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Not my picspam---but I've looked at the My Bloody Valentine Jensen picspam that[ profile] moondropz did here--about five times today. Man I can not WAIT until this DVD becomes available.

And I also cannot believe that I just said that--I mean REALLY? Me? Waiting for a SLASHER movie DVD?


Prior to seeing moondropz picspam I'd been (again) thinking earlier about how is it that I've become so ... invested ... in the careers of these two actors.

And yes I've said this before and yes here I go again...

I mean I've been a fan of genre TV/movies since I was a kid. I've loved many, many shows and characters and even actors. But never. Never. Have I become so invested in careers like I have with these two.

I mean I have list of actors whose work I will just about always go see....Harrison Ford, Will Smith, and others..but I'm just drawing a blank on names. However just because these actors have shows or movies it doesn't guarantee I'd go see it. Maybe I might wait a few weeks/months/years...or just never get around to it.

But I showed up for the very first showing of two SLASHER movies. Even though I'd sworn to myself in the 80s that I'd never go see stupid, bloody, nonsensical slasher movies. Pfftt! (Miss La-Di-Da here.... *sheepish grin*)

I never even hestitated even though I suspected I'd get sick to my stomach.

And unless these two turn into self-centered Hollywood a**holes (which I can't even imagine), I will likely be doing the same for whatever they do for the rest of their careers.

And I really can't imagine that I'll end up doing this for any other actors in the future. Even if I end up loving their work. I just can't see it.

I think this is a once-in-my-life occurrence.


I wasn't going to include any MBV caps here--just point to moondropz. But I went to pick just ONE to prettify my journal. And Ugh! I could NOT pick just one. So I've put several under the cut. Please go see moondropz entry linked above for more and more and more of the GUH.

Oh and if you haven't seen MBV, but plan to and don't want to be spoiled. Don't click.

Jensen under the cut... )

Thanks so MUCH to [ profile] moondropz (see her post HERE with MOAR!) and [ profile] justfreefallin for the picspam and the screencaps!

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Everyone's doing it! I have to as well...but since I'm already a little brain dead from all the hot and I don't really need to add duplicates of all the fantastic Jensen picspams out there, I'll post some (a lot) of my Jensen photos from Chicago in November. For a great massive Jensen picspam, you may want to see [ profile] moondropz massive and hot Jensen picspam here. And for a great picspam of the boys together see [ profile] felisblanco 's Jensen b-day post here.

And I just now realized that I never finished uploading all my Chicago photos. I was missing all the ones of Jensen's panel. I could claim I was saving them for just this day--but I'd be lying. I did take the time to upload them this morning however. And have included them in this picspam o'hot.

Happy birthday Jensen!
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I'm totally DEAD.

[ profile] mrsr58 did a Dark Angel Jensen picspam today.

While I've seen Dark Angel and have picspammed it myself, I was totally UNDONE by seeing Jensen in all his glory again.

As I said to [ profile] mrsr58 , you'd think after being a Jensen/Dean girl for a gazillion years, I'd have a little immunity or something.

Guh. I had to include one particular Berrisford Agenda shot that I missed when I did a BA picspam back in September.

Plus, as an added bonus a gorgeous My Bloody Valentine shot of Jensen that Mrsr58 did a while ago that I've been meaning to post as well.

gorgeous under the cut... )
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If you haven't seen it yet, go here.  A post by [ profile] jameserin   of a photo of the Js at Morton's in Vancouver.



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