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Photos I took from our hotel window of downtown Vancouver.  I rediscovered these photos last night while I was looking for one particular shot.  At the time I took these photos I was very disappointed in them.   I had just purchased a lens before this con and was trying it out for the first time during the convention.  I was very disappointed in it's performance.  

At the time I knew little to nothing about lenses and didn't realize I'd just purchased what was known as a "kit lens".  The relatively inexpensive lenses included with many camera bodies.  This was the Canon EF-S 18-55 f3.5-5.6 IS lens.   I also knew nothing about how to use my camera to achieve correct exposures.   So I never did anything with these photos. 

Now I not only understand how to use aperture, focal length and shutter speed to get correct exposures, I know how to adjust for white balance and how to manipulate all those to achieve effects I'm after in specific lighting circumstances.   I'm really looking forward to the panels this year - not having to use my flash will be wonderful.

Plus I know how to use post processing to correct bad exposures.   These have been heavily post-processed to correct for all those mistakes back then.  I remember trying to correct them back in the day, but the white balance error totally kicked my butt.

However, I notice I didn't have to crop most of these.  I've always been pretty happy with my initial composition decisions.  Not that I'd really call them decisions back then - it was more instinct.   

Having relooked at these, I'm considering taking out that lens and using it for a bit before LA.  The one lens my gear is now missing is a good quality wide angle.   I couldn't use this kit lens inside during any of the panels as it is not fast enough.  But outside it has definitely possibilities.   Still have either this or this or this on my next in line wish list however.

Okay, photo-geeking out rambling done.  On to the photos.  I can see doing housework today is receding.  I'm revisiting my location photos to see if I like those better now as well.

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Playing more catch up.

The sunrises the past two days have been outstanding.   I walked outside yesterday (?, I think it was yesterday) and saw these amazing colors coming up from behind the woods next to our house.   

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Some people clean their cars before a road trip.  Me, I clean my laptop hard drive and camera cards LOL.   Then again, we are not taking my car!

Some various photos from the past three months, that I never got around to processing.


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project365,multnomah falls

Saturday I went out with a friend and took a whole mess of photos.   Seriously.  A mess of 'em.   Due to the circumstances of the last couple of days I haven't had time to go through most of them.  But I did distract myself last night and went through a small portion of the ones I took at Multnomah Falls.  We met there early on Saturday before most of the tourists showed up.   I took photos and videos at the base of the Falls and then we walked up to the bridge where I took more.   By the time we came back down, the place was teeming with people.  

We later drove around Portland and out over the St. John's bridge and finally went to the Japanese Gardens.   As I get through all the photos I'll be posting them in batches.lots of photos under the cut... )



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