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Everyone's doing it! I have to as well...but since I'm already a little brain dead from all the hot and I don't really need to add duplicates of all the fantastic Jensen picspams out there, I'll post some (a lot) of my Jensen photos from Chicago in November. For a great massive Jensen picspam, you may want to see [ profile] moondropz massive and hot Jensen picspam here. And for a great picspam of the boys together see [ profile] felisblanco 's Jensen b-day post here.

And I just now realized that I never finished uploading all my Chicago photos. I was missing all the ones of Jensen's panel. I could claim I was saving them for just this day--but I'd be lying. I did take the time to upload them this morning however. And have included them in this picspam o'hot.

Happy birthday Jensen!
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I'm totally DEAD.

[ profile] mrsr58 did a Dark Angel Jensen picspam today.

While I've seen Dark Angel and have picspammed it myself, I was totally UNDONE by seeing Jensen in all his glory again.

As I said to [ profile] mrsr58 , you'd think after being a Jensen/Dean girl for a gazillion years, I'd have a little immunity or something.

Guh. I had to include one particular Berrisford Agenda shot that I missed when I did a BA picspam back in September.

Plus, as an added bonus a gorgeous My Bloody Valentine shot of Jensen that Mrsr58 did a while ago that I've been meaning to post as well.

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