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Photo Op Pricing for Vancon 2012
As of 05/17/2012

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My Photo Ops

Also, here's a link to my Master Post for all my LA Con 2009 reports.

photo ops under the cut... )

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I didn't expect this to come in the mail prior to leaving for the LA Convention.   It's the uncut limited edition picture of the Devil's Due S2 trading cards.  I'm considering having Kripke sign it and perhaps paying for one more autograph from each of the boys and having them sign it as well.  Any opinions?

And then these cards have arrived as well.  I'm having the boys sign a photo of both of them together.  So should I spring for more signatures for any/all/subset of these cards and/or photos of each of the boys separately?  How obsessive/greedy should I be?

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Just read this on the Creation site.

Tentative photo op pick up info: We know that our attendees love to get their photo ops back before they leave for home (anything taken Saturday of course will be back in time). We always try! At this time we are scheduling return of the photos with Jensen and Jared for 7:00pm to 7:30pm on Sunday for those that will still be around or wish to stick around (there is always the bar!). Please note: since we are dependent on our photo lab to print these don't kill us if they don't arrive: we will mail them to everyone at our expense if they are not picked up in person!

[profile] fickleone--looks like we might get our photos in hand before we fly back on Monday morning!  \O/


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