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From this post here.

"The five top broadcast networks were down a collective 17 percent for the week ended Jan. 27 in ratings among viewers aged 18 to 49, the audience most prized by advertisers compared with the same week last year, according to Nielsen Media Research."

The numbers look like this
CW down 46% from one year ago
CBS down 23% from one year ago
ABC down 21% from one year ago
Fox down 13% from one year ago
NBC had no real change from one year ago

The CW is down.  I think I heard through my SIL ([profile] fickleone) that my brother was thinking that the strike could significantly impact the "smaller" networks--as in "put them out of business" impact them.  I'm not a fan of the CW specifically--but it's currently the home of my uber-obsession--Supernatural.

Probably not worth worrying about....

ETA: Just noticed that NBC had no real change.  This urks me because I've a pet-peeve about NBC (and NBC Universal)--they and Apple went head-to-head which resulted in their shows no longer being offered on iTunes.  From what I understood about the whole thing--I "blame* NBC-U.  And I'm pissed that I can no longer get Battlestar Galactica or Heroes (or Project Runway) through iTunes.  It forced me to invest in a TIVO so I could capture shows and get them onto my aTV (shhhh...*whistles*).  In the long run I save money, but at more work for me. Plus it just urks me how mainstream, old-school networks are using doublespeak about how they "can't" make money through "new media" (aka the inter-webs). 

I just read another wga-strike blog entry about Zucker (CEO of NBC) which pushed my buttons as well about how the networks don't want to trade the "dollars" they make through traditional media for the "cents" they make through "new media."  Ugh.  Until the advent of the "new media", these folks weren't making hardly *any* money off of me.  Damn new media snagged me and now I spend all kinds of money on iTunes (for music, movies, & TV shows).  That got me hooked on shows--which caused me to purchase more DVDs.  Shows led me to songs and/or recording artists I was not familiar with--and I started buying *those*!  OMG.  Get out of the mid-20th century and look around--things are CHANGING.   *gets off soapbox and tries to calm  DOWN*


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