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I was bored. So I made some more headers and lookie(!) I made icons (which I don't make very often.) All from[ profile] elsiecat 's Chicon 2009 photos.

(click to enlarge)

under the cut... )
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JDM is on one of the covers of Empire magazine.  I made this icon from that cover.

icon background is from [profile] teh_indy    

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I'm bummed.  Work sucks.  Won't say any more about that.  But I need something to cheer me up.

Over the weekend I upgraded to a paid account so I can have more icons.  But now I'm too tired and bummed to even think about looking for them much less making them.

So anyone out there want to share their favorite icons with me?  With information on who to credit as well?  I would really love some new ones.

Icon test

Apr. 26th, 2008 06:28 pm
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Just trying on some icon-pretty.  Still leaving my default the same for now.
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Ok, you know what?  I'm now almost in love with 3x13 just because of these icons showing up.  It's almost enough to get me off my butt and perhaps actually start using more icons. 

At first I just wasn't sure how to credit icons so I figured I'd "figure" it out later.  Then "later" just became "lazy".  And then I started to get attached to my default icon as a way of saying "See?  I'm UNIQUE"  *is lame*

Maybe after I get some serious sleep and stop feeling vaguely annoyed at everything, I'll spend some time this weekend on iconage.

Of course I also have to work on budget stuff for work again this week.  Ok, so now I'm annoyed again.


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