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Hey L!

I wish you the very best of birthdays today!
You're awesome, so your birthday is, by default, awesome!

Can't recall if you are going to Vancon, I hope to see you there.


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Wanted to post this here.  A birthday greeting from M.  :)

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Thought of you when I saw this.



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very cute!

very TRUE!

(warning: chick-flick moment)
(and btw, I do think my flist are super awesome people)

(you can find more of this here)


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Woke up this morning to a message from [ profile] redteekal.  Her and her hubby are traveling in the US (for 6 MONTHS!) and were going to be in PDX tonight.

Bob and I offered to meet them for dinner at Jake's Famous Crawfish.   Emily and Tim joined us.

It was fun!  I did take a few photos.  But I'm a bit tipsy right now and don't feel like uploading them.  Later.

She will be at Vancon (and Dallas Con).  



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I hope your day has been fantastic L!  You deserve it.   Can't wait to see you at Vancon.



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They say it's your 

I hope you have a great 

I'm glad it's your 

Happy Birthday!

Thank you for being such a generous and warm-hearted person.  
You bring people together and that is something special.

Have a wonderful birthday.
(and you know the boys must be celebrating this auspicious day as well!)


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I hope you have a wonderful day!

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Hey, I could sure use some help here.  

I posted here about how I have to whittle almost 500 photos down to 20-25 before Tuesday.   Well I've gotten down to 37.   I'm walking away from these for a bit because I can't see straight at the moment.   

You could help me break my own ties but letting me know which of these you like the best.  Even 3-5 (or less or more) would help me.

I've numbered each photo below the photo.  You can click on any of the photos to enlarge them.

Edit :: You can also view these on Flickr here.  I think there's a way to favorite them - which would also work.

photos under the cut... )


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Happy Birthday Jensenite!!

Have a great day.  You deserve it!



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To all my flist:

I wish you magic and
love and smiles and laughter during the holiday.   

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To [ profile] lovetheguys  and [ profile] gilligan2755 !!!

I hope your day is wonderful and all your birthday wishes come true.   Because you deserve it!


flist trim

May. 26th, 2010 11:09 am
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I'm thinking doing a flist review and possibly some cuts.   A case of my LJ use evolving into a lot more personal posting.  If I cut it will be folks that I've friended back in the day when I friended everyone just 'cuz.   This is not about cutting folks I talk with via LJ.   I'll be looking over the next x days.  If I cut inappropriately, let me know.

under the cut... )

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Someone on my flist posted a link just the other day to an article about fan vidding.  It may have been about either or both the history of fan vidding and/or how the Star Trek franchise contributed to it's birth and/or growth.  I'm not exactly sure.  I opened the link in a tab for later reading and then accidently closed that tab--so I'd only glanced at the title before I lost it.

I'm really interested in reading it.  If anyone has any clue what I'm referring to and can re-link me to it, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks again. 
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There was some kind of article published in the last year or so...I seem to recall it had something to do with Fortune 500 and "most bankable" or something actors.

Jensen was on the very bottom of this list.

There were some humorous comments made on that list about Jensen's position on that list.  I'm trying to find the damn article to find those comments.

Anyone remember or have links to this article?
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I'm seeing something called Dreamwidth mentioned on various LJs.  Is this a new journal site?  Why are people so interested in it?
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Nothings changed except I've vented all over the place, my son and I went to KFC for some deep fried fat, and ... wait for it... and OMG you will not believe how desperate I was ... I am now drinking vodka mixed with fruit punch crystal light. Because I'm all out of *any* other kind of mixer. It's kinda gross...but effective. I was a little heavy handed with the vodka part of the drink cuz I figured I needed it a) cuz work sucks, remember? and b) um? fruit punch crystal light???

Hubby consoled over the phone and said he'd be home early. Daughter let me rant a bit (also over the phone). Son condescended enough to give me what I used to call a "timmy-hug" back when he was like ... um ... short. Now, of course my head barely comes to his shoulders....weird.

And reading about upcoming Comic Con also helped.

Just a few days ago I was actually watching a couple of SPN episodes with my daughter (yes, the one that rolls her eyes at my obsession--I think she was humoring me.) We watched Long Distance Call and Time is on My Side.

Remember in Long Distance Call when monster-o-week had Sam tied to the chair? (*pauses to enjoy the image*) um...okay I'm back. Anyway, in that scene MoW says how we're all so connected but never so isolated or far apart or something. My recent work experiences caused me to vent to Hubby tonight about how it's *never* worth it to devote so much psychic energy and/or your life into work, because in the end it's meaningless and, in a strange way, not real.

But then I thought about online friends. And fandom. At least fandom should fall in the "not real" category. But it doesn't feel not real. Despite the long distances and the fact that I can't just call someone and say, "let's go out and get drunk cuz I'm mad as hell." Online friends can feel as "real" as friends who live 2 miles away. Certainly more real than a lot of work-based friendships which are, again weirdly, in a more artificial environment than fandom/online is to me.

Am I making any sense?

Am I totally crazy? (never mind about that last question, I don't really want to know.)

And you know, I'll totally blame the vodka.

And no I haven't yet posted to But I am almost done with the resume, except for the description of my current job. I'm so f'ing mad at that job than I'm not sure I can do a professional job at describing it. And if I don't post the resume tonight, I'll be so cooled off in the morning I likely won't post it.

And Hubby just called, he's on the way home and offered to pick up fresca so I won't make myself sick on this red stuff.

Oh and thanks to everyone who pointed me in the direction of some new icons. But while I was purusing and saving, I didn't think to save an "angry" icon. Preferably one of Dean. Anyone got one (or two, or three)?
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I'm bummed.  Work sucks.  Won't say any more about that.  But I need something to cheer me up.

Over the weekend I upgraded to a paid account so I can have more icons.  But now I'm too tired and bummed to even think about looking for them much less making them.

So anyone out there want to share their favorite icons with me?  With information on who to credit as well?  I would really love some new ones.
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You know what I like about LJ? Other than getting my daily (hourly?, by-the-minute?, by-the second?) SPN fixes?

When I was a kid I always liked the idea of Pen Pals. Having people you wrote to all over the world. Learning a little about them and their culture. But there was always the problem of how to find pen pals and then there's the whole long process of writing a letter, mailing it and waiting days/weeks for a reply.

I just realized that's kinda what LJ is like. It's like having pen pals. But without having to go look for them. Without having to wait weeks for responses. And, the cherry on top is that you can target your LJ f-list to people with similar obsessions interests pretty easily.

So that sent me to flickr to search for Pen Pal. I actually found hits!

I love flickr. I'm an image whore. The right image can just make me vibrate. Through my pen pal search I found the artist colorfulexpressions. You really should go check her out here . I especially loved her LETTERING WORDS set found here.

So in the spirit of friendship and pen pals around the world here's a few of her images.

First for Pen Paling

I love being flexible and taking things as they come.

And finally a good reminder.


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