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I'm sad. My daughter is having three of her friends over tonight. I just had this very, very random thought about how cool it would be to have all of us go see MBV tonight. Seven of us -- five of us under 25. How cool. Not sure if they'd even want to.

But then I checked and MBV is no longer playing in the area. *frowny face* I guess Coraline and the 3D Jonas Brother film finally pushed MBV out of the theaters. Bummer.

I've been meaning to do a round up of any MBV images I can find and decided this was a good time since I was hunkering after some Tom/Jensen.

So Random Jensen - MBV Edition.

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I'm totally DEAD.

[ profile] mrsr58 did a Dark Angel Jensen picspam today.

While I've seen Dark Angel and have picspammed it myself, I was totally UNDONE by seeing Jensen in all his glory again.

As I said to [ profile] mrsr58 , you'd think after being a Jensen/Dean girl for a gazillion years, I'd have a little immunity or something.

Guh. I had to include one particular Berrisford Agenda shot that I missed when I did a BA picspam back in September.

Plus, as an added bonus a gorgeous My Bloody Valentine shot of Jensen that Mrsr58 did a while ago that I've been meaning to post as well.

gorgeous under the cut... )
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A new promo still (via [ profile] jensenite   via [ profile] andreas_ri  ) of Jensen for S4!!!!

These guys in suits (and just about anything else I guess, including lederhosen)...just kill me.

Click for larger image.


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