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I was reading a blog by Andrea Hill about social networking and identifying a person's Groundswell Social Technographic Profile (wow--big words--so early in the morning too!)  Groundswell is a book by Forrester featuring "data-based strategies for companies that want to harness the power of social technologies like blogs, social networks, and YouTube."

I'm very interested in media convergence, social networking and how the advent of the Internet and low-cost software and hardware tools are enabling everyday people to participate in media creation in ways previously unheard of.  I'm constantly amazed at the talent that is out there.  I watch fanvids and read fanfic and often I find things that are just as good (or sometimes better) than work done by "professionals."

I followed the links through Andrea's blog to a quiz to identify your social technographics profile based on the Groundswell data.  I must have answered some of the questions wrong--because I don't really consider myself a creator (at least not yet--someday I hope.)  I'm more a consumer and observer at this point.  However ever since I went to the SPN LA Con I find myself posting almost every day with comments, observations, links, or whatever.  The quiz had a lot of questions about "do you blog" this or that.  I answered yes. 

I wanted to answer yes to all the "do you digg" this or that.  But I had to choose between blogging and digging--and these days I blog more than digg (boy, those words really sound strange don't they?)  Ever since I got swept up into LJ and SPN and other fandoms, I don't digg near as often as I used to.  I have started to twitter a bit--but the concept of micro-blogging every little aspect of my day-to-day life just seems--strange.  I use a twitter desktop widget and I'm amazed at the things folks are twittering.  I guess you'd have to be a person who really wants to be "on stage" to truly get into that.  I'm more a "back-stage" person. 

LJ blogging is enough for me right now.

Still not convinced that's "creator" status.  Especially given the description below.  I don't make videos (although I aspire to someday.)  I do make graphics (just not publicly).  The results below don't seem to belong to me.  Although the last statement about turning off the computer because my family misses me--that's pretty true.

Discover Your Groundswell Social Technographics Profile
Your Result: Creator

With all the blogging and video making you do, I'm surprised you had time to take this quiz. Whether podcasting or maintaining a website, the amount of content you create makes your Groundswell Social Technographic group a valuable target for social media marketers. As a creator, you join an elite 18% of the US online population. Now turn off the computer, your family misses you.

Discover Your Groundswell Social Technographics Profile
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