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So yesterday I posted a link to missyjack who reported that the Js were in Oregon on Saturday golfing. 

There's speculation that they're on a road trip from Vanc to LA or TX with the dogs.  And I just had this image of them trucking down I-5 on their trip. 

Anyone who's traveled I-5 through southern Oregon may know of a place that it seems *everyone* knows of.  It's this little, run down trailer that serves the best and LARGEST ice cream ever.  I mean their small size is just gigantic.  Through word-of-mouth it seems that everyone knows of it and I know my family HAS to STOP whenever we're going south.  No matter what time of day.  It's REQUIRED.  I mean, my family has been stopping there since I was about 12.

And even though it's run down it's the kinda place EVERYONE stops no matter what socio-economic class.  I've seen beaters and BMWs in this parking lot.  And we all stand in the line you can see below (in the photo with the guy eating the ice cream) and talk about how great the weather is (which it nearly always is in southern Oregon) and where everyone is from.

So now my happy place this morning is imagining the boys pulling up with Harley and Sadie in tow into this run down parking lot in the hot southern Oregon sun and standing in line to order their ice cream.  Then sitting at the picnic table area enjoying it.

So if you're ever in southern Oregon in the Roseburg area--make sure to stop by this Rice Hill watering hole--best. ice cream.  evar.



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