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Just saw this linked on FB through the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.   I noticed Jim Beaver was listed in the names referenced.  

Shakespeare was my first exposure to live theatre when I saw my first play at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival when I was in the 6th grade.   You could say that Mr. Shakespeare was my first fangirling-of-a-writer experience!   I dove full fangirl-style into everything Shakespeare for decades.  

I also fangirled many of the actors and directors at OSF.   One of the actors I followed for years at OSF was Denis Arndt, who played the priest on SPN's Houses of the Holy.  I did a little happy dance when I saw him on SPN.  

Edit:  Hmmm.  Embedding does not seem to work.   Trying going here instead.

Edit 2:  HaHaHaHaHa!   Jim Beaver pulls out a battered copy of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare that he found for the first time during his stint in Vietnam and says, "In case the Marine Corp wants to know, yes I did in fact steal it!"  Ha!

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...OMG.  [profile] fickleone and I are flying out tomorrow morning at the ungodly hour of 6:50 am.  We're in LA by about 9:00!  Hopefully we'll be able to check into the hotel waaayyy early!

I'm now officially off of work.  So much to do!

Boy that was a boring list.

I think I'm still in denial about this trip.  When I let myself think about it too much I get waaayyy too excited. 

I finally caved yesterday and bought Photoshop CS for my Mac.  I'd been wanting to get it for over a year since the previous version I had only worked on my old Windows-based laptop.  That's the software that supposed to be arriving today!  I Can. Not. Wait.  I love Photoshop and playing with graphics and photos.  I'm excited about being able to do stuff with all the photos/vids I take at the LA Con.  Plus I have a bunch of family photo stuff that's been waiting for me to get this software.

ETA:  And the second I posted this I received an email from Creation about the posting of the "final?" schedule for this weekend.  Here

ETA 2:  I promised some work friends and family members that I'd spam them with info over the weekend.  I will be doing the same on my LJ.  I can't link these other folks to my LJ because I just don't want to worry about fully expressing myself and I definitely keep my work environment free from some of my freedom of expression items!  (grin).  So I either have to cut/paste into email or figure out that LJ filter stuff.  I don't even know if I can set up the filters to keep some people *only* viewing some things.  But you know?  My LJ is mostly public and I don't feel like changing that.  So if I even tell them my LJ name that would be a potential problem.  So cut/paste I guess it is.
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Just announced--Sandy will be there at the LA Convention!  An official guest!
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Just read this on the Creation site.

Tentative photo op pick up info: We know that our attendees love to get their photo ops back before they leave for home (anything taken Saturday of course will be back in time). We always try! At this time we are scheduling return of the photos with Jensen and Jared for 7:00pm to 7:30pm on Sunday for those that will still be around or wish to stick around (there is always the bar!). Please note: since we are dependent on our photo lab to print these don't kill us if they don't arrive: we will mail them to everyone at our expense if they are not picked up in person!

[profile] fickleone--looks like we might get our photos in hand before we fly back on Monday morning!  \O/
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Our LA Con tickets came in the mail today!  (for [profile] fickleone and I)

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..and then Imma gonna try to stay away from eBay for while.

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I've been adding to my SPN trading cards over the past few weeks. 

OMG, a week from tomorrow [profile] fickleone and I will be flying to LA!  Yay!
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We just got our annual bonus which was a little more than usual this year.  So as a treat to myself, I just bought these 3 cards on ebay (and I'm trying not to think too much about the amount of money I just spent on little pieces of cardboard.)

From Wendigo, Dean and Sam's jackets:

And from IMToD, Dean's pants:

I realized I hadn't seen Wendigo in a I just started watching it.  Already noticed a song playing during the recap part at the top of the episode.  Never noticed that before.
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So today I left work early (to take my son to a study skills class).  But while I was out and about I stopped a few places and bought:  a set of trading card plastic sleeves, some 8x10 loose-leaf photo sleeves, and a loose-leaf notebook.  Some of the 8x10 Supernatural photos I ordered to take to the LA Con arrived yesterday.  So I had to "protect" them!  So then I came home and had fun!  I now have a notebook with my S1 & S2 Supernatural cards, my 8x10 glossies, my SPN comic books and SPN magazine.

*is geeky*

BTW--[profile] fickleone posted that the schedule for the LA Con has been posted!
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From this post here.

"The five top broadcast networks were down a collective 17 percent for the week ended Jan. 27 in ratings among viewers aged 18 to 49, the audience most prized by advertisers compared with the same week last year, according to Nielsen Media Research."

The numbers look like this
CW down 46% from one year ago
CBS down 23% from one year ago
ABC down 21% from one year ago
Fox down 13% from one year ago
NBC had no real change from one year ago

The CW is down.  I think I heard through my SIL ([profile] fickleone) that my brother was thinking that the strike could significantly impact the "smaller" networks--as in "put them out of business" impact them.  I'm not a fan of the CW specifically--but it's currently the home of my uber-obsession--Supernatural.

Probably not worth worrying about....

ETA: Just noticed that NBC had no real change.  This urks me because I've a pet-peeve about NBC (and NBC Universal)--they and Apple went head-to-head which resulted in their shows no longer being offered on iTunes.  From what I understood about the whole thing--I "blame* NBC-U.  And I'm pissed that I can no longer get Battlestar Galactica or Heroes (or Project Runway) through iTunes.  It forced me to invest in a TIVO so I could capture shows and get them onto my aTV (shhhh...*whistles*).  In the long run I save money, but at more work for me. Plus it just urks me how mainstream, old-school networks are using doublespeak about how they "can't" make money through "new media" (aka the inter-webs). 

I just read another wga-strike blog entry about Zucker (CEO of NBC) which pushed my buttons as well about how the networks don't want to trade the "dollars" they make through traditional media for the "cents" they make through "new media."  Ugh.  Until the advent of the "new media", these folks weren't making hardly *any* money off of me.  Damn new media snagged me and now I spend all kinds of money on iTunes (for music, movies, & TV shows).  That got me hooked on shows--which caused me to purchase more DVDs.  Shows led me to songs and/or recording artists I was not familiar with--and I started buying *those*!  OMG.  Get out of the mid-20th century and look around--things are CHANGING.   *gets off soapbox and tries to calm  DOWN*
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I just finished watch a bunch of clips of Jared playing Dean Forrester on Gilmore Girls. I now know why everyone seems to love Jared from this show and how they love the character of Dean Forrester. Kinda the same why I learned way everyone was so in-love with JDM playing Denny on Grey's Anatomy. Both Denny & Dean are the kind of characters that are just so likable and lovable. Jared is so great (and gorgeous--despite the young age) in GG. I now understand.
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I know I've already posted on this.  But just viewed one of my saved fanvids for Brokeback.  Set to the turn of Ever the Same.  Seeing Heath play Ennis--man it just hurts to think he's gone.  Reading through my flist it's like everyone is having the same reaction--namely WTF?  Those were the first words out of my mouth when I first heard it.  My daughter says she also reacted with WTF??!!!  Part of me wonders if my reaction is the feeling of two people passing.  Both Heath and Ennis.

Edit:  I just realized another reason why this has hit me so strongly.  Brokeback Mountain was the first film in what turned into a greater appreciation of media that explored the entire range of human relationships--including same sex relationships.  Brokeback, then QAF, Torchwood, and along the same timeline--slash fanfic.  Although I think I was into slash prior to Brokeback by a year or two--but it's all tied together and somehow symbolized in my mind by Brokeback Mountain.  And I really, really do not mean because of the "shock" factor or the "tee-hee, omg m/m action" factor.  Truly because of the depth of emotion and tragedy that the relationship represented.  It touched me so deeply. And while I enjoyed Jake's performance--it was Heath and Ennis that hit me deep in my soul.
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I was in an all day meeting and completely offline and unplugged today.  [profile] fickleone called me to let me know about Heath Ledger.  Normally, the passing of actors/celebrities is not a significant thing for me.  But I do have a smallish number of actors who I really respect and Heath Ledger was one of those.  It's weird to me that someone who I'd really only seen in a couple of movies (Knight's Tale and Brokeback) has registered as so significant in my mind.  I think it was the different way I saw him between what I originally saw in Knight's Tale and then what I saw in Brokeback.  I enjoyed both movies.  I saw Knight's Tale because of my daughter and I really did enjoy it, but I admit that I saw it as a typical hollywood movie playing towards the young female demographic (i.e., my daughter).  That didn't mean I didn't enjoy it--but I admit that it was not a huge standout for me. 

What really made it stand out for me was when I saw Brokeback.  My appreciation for Heath Ledger rose ten-fold.  I was so blown away by his performance of Enis that it made me re-evaluate my shallow original response to Knight's Tale.  When I saw interviews with him later he further rose in my mind because he seemed so level-headed and down-to-earth. 

I guess I have this set of four categories of performers: 

1) those that are really just "celebrities" -- such as the Brittany's of the world.  These I don't think much about at all.  Not in the sense of "judging" them--but rather in the sense that I mostly don't pay any attention to them. 

2) Actors that are successful and "good" at acting--but seem to be either a "one-note" "same guy/gal" in every performance OR let acting get to their heads.  Such as the Tom Cruises of the world.  Again, I can enjoy their work (as long as they don't pass the line into truly weird)--but I don't have the same level of respect for them as I do for my third category. 

3)  I call these my Robert Redford/Paul Newman category.  Those actors who are really good, stay level headed, and don't let the Hollywood hype get to them.  They practice their craft, not their celebrity.  Like Redford, they start to work behind the cameras and are more than a one-note kinda actor.  In this category I place folks like Heath, Robert Redford, Paul Newman, and I really think Jensen Ackles--and I'm sure there are few others but I'm drawing a blank. 

Then I have to admit there is a 4th category:  People like Shatner, Nimoy, Jared Padalecki etc.  Those actors who have just contributed something to my enjoyment in something.  For example in something like Star Trek.  They may be very good actors or they may not be.  They are just someone I love because of one or more things they've done and/or who they are.  I don't think any less of these actors and may in fact appreciate them more to distraction in some cases than those in category #3.  They may migrate into category #3 as they mature and/or I see more of them.

There is one constant (I think) in both the #3 and #4 types--they all tend to be hard-working and level-headed--more about the work then the image.

So I rambled.  But back to Heath--such a major shame. So young.  So talented.  I really feel for his family.
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    Ok so I feel I'm doing my fangirling part.  I've gotten one sister-in-law hooked on Supernatural, my brother somewhat hooked, my son is starting to get there as well.  Now I've lent out my SPN season 1 disks to another sister-in-law.  I've never rec'd shows to people before.  I also got my brother's family started on Heroes as well as my daughter.  I got my brother, husband, and son hooked on Battlestar.  Trying to convince my son and husband to watch Firefly--not successful yet on that. 

My brother's family is coming over on Friday for another geek-out marathon.  Buffy, Supernatural, and Heroes.  We rotate through an episode of each.  I'm infecting them with SPN & Heroes--and they've lent me their collection of Buffy to hook me.  Now that Spike has made an appearance (I think we're in Season 2)--I'm beginning to see what grabbed folks.  I've been going on people saying I have to stick through to Season 3 to truly appreciate it.  In anycase, I'm looking forward to round 2 of the geek-out.  We did 9 hours (3 eps of each show) last time.  We're talking potential slumber party this time--so who knows how many we'll get through.  My other sister-in-law Patty may join us as well (she's the one I lent SPN to.)

Back to work from Christmas break.  Quiet at work this week *keeps her fingers crossed that it will stay that way.*


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