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Oct. 11th, 2009 10:28 am
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I was offline for almost all of yesterday.  Just logged on for the first this morning at 10:15.  I haven't gone through but a few of my emails and haven't yet checked my flist.  Surely this J2 interview is already posted everywhere right?  I love this interview.  Hearing the boys talk about each other.   Priceless.

I love the reference to the scene where Jared rips his pants and Jensen says he laid on the ground laughing for half an hour.  We only got to see a few seconds of that on the gag reel.  I love hearing more about why Jensen was laughing and that he kept laughing.  Remember how Jared once said that the best thing about that clip in the gag reel was Jensen's laughter?

And them talking about how they care (or don't) about their appearance.

And about how their friendship is "best friends" and (paraphrasing here) more special than even brothers.

I'm not even done reading through this yet.  Just had to post about it.

(btw, I attended a fantastic class yesterday, I may post about it later--once I process it more.)


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So yesterday I posted a link to missyjack who reported that the Js were in Oregon on Saturday golfing. 

There's speculation that they're on a road trip from Vanc to LA or TX with the dogs.  And I just had this image of them trucking down I-5 on their trip. 

Anyone who's traveled I-5 through southern Oregon may know of a place that it seems *everyone* knows of.  It's this little, run down trailer that serves the best and LARGEST ice cream ever.  I mean their small size is just gigantic.  Through word-of-mouth it seems that everyone knows of it and I know my family HAS to STOP whenever we're going south.  No matter what time of day.  It's REQUIRED.  I mean, my family has been stopping there since I was about 12.

And even though it's run down it's the kinda place EVERYONE stops no matter what socio-economic class.  I've seen beaters and BMWs in this parking lot.  And we all stand in the line you can see below (in the photo with the guy eating the ice cream) and talk about how great the weather is (which it nearly always is in southern Oregon) and where everyone is from.

So now my happy place this morning is imagining the boys pulling up with Harley and Sadie in tow into this run down parking lot in the hot southern Oregon sun and standing in line to order their ice cream.  Then sitting at the picnic table area enjoying it.

So if you're ever in southern Oregon in the Roseburg area--make sure to stop by this Rice Hill watering hole--best. ice cream.  evar.


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According to [ profile] waterofthemoon  here via [ profile] missyjack  here, Jared and Jensen were golfing in Oregon on Saturday.

I live in Oregon!

Assuming they were in the western part of the state they picked the PERFECT weekend for it.  It was (and still is) gorgeous here right now.  70s-80s and sunny!

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To celebrate the RETURN of SPN tonight.  *hyperventilates*

I considered doing something...

Then I saw [ profile] annkiri 's post of yesterday where she asked folks to share their favorite photos of the boys.  Go there now and bask in the wonderfulness of the Js....

This was more than enough...combined with the new(old) photos of Jared...I think I can make it until 9pm.

ETA:  God I love it when Jared throws his head back when he laughs and when Jensen's eyes crinkle....

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If you haven't seen it yet, go here.  A post by [ profile] jameserin   of a photo of the Js at Morton's in Vancouver.

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I have so many photos of the boys.  I got this great new-to-me camera (used) just before I went to Chicago.  I was able to use my old lenses from my film Canon camera.  So was able to use my telephoto lens to get great shots of the boys even if I wasn't in the first rows. 

The camera also has fast shutter speeds so I could rapidly take photos--which I learned at the LA Con is really important with the boys--especially Jared--moving around all over the place.

So here's the first of my Breakfast posts.  I don't know how many photos I'll actually post on LJ.  Too tired (and partially blind) to make that decision right now.  And if my brain and memory is alive enough, I may add commentary for the photos.  (Oh and btw--the numbering I'm using is for my reference and may not be totally sequential.  They are the numbers used to store the photos on my hard drive.)

Jared entered the room first.  Followed shortly by Jensen.  They had two microphones and the mikes were not that close so I wasn't always able to get them both in a shot while still trying to avoid the backs of the heads of the people in front of me.

Jared was wearing his black coat again.  For a guy who sweats a lot--he sure wears hats and coats a lot!  He did take the coat off almost immediately though for the breakfast.  At the panels he wore the coat and black beanie hat all the time.  He had on one of his standard blue plaid button ups.

He is a major cutie.  I had photoops with both the boys separately and together this time (like in LA).  In LA I was all befuddled because of Jensen. 

Jared's photoop was first this time.  When I walked up to him he looked me straight in the eyes and said, "Hi Babe, how are you doing?"  I smiled back and said, "I'm doing great, how about you!?"  And I swear his face was about two inches from mine!  I quickly turned my head for the photo, said thanks and let.

He completely blew my ZEN!  I was so calm and feeling so "not a newbie" and Jared completely blasted that away.  I was giggly for hours afterward.  Just ask[ profile] fickleone .  

Sorry I digressed.  Here's cutie...

Not bandwidth friendly... )

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This has been posted in lots of places, but I wanted to post in on my LJ so I had it.  On how Jared and Jensen became roommates.

"...One of my favorite tidbits I picked up at the breakfast, was the story of how Jared & Jensen became roomies. First of all, Jared bought a house in Vancouver last year because he is hardly ever in LA; it also would be better for his dogs. In the meantime, Jensen was renting from a friend of his that he met while on Dark Angel. The market in Vancouver was going up and the friend decided to sell the house. After it sold, Jensen didn't really have time to find a place, so Jared told him to move in with him. Jensen was reluctant at first. Jared said that Jensen said he didn't want to crash his place (I probably don't know the phrasing, but I took it to mean he didn't want to butt in). So, Jared offered to let him store his stuff while they took off for the summer. Then, the guys were filming their movies and never got around to finding a place. When Supernatural started filming again, they still didn't have enough time to find a place, so Jensen was staying there on an air mattress. Eventually Jared got him to unpack some stuff, put up a bed, and it has been working out well ever since. They each have their own floor and there are some common areas. Jared said it has been about 7 weeks and everything is working out fine. Nobody gets insulted if one or the other just wants to crash and sometimes they do get together and barbecue or play guitar..."

Report by [ profile] spnmom  at

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...what a perfect fandom day.


*is happy*

Nite all!

(O and I re-watched Shadow tonight.  I'm still spotting that same Dean red-checked shirt throughout the episodes.  He wears it in Shadow during the brother-moment when Sam says he'll leave after they get the demon.  I couldn't help but compare that brother moment to the AHBL brother moment where he wears that shirt.)
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I worked from home today due to some doctor appointments.  I thought I was lucky that it just happened to be the same day as a major Apple announcement--rumored to be around iTunes 8 and iPods.

So I was working from home patiently awaiting the announcements.

And then the BuddyTV interview hit LJ.  And that's all I could think about.

I even saw an flist item float by about NBC coming back to iTunes including BSG!!!!  If this had been any other day--I would have been SO over that with like YAY!  

As it is, I barely noted it.

And I STILL haven't gone out to see what Apple DID announce.

I just don't think I have the psychic energy.  Three intense days of J2 wonderfulness has completely ruined me for anything.

And I'm an Apple fangirl.

But I guess my SAA syndrome trumps Apple anyday.
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I still haven't opened that BuddyTV post--don't want the spoilers.

On another thread about this news.  The so-called Buddy Debbie evidently also said:

:BuddyDebbie said:
Haha! You guys are all so funny! :) OK, I'll give you tiny bit of a teaser: They tease each other about how long it takes for them to get ready in the morning. That's all I'm saying!

Okay--who knows more about this new comment from Buddy Debby?

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I just got back from taking my son to his first doctor appt.  On a quick work break (hee) til I have do the doctor carpool thing again.

First I get an IM from the girl at work who I lent the SPN S1 DVDs to.  She likes 'em!  And I'd sent her links to the J2 Soapbox and she was very intrigued by the "sense of community" around the fans (I figured I'd leave her ignorant of fan wank for awhile--until she's good and hooked!)

Then I open my f-list and the first thing I see are three posts from [ profile] balefully [ profile] fickleone and [ profile] huntress69 all talking, squeeing, or wondering in somewhat shock if a recent Buddy TV interview is true or some reporters mistaken assumption.

This is the Buddy TV interview with J+J in which this little tidbit was revealed:

"Jared and Jensen live together and carpool to work every day. They like to rib each other about who is lazier than whom in the morning, and it's very cute."

Warning--I understand part of the interview is spoilery--I haven't opened the link myself.

I said to [ profile] fickleone in response to her post that my first thought is maybe that's why Jared seems so....Jared and happy again.  

And then I take off my tinhat and sigh and figure it's just a reporter's mistaken assumption.

But either way--fandom's going to implode/explode from the squee  in the next few hours.

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From [ profile] faunaana posted HEREShe doesn't say where she got it from.    Looks like the photo is from Red Bull.  And there's supposed to be a Jared one soon.

I giggle-snorted when I saw it!


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This time from [ profile] salsa_babe -- Go HERE!

Man, there are just making my day!

ETA:  Wow!  I'm downloading her picture file now so I haven't seen them all--but look at this one!

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Yeah! [ profile] alaerys  has absolutely fantastic photos of the boys at the soapbox derby HERE!

Here's a small teaser--go to her LJ and check them all out!  I'm a Jensen girl, but I was BLOWN AWAY by Jared in these photos.  Guh.

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Via [personal profile] missyjack again Here.

J2 photo under the cut below.  Photo by Cynthia at SFUniverse for an interview I guess.

Comic Con!

Jul. 9th, 2008 11:18 pm
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OMG.  [ profile] missyjack just posted THIS. 

Wherein she talks about J & J being at Comic Con together, signing autographs, doing a panel, and showing scenes from S4 premier and S3 gag reel!!!!!

(O, and FINALLY we'll get to see some photos/vids of Jensen!)

ETA:  That's not to say I'm not also excited about Jensen, Jared, EP/Creator Eric Kripke, Co-EPs Ben Edlund and Peter Johnson and Supervising Producer Sera Gamble ALL appearing in the panel.
But I really, really need to see Jensen photos/vids.
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Doesn't it kinda feel like the universe is back in alignment now that the boys are back working together?
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[personal profile] keepaofthecheez posted here that there were:

173 Jared/Jensen videos were contributed to the site. 6 GIGS of video

Wow.  Just what does that say about us? 

That we love Jared and Jensen naturally!  And they are so terrific together that massive amounts of videos and photos are taken whenever they're in public.  Poor guys--or maybe poor Jensen, cuz I'm not so sure that Jared really minds.  I think Jensen prefers a little more privacy though.
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I saw a few Jensen icons that had been made from these.  But today was the first time I'd seen the photos themselves.  From the way Jensen looked I'd assumed they were older photos that I just hadn't seen before.  But when I see the full photo it's apparent that they are recent.  Jared (who I didn't even notice in the icons) is wearing the knit hat that he's been wearing around recently. 

Can anyone tell me where the photos are from?


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