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An SPN vid rec'd by [ profile] janglyjewels .  It's by [ profile] ash48 .  Features the boys getting a little satisfaction...








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Also has a lot of SAM POV--most of the vids I see are more Dean centric.

Spoilers through 4.10.

Beautifully done by JessicaRae24, one of my favorite SPN vidders.

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Via [ profile] janglyjewels  here is a great, happy-making SPN fanvid.  Shows the boys with clips from cons, gag-reels, interviews, and appearances. 

Just makes me smile. 

ETA:  I've now watched this about a gazillion times.  It's like everything we love about the boys rolled into 3-1/2 minutes of pure joy!  I wasn't thrilled with song choice at first--but now I love it!

I needed this today.

ETA:  If anyone can tell me how to download this I would so appreciate it.  Since it's not YouTube, I'm having trouble figuring out if it can be done.


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I used to look at all the Are You Watching YouTube vids.  But I've fallen behind. 

I really like this one..

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Happy Winchester Day everyone!

And as a's a new vid by one of my favorite vidders, ChevyBabe!

Winchesters Kissing!!!! (girls, people, girls....*wags finger*)

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[ profile] janglyjewels just rec'd this awesome SPN fanvid made by maichan2.  The ending kinda blew me away--but it's subtle and fast so you have to watch for it.

Spoilers for S4 through 4x04.

Happy SPN Day!

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Happy SPN Day everyone!

One of my favorite SPN vidders has posted another great SPN vid "In the Light".  It is spoilery for 4x01.

BTW if you haven't seen JessciaRae's vid "Haunted" (spoilery for AHBL)--you have really missed out.  The song used (by Kelly Clarkson of all people) is so well matched for AHBL it could almost have been written for the purposes of summarizing it.

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I'm cooking burning steaks right now--Hubby's trying to clear out the smoke because I was grilling on the indoor stove--and I let it go a little too long!

So while we're waiting for the smoke to clear...

Earlier today I was clearing out my harddrive and came across this fanvid that I must have downloaded awhile ago and then forgot about and never looked at. Because I have to get back to my steaks--I'll just post what I emailed to [ profile] fickleone about it.

I was cleaning up my files this morning and came across this fanvid that I don't remember downloading nor watching. I download so many of these and I sometimes don't get around to watch them.

So I watched it. It is the perfect vid to just cheer you up. Plus it's unusual in that you could read it so many different ways. The vidder used clips from all 3 seasons as well as gag reel clips. You can read it as Sam & Dean brother love (or you know, that other thing), Jared and Jensen friendship, J2. But it's full of the boys smiling! Including Sam & Dean--which is rare for SPN fanvids. Usually the Sam & Dean ones are full of angst.

Plus the song is just cheery.

I must have watched this vid 10 times today--smiling all the way!

You can download it here.


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Another great one by [personal profile] lsketch42 .

Adrenaline can be downloaded here
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Another great angst-filled Dean fanvid by [personal profile] wolfpup2000 .

Man just watching this brings home how much I love watching Jensen perform.  He is just SO GOOD.  You can just feel what he's feeling as Dean.

Link to downloads: Hell Bound Train
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Don't watch this if you haven't seen 3x16 yet. And if you do watch this--be prepared, very ANGSTY and powerful.

By meimei42 on YouTube

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Saw this rec'ed over by [personal profile] janglyjewels.  This fanvid is so well done!  It's by [personal profile] ash48 and it's called Channel Hopping.

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Supernatural 101

I put this together several months ago for a friend I was trying to convert to the show.  This weekend I decided to code it for online reference.  If you notice errors please let me know.

Supernatural is a show introduced on the WB (now the CW) in the fall of 2005. The creator of the show, Eric Kripke, envisioned a show that showcased American Urban Legends and Myths. The show chronicles the story of the brothers Sam & Dean Winchester. The show is in it’s third season as of January 2008.

Dean & Sam travel across the country in a 1967 classic Chevy Impala searching for their father, John Winchester, the supernatural, and the thing that killed their mother, Mary Winchester.

This show appeals on so many levels--it is a one-hour thriller movie per episode with all the creepiness and yes some of the gore of the genre.  It follows a five-year myth-arc that is intricately woven through almost every episode.  Sometimes so subtlely that you won't even see it until later shows review secrets and you find as you re-watch previous episodes there were clues just "laying around" in plain view.

It is a show that also doesn't take itself too seriously.  It pokes humor at itself, at the genre, at it's fans (which the fans love), and at the characters themselves. 

But *more* than anything it is a show about family, about love, and about devotion and sacrifice.  You will come to love the brothers Winchester.  I don't love or even much like modern-day horror shows--too much blood and gore.  But this show--I love. 

If anyone is an X-Files fan--you'll find similarities.  The show has some X-Files alumnae as writers/directors.  And for those of you who are Buffy or Whedon fans, you'll find a clone of Joss in Supernatural's creator, Eric Kripke, who is dearly loved by the fans.

Please note that I link to various fanvids throughout this post.  I try to note when those vids may be spoilery for certain episodes/seasons.  But I may have missed something. 

Below the cut is a longish introduction to this show.  If you find yourself interested, be sure to watch Supernatural on The CW, Thursdays at 9pm.  If you start with S1 DVDs, give yourself until after the first episode of S2 before you pass full judgement on the show.  Many folks find that by mid-season 1 they are intrigued or hooked--but almost all who make it to the premier episode of season 2 are full-on addicted.

 Wow if you lasted through all that--you're definitely either a Supernatural fan already or you are a prime candidate.  Go watch some--Thursdays, 9pm on the CW.
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[personal profile] wolfpup2000 has another SPN vid up here called The Storm.  Go check it out if you love Dean Angst and Brother Devotion.  I usually really go for the fast-paced vids, but this one took my breathe away.  I very rarely see an SPN vid out of [personal profile] wolfpup2000 that is not outstanding.  She's done some of my favorites.


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