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...the Chuck's Speech vid put me in the mood.  So I went hunting for a YouTube hopefully of all 6 season finale openings playing Carry On My Wayward Son.   I found some, but all of them had disabled embedding.   

However I did find this version which I like just as well.  It's only about 2ish minutes long and has clips from all 7 seasons.  And it has good editing as well.


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I saw this somewhere on my flist in the past 24-36 hours, but was too stunned by Kim's death to post about it. 

I love this artwork. 

I don't know if the US version will be released in two parts, like I remembered reading somewhere--perhaps it's just the UK version?  If it's the US--then kinda shame on BSG for starting a trend that I really don't think we need...

And I especially love THIS part!

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[ profile] missyjack  has posted another of her great summaries of season 4 so far.  Very cracky--very good.

Go check it out.

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[ profile] janglyjewels just rec'd this awesome SPN fanvid made by maichan2.  The ending kinda blew me away--but it's subtle and fast so you have to watch for it.

Spoilers for S4 through 4x04.

Happy SPN Day!

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....and that means it's ALMOST THURSDAY!

It feels like FOREVER since we've seen our Winchester boys. 

I so can't wait.
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Just collecting to view later when I have time to breath again.  Don't watch if you are spoiler-free for S4 E1.

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No spoilers unless you consider some shots of a non-descript S4 location spoilery.

LJ Community dean_sam just posted this short video and interview of an SPN S4 on location shoot.  Interviewing (very, very briefly) the location manager for SPN (I want THAT job too!)

The entire interview and short video can be found here (no spoilers).

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I have this Mac widget called TV Forecast.  You enter in the shows you are interested in and it shows you the date of the next new episode. 

Obviously SPN is on my list. 

I don't look at the widget much these days since it's summer hiatus for most of my shows.  But saw something posted about Prison Break and thought I should check if that's perhaps coming in the mid to late summer. 

(OT and BTW---For the most part I like having some series do their seasons in the summer.  It's nice to have some new shows.  OTOH I do like having this break from series watching.  I notice that Kyle XY, Mad Men, and S5 of Project Runway are about to start up again--cool.)

Sorry--back to my original point.  So I went out to look to see when Prison Break would start again (I don't watch it but my son loves it, so I wanted to make sure I set up TIVO to record it.)  Well Prison Break is still TBA.

BUT THEN I noticed that SUPERNATURAL is listed as starting on 9/4 (58 days). 

So which is it CW?  9/4 or 9/18?????
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At least according to this article here.

“Supernatural”: Season 3 ended with Dean (Jensen Ackles) hanging from hell’s meat hooks. The question is whether this increasingly entertaining show will leave him there long enough to get off some good jokes. CW, 9 p.m. Sept. 4.


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