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I'm talking with a friend who is through S6 and has not yet started S7 and my memory of both those seasons is not good.  I don't want to spoil her.    In what episode did Cas tear down Sam's wall?

I'm trying to find it and thought my flist may be able to answer faster.


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Awesome fanvids from the S7 gagreel.   So much lovely J2.....

From the amazing [ profile] ash48 (here)

And from the awesome Loki (here)


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...the Chuck's Speech vid put me in the mood.  So I went hunting for a YouTube hopefully of all 6 season finale openings playing Carry On My Wayward Son.   I found some, but all of them had disabled embedding.   

However I did find this version which I like just as well.  It's only about 2ish minutes long and has clips from all 7 seasons.  And it has good editing as well.


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Just realized I will not be able to watch tomorrow's SPN episode since I will be at Wicked tomorrow night with Emily.

Oh well.   Something to look forward to watching on Saturday!



Full Moon

Nov. 11th, 2011 01:47 pm
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Photobucket  Photobucket  Photobucket

Just finished an 11-day in a row work schedule.   Anywhere from 9-14 hr days.   It was the final implementation of a software upgrade that I've been leading for the past 7 months.  Boy was I tired, but it went really well.   I've been told it was the smoothest go-live ever.   Now I'm on a three-day weekend!  \O/  So need it.

I celebrated as I left work yesterday by pulling over by the edge of the Willamette River and taking some shots of the full moon over the river.

photos under the cut... )

On the SPN front...I am REALLY enjoying this season and am looking forward to tonight's episode.   Fickleone and I are signed up for both the LA Con in Burbank in March and Vancon next August.   It will have been a year and a half since my last con by the time March rolls around.   Really looking forward to it.

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Crap.  I guess I need to stop reading spoilers again.

I started early on in S6 just to reassure myself that Sam was coming back and I wanted to know WHEN!  Then I kept on just because ... well I needed something.

Now that S7 is looking to be DAMN EXCELLENT, I guess it's time to give them up again.  I realized this just as I was about to click on [ profile] missyjack's spoiler interview of today.    Bummer.   

BUT!   S7 Rocks, so I'm happy that I'm giving up spoilers again!

(and see?  I'm posting again!)


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spoilery reaction )

(p.s., squeeful post)
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Hello LJ.  It's been awhile.


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I spent the night at my mother's last night.  Around 11pm we searched through her On Demand list and I asked if she'd seen the new H50.   She hadn't.   She agreed to watch one (the last new ep aired).   I think she agreed  out of being nice.   However, when the episode was over, she turned to me and said, "is that it?  It's over?   I want to know what happens next!"  

Ha!   I swear I don't think I've known one person who's seen the show and not liked it! 

She said she really enjoyed it!  

And Steve & Danno banter is very, very quickly becoming one of my favorite things about this show (and fic about the show.)

And on the SPN front.  Thinking of my friends at SFCon.  Hoping they are having a blast.   Heard the Ostroff / CW hint saying S7 is looking pretty much like a sure thing.   \O/



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