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Okay, the only computer games I liked as a kid (before computer graphics), were those "adventure games."  You would be given a series of clues in written format.  Describing your location, the objects around you, and giving you other clues to solve the game/puzzle.  I generally do not like games.  But those games kept me busy for hours.

Doggone TV shows today.  Once someone found the "Lost" formula (i.e., serialized & puzzles to solve through a TV show), everyone is copying the concept.  And they just keep #&*(&# addicting me.

Now SciFi had a 3-part, 6-hr miniseries in December.  I didn't know about it, nor did I watch it.  One of my online BSG forums mentioned that they enjoyed it.  I figured, okay a mini-series, I can deal with that.  It's only 6 hours. 

I should know better. 

It's likely a pilot in disguise.  The mini-series ended in a cliff hanger.  *Now* I understand that--now that I'm 2/3 of the way through it.

And--get this--it is essentially, *exactly* like those old adventure games.  First 2 hours were a little cheesy.  2nd two hours--grabbed me.  Now I'm about the watch the final 2 hours and I understand it will end in a cliff hanger.  !#$!@#$ -- this new trend in TV is going to be the death of me.

Two trailers (and no, I don't think the trailers themselves are dangerous--i.e., they won't hook you--you have to be stupid enough to  sit through the first 2-3 hours to get hooked.)  Trailers best watched in the order below.

 (30 seconds trailer)

(another 30 second trailer)

(1 minute promo)

And finally--and a little spoilery--clips about two of the "objects"---

The comb

The key

Dammit--off to watch the ending.


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