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I've been having some ongoing discussions on others' LJs regarding this episode, S8, and the brothers' relationship.   A few of those conversations triggered this from me and I'm pasting it here for my future reference.

In a conversation regarding the brothers' relationship evolving into a more mature one - sparked by: "people evolve over time, and the brothers are no exception. realistically speaking, how would it be if they continue their unhealthy co-dependence? "

I have had conversations about how the relationship could become static and perhaps boring. But I cannot get passed what triggered my initial (and ongoing) uber-devotion to this show. I'm going to shamelessly paste in a comment I just now read on a post over at missyjacks. This comment was from [ profile] carryuinmyheart and it does a good job summarizing what I'm feeling.

"It moves the brothers' relationship somewhat more into the realm of ordinary brothers (I have your back but I'm not going to step in front of a bullet for you.) This may be the conventional, "mature" brotherly viewpoint, but I don't watch the show for the quotidian perspective. The MOTW and the seasonal arc are window dressing to me - interesting window dressing - but it isn't the reason I enjoy Supernatural. It is the brothers' relationship that does it for me, the love they clearly share, even with the ever-present hurt and anger, and the extreme measures they will go to for one another. Yes, this "obsession" with one another is realistically unsustainable, but we suspend belief all the time for this show, why must their relationship be bound by the customary fraternal parameters? (I'm not referring to Sam/Dean.) If this is where Carver is going with the Sam and Dean's maturation, then I'm not sure the show will be as appealing to me. (I'm not saying it will no longer be good, just not something I will be as devoted to.) I'm all for character development - who wants to watch static? - but I think there is a lot of room to develop the way they deal with each other (like listening to one another) that still retains that "I would do anything for you" boundlessness."

And somewhere else I remember reading someone else who stated something similar very well - basically that (s)he didn't watch the show for reality and "mature" relationships.  

The relationship between Sam & Amelia holds no real interest or fascination for me.  Not even in terms of exploring the evolution of Sam's character.   I've *never* been one to hate on (or even dislike) the brothers having relationships.  I always know and expect they will end as I do know the brothers will never be allowed to have a normal life.  But I don't find the relationship interesting.  In general I do not watch any TV shows (or movies for that matter) that deal with male/female love relationships or their struggles.   To me that's akin to soap opera and while in my youth I enjoyed a good soap - it's just not my thing.  The original SPN brother relationship was different and unique. And no I am not referring to wincest - but rather the, yes unhealthy, brother devotion and co-dependence set in unique circumstances (fighting evil).

I know SPN will always be about the brothers and in the end of the season they will end up back together again.   And perhaps their evolved relationship will surprise me and spark my interest - that would be wonderful.

I do really appreciate that the show sparks and supports multiple reactions and viewpoints. And I'm becoming more and more ... 
resigned accustomed to the way things appear to be moving. Unfortunately a side effect is that while I still I enjoy the show and will always love the brothers (and most certainly the folks who make the show), I've lost the driving obsession. I can forget the show is on. I don't mind waiting hours to watch it. I feel like I'm moving on a bit. I don't anticipate this will lesson my participation in extraneous SPN activities (aka cons, and online participation - that is still uber fun), but now it's more for the fan relationships, then for Dean & Sam's relationship. Which sometimes makes me sad, even while I still really appreciate and love that it was Sam & Dean that gave me this in the first place.  Perhaps this is just part of the nature lifecycle of a show from the inside of fandom.  SPN is the first show I've ever gotten this involved with.  Honestly I suspect it may be the only show as I cannot imagine another show triggered this level again - SPN is/was "lightning in a bottle" or "the perfect storm" of a show for me.  Unique.

Again, I will still be here, watching, participating.  I love the show, the brothers, the cast & crew.  It does and always will have a special place in my heart.   But perhaps like the brothers, I'm moving on a bit in my relationship with this show.  


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