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...oh god I'm getting so EXCITED!

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Sorry.  Just had to have a moment of squee-dom.

Yay!  Can't Wait.
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Just one final (maybe?) comment on the Twizzler OTP-4-Life Event.  I swear I can just FEEL the SQUEE reverberate throughout SPN Fandom.

*happy sigh*


Apr. 4th, 2008 10:26 pm
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In commercial again.

Plus to make my day even better I also have the season finale for Torchwood to watch later!  *dances*
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As much as I'm a sci-fi fan I've never been a huge battle fan.  Man I just LOVE the battles on BSG.  This episode has opened with an epic one!

I wish I could get more people to watch this.  People who don't like sci-fi automatically assume they wouldn't like this show.  I've been able to hook my husband's two sisters who are definitely not sci-fi fans.  This show is an intense drame that just happens to be set in space.  It's got so many layers to it.  It draws so many parallels to past and current history.

*happy sigh*

Too bad it's the last season.  Like Kripke, RDM (Ronald D. Moore) the showrunner/writer for BSG has a specific story arc and it will end with this season.

But this show I will be able to watch over and over and over and over again over the years.

It's back from commercial.
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Okay, so I'm actually excited that I will be in about 30 minutes watching episode 1 of S4 of Battlestar Galactica.  SPN owns my heart and soul and is my addiction and my obsession.  But BSG so totally ROCKs!  It is operatic and Shakespearean in it's epic-ness.  It's been so long since I've seen a fresh episode that I'm concerned that I will be totally lost.  I didn't bother to go back a rewatch S3 episodes recently.  I just rewatched the mini series last week and really enjoyed it. 

Plus I've remained totally and completely unspoiled for S4.  Relatively easy to do since I've been so obsessed with SPN that I don't have time for much else.  But I've also recently learned that being unspoiled can enhance my pleasure at watching episodes.  I used to be a total spoiler junky.

So excited...  I have to go double check my TIVO now to make sure it remembers that I asked it to record BSG tonight.  Although I will also be watching real time.  However--major bummer---B can't watch tonight since he has to be up early tomorrow for work and he really is looking forward to S4.  And Tim is playing WOW and says he'll watch it later.  Later?  *shakes head at my failure as a sci-fi fan to pass on my OCD regarding this show*
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So today we have Frederic Leyne/Lane, Chad, some more of Jason, and Kripke!  Starting around 12:15 going through about 5:30. 

I'm gonna have to bring my whole package of batteries and check to see if the gift store sells batteries.  Just the videos I took of Jason yesterday in the first 45 mins drained a new set of batteries.  Need to make sure I'll have enough for the boys tomorrow.

Went crazy yesterday in the vendor room and bought more 8x10s of the boys and one of Chad and Frederic too.

And then tomorrow--the boys!  And Sandy!  (Do you think they'll make that announcement tomorrow?  We have varying opinions here at the hotel as to whether there will be one or not.)

[profile] fickleone has a report from yesterday that talks more about our great dinner and meeting with the other fans and how some of them live in the LA area and just "run into" Jensen at the clubs.


Mar. 27th, 2008 07:52 pm
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Several LJ'ers have posted to the Sandy interview (here).

Everyone was saying how much they loved her and how terrific she was in the article.  I figured, yeah right.  Don't get me wrong.  I really like Sandy.  But I figured everyone was just being squee-y (is that a word?).  And overly enthusiastic.

But then I read the article.

Okay, I'm joining the squee-fest.  Sandy is really terrific.  I can really see her and Jared together.  They are *both* lucky.  Not just Sandy.  Not just Jared.  Man I really hope Hollywood doesn't end up killing their relationship.

I really want them (her) to have that studio together.

Now I'm looking forward to seeing her this weekend even more.

I had just returned from Kinkos where I was able to get good prints of Sandy in the crossroads scene in case I got her autograph.  I found myself thinking that my obsession has gone so far that I'm printing photos of one of the leads girlfriends.  But again...then I read the article.

This weekend's gonna be good.


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