!" I'm recharing my batteries. I plan to come out swinging either Friday or Monday.

Been reading today about the "mainstreaming" of fandom, fanvids, slash, etc. Interesting stuff. Considering I'm pretty new to it myself. I stumbled across it a year and a half ago by (believe it our not), typing "I'm bored" in Google. I did it in desperation--I was so bored out of my skull about my last college class (which was not technology-related and so felt like a waste of time.) I followed a few links on "bored" websites and found myself somehow on a page that had trek slash on it--specifically P/Q. I was a little shocked--but very intrigued. Once I got past the "wtf" reaction, I got hooked. But only on P/Q. I thought that K/S was somehow "wrong" (how could you "tarnish" the extraordinary friendship of Kirk and Spock with "smut!?") However, then I ran out of P/Q to read. I thought I'd try out K/S to see what the fuss was all about. And got hooked. It re-awakened my childhood love of TOS.

I have to figure out how to the "behind the cut" thingies on LJ. So the posts aren't a long on the front page. This is definitely a rambling-me type of post.


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