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Roger Ebert was an early fanzine writer?  Who'da thunk?  Never thought much about Ebert (good or bad)--just never thought.  Just remembered him from the random channel surfing back in the days of Siskel and Ebert--they always seemed to be on at weird, late night, off hours.  Back in the day before I had cable so didn't have much choose from (not that getting cable really provided me much better content!)

This blog post of Ebert's talks about fanzines and how he came to write for them then goes off into musing about Arthur Clarke and the birth of HAL 9000, and how early fanzine participants foreshadowed technology.

A quote from one of the commenters:

"Fanzines are moving into podcasts. Lost, Battlestar Galactica, and Heros are the ones people tend to flock to now. The wealth of podcasts dedicated to Disney is just stunning. I've "met" quite a few internet friends though them."


Warms my geeky heart.  I am so into podcasts.  I especially like a couple of BSG podcasts and my other favorite, "must listen" podcasts are:

  • TWIT - This week in Tech by Leo Laporte.  Weekly summary of technology news by an engaging panel.  I *never* miss this one.
  • MacBreak Weekly - also by Leo.  This one can get very hilarious sometimes--also a panel podcast.  Dedicated to apple discussions.  Another one I never miss.
  • Savage Love Podcast - by Dan Savage--the "Dear Abby' of sex advice.  Outrageously funny and interesting all at the same time.  Not safe for listening to with kids though.
I've got many others that I listen to when I can.  But one of my favorite amateur podcasts is dedicated to the love of William Shatner.  It's hosted by two very animated, vocal, and a little crazy Shatner fangirls.  It's called Look at My Butt!  And it also occasionally features reviews of sex toys as well!

I subscribe via iTunes to all of these plus about 20 more varying from more technology podcasts (Diggnation! featuring tech-geek turned geek!popStar Kevin Rose), SPN & Lost podcasts, to Buddhist podcasts, to meditation podcasts.

"Open the pod bay door Hal."

(I'm eye-balling that vodka--don't want to start too early, or I'll be asleep at 9pm)


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