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Seriously M? You post THIS and you turn comments off? Where am I supposed to squee out? Huh? HUH? *G*

So to paraphrase/clone/outright copy from M. She found something here (oh! on Whedonesque!) about Kripke attending a Q&A somewhere where he talked about a potential S6 for SPN. Someone asked him about S6...she(?) commented about his response:

under the cut if you care about knowing potential info on what would be in S6 (very, very, very light in the spoilery department in my opinion.) )

Of course then we add the info of Jensen signing up for 2010 cons and it ... makes you wonder if some decision hasn't already been made somewhere....

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To TV Guide here.  (No spoilers)

Eric Kripke's Top 10 Supernatural Episodes (in alphabetical order)
"Crossroad Blues"
"Devil Trap"
"Hollywood Babylon"
"Mystery Spot"
"Night Shifter"
"Supernatural Christmas"
"What Is And What Should Never Be"

I did my own back at the start of September here.

Mystery Spot
What Is and What Should Never Be
A Very Supernatural Christmas
In My Time of Dying
Bad Day at Black Rock
Born Under a Bad Sign
Tall Tales
Jus in Bello

*Note: I've been rewatching S1 & S2--I'm too lazy to go back to change my post but today I'd take out Jus in Bello and replace it with Shadow. 

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Via [personal profile] missyjack HERE.

From Comic Con

 Both Jensen and Jared would love to do a western-themed episode, though Jared mentioned that he couldn't see the boys in spurs and cowboy hats.  "Assless chaps?" Kripke asked.  "Yes, please," Jensen responded.
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via [personal profile] missyjack HERE.  Who found it in Variety HERE.

Supernatural executive producer Eric Kripke has scored an overall deal at Warner Bros TV.

Under the terms of the two-year exclusive pact, Kripke will continue to exec produce and showrun CW's Thursday staple Supernatural, which enters its fourth season this fall.

Kripke also will start to develop new projects under the deal. There's no word if one of the new titles might be a Supernatural spinoff; Kripke has said in the past that he's interested in doing a prequel of sorts that takes place in the Old West and centered on the show's mythology.

Kripke's at work crafting the show's fourth season, following up on the season three cliffhanger that sent Dean (Jensen Ackles) to hell.
Way Cool!  A two-year exclusive pact?  Fifth season anyone?  Plus an prequel perhaps????

Missyjack also links to an Aussie interview with Jared.  (More later).
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Third day back at work after the LA Con.  First two days I was riding pretty high.  I swear I've never come back from a vacation feeling so refreshed and energized--despite having not enough sleep over the weekend!  [profile] fickleone is lobbying me to go to the Dallas Con and I am so, so tempted.  Folks at work say I should as well if my attitude and mood will show that kinda impact from the trip!  Although I've mentioned "The Show" at work before, my enthusiasm since my return had everyone saying that they had to check this show out!  My boss tried to watch last night--but I guess he doesn't get the CW. 

Still working through all my photos and stuff from the con.  Had fun last night renaming photos and photoshopping them a bit.  Assuming [profile] fickleone is feeling okay (bit of a cold), her and her family will be coming over on Saturday for a SPN Con viewing pizza party.  We figured it was the best way to get our mutual family members to perhaps pay attention and sit through a "here's what we did on our summer vacation" type of slide show.  We'll pizza and beer-them up and subject them to our manic obsession!  (hee!)

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A great opinion blog on Kripke and the LA Con can be found here.

I agree with everything she says.  Kripke is fantastic.  I love how much he respects the fans, but still also holds on to his vision.  "Trust the Kripke" should be a pledge of this fandom because so far he hasn't let us down.

And I'd also chip in for a fund for classic rock.  Athough, as Kripke said at the LA Con, Zeppelin would still be too expensive.  But wouldn't it be great if the fans provided a slush fund for other more affordable classic rock for the show.  As this blogger mentions, could anyone picture the end of Nightshifter without Renegade by Styx.  Or the use of "Don't Fear the Reaper" in Faith.  I've really missed the classic rock.

On a different note.  Today was my first day back at work since the LA Con.  Luckily it was a good day and I nothing was able to squash my residual energy and squee from this past weekend.  Despite not having enough sleep over the entire weekend, I've never returned from a vacation feeling more refreshed and energized.  Everything seems so bright and shiny to me.  I guess that's what comes from being "confined" with 1,000(?) positively charged fans for 3.5 days.

And now [profile] fickleone is lobbying for us to go the Dallas Con.  I am so, so tempted.
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We're on a short break from the activities.  We'll be going back done in about 30 minutes to see Steve Carlson perform.  Today was awesome.

I have great photos of Chad, Fred, and especially Kripke.  Kripke's Q/A session was terrific.  Among other things he answered questions about:

Kripke just rocks!  He was so great to listen to.  He answered questions about:
   - How the wee boys were cast in A Very SPN Christmas
   - Would Jared or Jensen ever be interested in directing
   - What about an SPN soundtrack?
   - How did the strike impact the myth arc storyline of S3?
   - What about Bela?
   - What about an SPN Movie?' 
   - The nature of Lilith
   - What he wanted to be when he grew up
   - His favorite curse word
   - What about a bodyswap episode?
   -  Does the lighting in the episodes mean anything?
  - Classic Rock
  - Ad libs
  - Jensen's audition tape--will it be in the season extras?  What will be in the season extras?
  - Is Ben Dean's kid?
  - Why did Dean's eye's bleed in Bloody Mary?
  - What's the meaning of the amulet?
  - What about Mary and her story?
  - What's his favorite scene in WIaWSNB

ETA:  Here are some links to transcripts of Kripke's Panel:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


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Last week I posted that I had started reading Neil Gaiman's "American Gods".  I mentioned how much it reminded me of Supernatural.  Not to long later I was browsing LJ for meta's on either Mystery Spot or WIaWSNB and came across a post by [personal profile] setissma where she mentioned "American Gods" and said: 

"I know the novel is listed as an influence on the show, and the connections are obvious..."

So I guess Kripke must have been partially influenced by "American Gods."   I just thought it was my mind's habit these days to somehow connect *everything* to Supernatural! 

I'm really enjoying this book.  The main character just realized the fellows he's been traveling with are actually old gods.  He's just identified his main traveling companion as the old Norse god Odin.  This prompted me to go off and read about Odin.  Which is cool--I'm half Norwegian and I just realized today how little I know about Norwegian folklore.  I find myself wondering how much my grandmother (who was born in Norway) would have known about old folklore.  I'm betting not much--she was a no-nonsense type of woman who was also a very strong Lutheran.  But who knows?

More rambling thoughts... I found myself thinking about Kripke earlier this morning.  I was musing on how it must be to be a writer, to create a set of characters, imagine them in a world that you created.  And then to have it "come to life" so to speak by directors, cinematographers, and actors who breathe life into them.  I've heard that Kripke is a Jensen-fan.  I wonder if it's partly because of the depth of life Jensen has given to the character of Dean.  Which made me wonder if Dean is somehow partially an aspect of Kripke's self and/or a fantasy self for Kripke.  Kripke has said he loves classic rock, as does Dean.  Kripke loves the gore and lore, as does Dean.  I'm betting Kripke self-identifies a bit with Dean. 

Of course I'm not a writer myself, so I can only speculate what it must be like to create something and see it come to life.
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Yeah!  Just heard that Kripke will be at the LA Supernatural convention!!!!

(And so will Jason Manns--which *love*--but still..  Kripke!)


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