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Do you love us?  Or what?  I mean really!???   Three conventions in March!??  We really hype you up, don't we?

(And Jensen's going back to Asylum???  Is that in May?  (*is too lazy to go look.*)  I guess they must have beefed up the security to re-assure him or something.  I'm so glad he's going back.  SPN-love and the Js have to go EVERYWHERE so everyone can see how wonderful they are.)

And I see Misha's getting around.  He's going to be an old pro at this rate.

All's well in SPN Land.

O, btw, I'm watching this DVD--"Finding the Future.  A Science Fiction Conversation."  I saw it mentioned in some of the obituary notices for Forrest Ackerman--who I guess is one of (or maybe the original?) SciFi fanboy.  I obviously majorly FAIL and should have my scifi card revoked for not knowing about him until he died and I read it on Wil Wheaton's blog. 

This DVD is basically an overview of Fandom  and Scifi Con's.  It's such fun to watch!

Here are some memorable quotes that I actually wrote down when I started watching it a few days ago.  Most of these are Fen trying to describe who they are...

a willingness to imagine differences

a willingness to look beyond the everyday

fandom tends to be more accepting of differences among people on our own planet.  Or differences among each other.

Fandom is a very accepting community of differences among people.

Everybody is an alien to everyone else.

Science fiction fandom is actually a tribe.  We're a tribe of individuals who have unique characteristics of mutual and common respect.

Fans are freaks and geeks.

Their ability to accept just about everything and everyone.

What do you call someone who is not a fan?  A Mundane.

A Mundane is a non-fan.  People who don't "get it."  They call us freaks--we call them Mundanes.

[regarding Mundanes...]  We see them as people that there really isn't anything--we can't talk to them about anything--they're not reading books.  None of this excites them.  None of this interests them.  They think the current consensus reality as they've been fed it, by whoever feeds it to them, is all there is.  And that doesn't bother them!

We question why things are.  We question authority. 

Fans are all interested in ideas and speculation than gossip and keeping up with the Jones'.  Who gives a shit what the Jones' have?

Science fiction is the future.  What has been science fiction in the past has now become science fact in many cases.  We are doing things today that our grandfathers knew wasn't possible.

OMG--look at the TIME!  I slept so much yesterday, I wonder if I'll ever get to sleep tonight...

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Roger Ebert was an early fanzine writer?  Who'da thunk?  Never thought much about Ebert (good or bad)--just never thought.  Just remembered him from the random channel surfing back in the days of Siskel and Ebert--they always seemed to be on at weird, late night, off hours.  Back in the day before I had cable so didn't have much choose from (not that getting cable really provided me much better content!)

This blog post of Ebert's talks about fanzines and how he came to write for them then goes off into musing about Arthur Clarke and the birth of HAL 9000, and how early fanzine participants foreshadowed technology.

A quote from one of the commenters:

"Fanzines are moving into podcasts. Lost, Battlestar Galactica, and Heros are the ones people tend to flock to now. The wealth of podcasts dedicated to Disney is just stunning. I've "met" quite a few internet friends though them."


Warms my geeky heart.  I am so into podcasts.  I especially like a couple of BSG podcasts and my other favorite, "must listen" podcasts are:

  • TWIT - This week in Tech by Leo Laporte.  Weekly summary of technology news by an engaging panel.  I *never* miss this one.
  • MacBreak Weekly - also by Leo.  This one can get very hilarious sometimes--also a panel podcast.  Dedicated to apple discussions.  Another one I never miss.
  • Savage Love Podcast - by Dan Savage--the "Dear Abby' of sex advice.  Outrageously funny and interesting all at the same time.  Not safe for listening to with kids though.
I've got many others that I listen to when I can.  But one of my favorite amateur podcasts is dedicated to the love of William Shatner.  It's hosted by two very animated, vocal, and a little crazy Shatner fangirls.  It's called Look at My Butt!  And it also occasionally features reviews of sex toys as well!

I subscribe via iTunes to all of these plus about 20 more varying from more technology podcasts (Diggnation! featuring tech-geek turned geek!popStar Kevin Rose), SPN & Lost podcasts, to Buddhist podcasts, to meditation podcasts.

"Open the pod bay door Hal."

(I'm eye-balling that vodka--don't want to start too early, or I'll be asleep at 9pm)
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Okay, the only computer games I liked as a kid (before computer graphics), were those "adventure games."  You would be given a series of clues in written format.  Describing your location, the objects around you, and giving you other clues to solve the game/puzzle.  I generally do not like games.  But those games kept me busy for hours.

Doggone TV shows today.  Once someone found the "Lost" formula (i.e., serialized & puzzles to solve through a TV show), everyone is copying the concept.  And they just keep #&*(&# addicting me.

Now SciFi had a 3-part, 6-hr miniseries in December.  I didn't know about it, nor did I watch it.  One of my online BSG forums mentioned that they enjoyed it.  I figured, okay a mini-series, I can deal with that.  It's only 6 hours. 

I should know better. 

It's likely a pilot in disguise.  The mini-series ended in a cliff hanger.  *Now* I understand that--now that I'm 2/3 of the way through it.

And--get this--it is essentially, *exactly* like those old adventure games.  First 2 hours were a little cheesy.  2nd two hours--grabbed me.  Now I'm about the watch the final 2 hours and I understand it will end in a cliff hanger.  !#$!@#$ -- this new trend in TV is going to be the death of me.

Two trailers (and no, I don't think the trailers themselves are dangerous--i.e., they won't hook you--you have to be stupid enough to  sit through the first 2-3 hours to get hooked.)  Trailers best watched in the order below.

 (30 seconds trailer)

(another 30 second trailer)

(1 minute promo)

And finally--and a little spoilery--clips about two of the "objects"---

The comb

The key

Dammit--off to watch the ending.

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Sci Fi Magazine: The Top 10 sexiest men and women of sci fi

The February 2007 issue of Sci Fi magazine lists its choices for the 20 sexist people in science fiction film and TV. The 10 men and women are as follows:

Top 10 Sexiest Men of Sci Fi 2007
1. Taye Diggs (Day Break, House on Haunted Hill)
2. Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica)
3. Naveen Andrews (Lost, Rollerball, Mighty Joe Young)
4. Justin Hartley (Smallville, Mercy Reef)
5. Daniel Craig (Casino Royale, Tomb Raider)
6. Clive Owen (Children of Men, Sin City)
7. Paul Blackthorne (The Dresden Files)
8. Santiago Cabrera (Heroes)
9. Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight, The Brothers Grimm, A Knight's Tale)
10. Jensen Ackles (Supernatural, Smallville, Dark Angel)

Top 10 Sexiest Women of Sci Fi 2007
1. Evangeline Lilly (Lost, Kingdom Hospital)
2. Jessica Alba (Fantastic Four, Sin City, Dark Angel)
3. Erica Durance (Smallville, Butterfly Effect 2)
4. Jessica Biel (Blade Trinity)
5. Eva Mendes (Ghost Rider)
6. Jennifer Love Hewitt (Ghost Whisperer)
7. Grace Park (Battlestar Galactica)
8. Freema Agyeman (Doctor Who)
9. Kristanna Loken (Terminator 3, Painkiller Jane)
10. Ali Larter (Heroes, Final Destination)

Found here
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1) On a scale of 1 to 10 ("1" = tremendously disappointed, and "10" = best TV I've ever seen), how would you rate season three so far? How would you rate the individual episodes?
Occupation/Precipice: 8
Exodus Pt. 1: 8
Exodus Pt. 2: 10
The season thus far gets an 9.5.

2) Which three actors/characters have really stood out so far in season three and impressed you the most?
Saul Tigh, Tirol, Starbuck

3) Are there any characters that you used to dislike and now are starting to like in season three?

Ellen and Tigh.  Especially Tigh, I didn't really like his character at all, but he's been outstanding this season!

4) A lot of characters went through physical changes at the end of season two/beginning of season three (Lee's poundage, Adama's 'stache, Tyrol's beard, Kara's long hair, etc.).. Which physical change was your favorite, and which one was your least favorite?
Fave: None really
Least Fave:  Starbuck's long hair!  So *hated* it.  So *not* Starbuck.  Cannot *wait* until she cuts it!

5) In your opinion, what was the single most depressing or tragic moment in season three so far?
Ellen/Tigh--Ellen's death.

6) What was the most amazing and/or heroic moment so far?
Galactica jumping in and out of the atmosphere--so amazing!  And the Pegasus' last stand--As soon as I saw Pegasus I realized this was probably how they were going to get rid of Pegasus.

7) What was the most surprising and/or unexpected thing that's happened so far in season three?
Maya's death.  I guess I should have seen it coming, giving all the warning's Roslin gave about how the baby and the mother must be protected.

8) Name one scene or moment in the New Caprica storyline that you wish the writers or director would've done differently. How do you wish they would've done it differently?
Not much.  Maybe how quickly Starbuck accepted Kacey (Casey?) as her child.  Didn't seem much like Starbuck.  But I guess Leoben had been messing with her mind for months.  Based on all the comments about Hera being the first Cylon/Human child, I knew that Kacey could not be Cylon/Human--she was too old.  Plus it was too obviously a way that Leoben could frak with Starbuck's mind.

9) Now that we're several episodes into season three, how have your views of the cylons changed - if at all - since the end of season two? Do you like them more, hate them more, feel like you understand them more... ?
I'm more intrigued by the skin-job cylons.  I want to know more about how they developed over the years when the Cylons disappeared  I want to understand their culture and religion more.  I think it's interesting that the Cylons are monothesist and the humans from the 11 colonies are polythesist.  I'm interested in the culture/backstory of the 11 colonies as well.  I would be interesting to finally see how the surviving humans will react to and integrate with Earth humans (assuming it's *our* Earth and assuming they find it)--since Earth's humans are mostly monothesist.

10) Now that everyone's back onboard the Galactica, there's sure to be some romance brewin'.. Which two characters are you really hoping to see hook up in season three?
Roslin/Zarek/Adama would be interesting.  I would love to see more intense interaction between Lee/Starbuck--but nothing permanent--those two couldn't live together.


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