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So today is a wonderful day as many of you know. We just got back from my second watching of Julia and Julie. Still good the second time around.

And I come home to find out there was a new Glee episode tonight! I keep forgetting what night it is on and since I'd just watched the last episode a few nights ago I was momentary confused.

But then I thought--Yippee! Now I get to watch a new Glee episode on top of everything else.

Side note: It is so wonderful how much Julie Child and her husband loved each other. Just makes my heart smile.
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Not my picspam---but I've looked at the My Bloody Valentine Jensen picspam that[ profile] moondropz did here--about five times today. Man I can not WAIT until this DVD becomes available.

And I also cannot believe that I just said that--I mean REALLY? Me? Waiting for a SLASHER movie DVD?


Prior to seeing moondropz picspam I'd been (again) thinking earlier about how is it that I've become so ... invested ... in the careers of these two actors.

And yes I've said this before and yes here I go again...

I mean I've been a fan of genre TV/movies since I was a kid. I've loved many, many shows and characters and even actors. But never. Never. Have I become so invested in careers like I have with these two.

I mean I have list of actors whose work I will just about always go see....Harrison Ford, Will Smith, and others..but I'm just drawing a blank on names. However just because these actors have shows or movies it doesn't guarantee I'd go see it. Maybe I might wait a few weeks/months/years...or just never get around to it.

But I showed up for the very first showing of two SLASHER movies. Even though I'd sworn to myself in the 80s that I'd never go see stupid, bloody, nonsensical slasher movies. Pfftt! (Miss La-Di-Da here.... *sheepish grin*)

I never even hestitated even though I suspected I'd get sick to my stomach.

And unless these two turn into self-centered Hollywood a**holes (which I can't even imagine), I will likely be doing the same for whatever they do for the rest of their careers.

And I really can't imagine that I'll end up doing this for any other actors in the future. Even if I end up loving their work. I just can't see it.

I think this is a once-in-my-life occurrence.


I wasn't going to include any MBV caps here--just point to moondropz. But I went to pick just ONE to prettify my journal. And Ugh! I could NOT pick just one. So I've put several under the cut. Please go see moondropz entry linked above for more and more and more of the GUH.

Oh and if you haven't seen MBV, but plan to and don't want to be spoiled. Don't click.

Jensen under the cut... )

Thanks so MUCH to [ profile] moondropz (see her post HERE with MOAR!) and [ profile] justfreefallin for the picspam and the screencaps!

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I'm sad. My daughter is having three of her friends over tonight. I just had this very, very random thought about how cool it would be to have all of us go see MBV tonight. Seven of us -- five of us under 25. How cool. Not sure if they'd even want to.

But then I checked and MBV is no longer playing in the area. *frowny face* I guess Coraline and the 3D Jonas Brother film finally pushed MBV out of the theaters. Bummer.

I've been meaning to do a round up of any MBV images I can find and decided this was a good time since I was hunkering after some Tom/Jensen.

So Random Jensen - MBV Edition.

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via[ profile] ilaria84  on [ profile] dean_sam .

ETA:  When I watched this the sound was a little out of sync.   But you know?  I love Bonnie Hunt. The only times I've ever seen her show have been when Jensen and now Jared have appeared.  I don't watch much broadcast TV (really none).  She just seems so nice.  I've loved her in whatever shows/movies I've seen her in. 

ETA2:  And I loved the joking about Bonnie and Jensen dating and how Bonnie had to dump him.

ETA3:  And the shout-out to the SPN Fans!!!!

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Found via [ profile] janglyjewels ...

(click about 3 times for bigger)

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Had a random thought to go check out the MBV numbers.

Doesn't look too shabby considering the movie's budget was $15M and it's grossed $48M. 

From here.

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He just makes me smile even when I don't want to!  Jared on KTLA about F13.  And about how two of the newscasters (one man, one woman) have crushes on him!)  (Found via [ profile] persuna  on [ profile] keymash_jared )

ETA:  I mean seriously--how can I stay depressed?  See????

ETA2:  OMG.  He kills me.  "Jared's next movie is called "Subtext," says newscast guy who has crush on Jared.  And Jared talking about auditioning in a bra in the woods.

I swear *everyone* flirts with Jared.  I even flirted with Jared and I think the last time I flirted was twenty-ish years ago!  You just cannot help yourself.

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via [ profile] missyjack , a NYCC photo of Jared by winter1066 (more here).

OMG.  How is he so f'ing adorable AND sexy???  I'm telling ya' the last time I saw him at Chicago, I was completely BOWLED over by him.  And I'm a Jensen girl.

(Click for bigger)

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More F13 stills have surfaced.  I've clipped in closer to the Jared in these.  Looking good.  Click for larger.  Found here.

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Found here.

Click for larger version.

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Found via [ profile] raloria .  A still from MBV with arms to die for.

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According to an interview Todd Farmer did HERE.  AND someone called Jensen a "young Steve McQueen" 


"TF: There's no camp. There's some real humor that comes out of real situations but no camp. It's still creepy and still atmospheric. These are real people facing real scares and real brutality. And when I say "real" I mean quirky and flawed and loving and pissed off and brilliant. And much of that brilliance is due to the actors. Jensen Ackels [sic] is a force of nature, always surprising you with his choices. Patrick calls him a young Steve McQueen. Kerr Smith brings a depth and intellect that I'm not used to seeing in his generation of actors. The movie is better with him in the role. Jaime King is beautiful with a smile that melts and breaks your heart at the same time. This was an emotionally and physically demanding role which she nailed. Betsy, Edi, Kevin, Tom, Megan...all in all it's humbling to have a cast like this giving performances like they've given."

I added the bold, italic emphasis (cuz it's the most IMPORTANT part of this after all).  AND I did NOT add the mispelling BTW.

Perhaps [profile] fickleone will remember that even before FPB I compared Jensen to Steve McQueen.

ETA:  Yes I'm geeky.  I just searched my email and found this which I emailed [profile] fickleone on June 1, 2007:

"For some reason I started thinking today about what "old-time" movie star you could equate to Jensen.  For some reason Steve McQueen came to mind and won't leave it.  So what do you think?  Jensen = Steve McQueen?"

To which she replied:

"YES!!  I love(d) Steve McQueen."

Now I have to find the airing date for FPB--because this was likely AFTER that.  But oh well...I still called. it.

ETA2:  FPB aired on April 26, 2007.  So perhaps that caused Jensen = Steve McQueen to wedge itself in my brain.
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Just saw this story linked here.

Jared is going to be in the next Friday the 13th?  Um.  I guess I'm going to actually start watching horror movies.  *shakes in her boots*  I've never really liked those types of shows.  Which is why my addiction to SPN is so weird.  I've never even seen the other Friday the 13th's.  I did watch the new House of Wax--only because Jared was in it.  It wasn't that good (or scary). 

I used to watch all the *old* Hollywood horror movies with Bela Legusi, Vincent Price (like in the original House of Wax), Boris Karloff, all the Hitchcock films.  Psycho was one of my favorites. 

Perhaps I found the modern-day horror films too bloody?  That's probably it.  I just couldn't take someone hacking someone up with a chainsaw.  In the old movies they were scary--but they left things to your imagination. 

But if Jared's going to keep going there.  I'm going to have to follow.  *whimpers*

ETA: I should have read the whole article before I posted--Jared's going to play the *LEAD*.  No, not Jason.  But the guy who's investigating what's going on.  Now come ON.  It should be Sam and Dean investigating.  They need to turn this into the first SPN Movie!!!!


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