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Earlier today I asked if anyone used Final Cut Express for video editing.  I ended up purchasing the software a short time ago.  Right after I bought it I found this....

(click for bigger)

Ha!  That's Dean Devlin with Tim Hutton.  Final Cut Studio is the professional version of Final Cut Express.

When the special effects guys had their panel someone asked them what technology they used.  Basically the answer was Macs....  The tech geeky graphics guy (who I loved!!!) said basically "Apple Rules." 

I have a whole bunch of photos from that panel as well as from the writers panel.  I may just upload those someday.

Update:  I wanted to capture a bit of the text from the source article here:

Go behind the scenes of “Leverage,” and you’ll get an equally forward look at an inside job. Taking a page from his own script, “Leverage” Executive Producer and consummate industry insider Dean Devlin has created the show’s first 13 episodes entirely within the walls of Electric Entertainment, his full-service production shop, using a completely self-contained digital post workflow anchored by Final Cut Studio.

"We do the entire show in Final Cut Studio," says Devlin, who also runs Electric Entertainment. "We shoot on the Red One camera, bring it back on hard drives, and put it in our Xsan. Then every department here pulls off those servers whether it's for digital effects, sound effects, sound mixing, picture editing, color correction, everything. And it never leaves our building. This is all able to happen because of Final Cut Studio."

I admit I knew nothing about the creators/producers/writers of Leverage prior to attending the con, but after hearing them talk on several panels and especially after seeing them fill time for 2 hours and keep in interesting...I'm starting to fangirl these guys.  I just now checked out Devlin's IMDB entry.  He was the producer on Independence Day, Stargate, The Patriot...  I'm impressed.  Plus I love how his studio is so self contained.

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I worked from home today due to some doctor appointments.  I thought I was lucky that it just happened to be the same day as a major Apple announcement--rumored to be around iTunes 8 and iPods.

So I was working from home patiently awaiting the announcements.

And then the BuddyTV interview hit LJ.  And that's all I could think about.

I even saw an flist item float by about NBC coming back to iTunes including BSG!!!!  If this had been any other day--I would have been SO over that with like YAY!  

As it is, I barely noted it.

And I STILL haven't gone out to see what Apple DID announce.

I just don't think I have the psychic energy.  Three intense days of J2 wonderfulness has completely ruined me for anything.

And I'm an Apple fangirl.

But I guess my SAA syndrome trumps Apple anyday.
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...OMG.  [profile] fickleone and I are flying out tomorrow morning at the ungodly hour of 6:50 am.  We're in LA by about 9:00!  Hopefully we'll be able to check into the hotel waaayyy early!

I'm now officially off of work.  So much to do!

Boy that was a boring list.

I think I'm still in denial about this trip.  When I let myself think about it too much I get waaayyy too excited. 

I finally caved yesterday and bought Photoshop CS for my Mac.  I'd been wanting to get it for over a year since the previous version I had only worked on my old Windows-based laptop.  That's the software that supposed to be arriving today!  I Can. Not. Wait.  I love Photoshop and playing with graphics and photos.  I'm excited about being able to do stuff with all the photos/vids I take at the LA Con.  Plus I have a bunch of family photo stuff that's been waiting for me to get this software.

ETA:  And the second I posted this I received an email from Creation about the posting of the "final?" schedule for this weekend.  Here

ETA 2:  I promised some work friends and family members that I'd spam them with info over the weekend.  I will be doing the same on my LJ.  I can't link these other folks to my LJ because I just don't want to worry about fully expressing myself and I definitely keep my work environment free from some of my freedom of expression items!  (grin).  So I either have to cut/paste into email or figure out that LJ filter stuff.  I don't even know if I can set up the filters to keep some people *only* viewing some things.  But you know?  My LJ is mostly public and I don't feel like changing that.  So if I even tell them my LJ name that would be a potential problem.  So cut/paste I guess it is.


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