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May. 21st, 2008 10:57 am
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Been mostly off of LJ for a couple of days due to work and family stuff.

I miss SPN.  But also?  I'm kinda glad the summer hiatus is starting.  I feel like I have to catch my breath.  Plus I have so many DVDs to catch up on.  Still need to S2-S4 of Six Feet Under.

I'm still going through S1 of Mary Tyler Moore.  Although I really wouldn't watch any 30-min sitcoms today--I do kinda miss being able to sit down and enjoy a light-hearted 30-min break from reality.  I realized last night as I watched another episode that any show I watch these days is 60-mins and tends to be angtsy, dark, or action-packed.   I don't really watch comedies any more.  Maybe I need to.  And because the few current shows I watch are 60 min & intense, I always feel like I need to set aside a "significant" segment of time to devote to watching it and then digesting/discussing it.  No quick, 30-min injections of amusement.

I took some pain medication for my knee and am feeling a little loopy.  *AND* I'm feeling guilty for calling in sick to work.  Even though I am-because of my knee.  Even though I worked 14 hours on both Monday and Tuesday.  *is lame and obsessive*  Why can't I cut myself the same slack I cut others?

Sorry.  Didn't meant to circle back to work. 

I want my SPN magazine to arrive.  I know I can read scans online.  But I want to read it first in my hands.  Now that's strange for me.  I'm usually all about online reading. 


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