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At least according to this here.

"Fans of Supernatural, though, do have a silver lining -- last night, season 3's "A Very Supernatural Christmas" repeat managed to surpass Smallville's unusually anemic numbers, making it the network's highest-rated scripted show for the week."

More in the link above.  Way Cool!!!!  Nice piece of news to wake up to.  First thing I read this morning.

--RL Update---

Also finally got to sleep last night.  Had to guzzle a beer to do so.  I think I slept about 12 hours.

Hubby's making bacon right now--smells good.

Hubby:   "Hi!"
Me:         *looks blankly and groggily* "Hi back."
Hubby:   "Isn't that a chair?"
Me:         *looks more groggily--then gets it*  "Wow--you're on top of things today"  *blearily sips coffee*
Hubby:   "I got me a trophie wife" *hands me a piece of bacon*
Me:         *smiles, again blearily"
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I haven't even gotten 5 minutes into watching this and I saw something I never noticed before.

Just a moment though--first I just have to say *sigh* oh boys how I've missed you...

Then I realized that I'd watched AVSC so many times after it first aired, that I assumed I wouldn't get a lot out of watching it again. 


When the opening "Special" title came on, I SMILED.  When I saw the opening sequence of the grandfather and grandson I smiled and grimaced.

THEN I noticed THIS...

This is what I remember from the opening credits...

But I just happened tonight to pause this shot above because I wanted to screen cap it.  As I was moving backward and forward one millisecond at a time.  I noticed THIS>>>>

1) We go from this lovely (gruesome) shot...

2) Through this sequence....

3) to THIS!  (I NEVER noticed this before, did you?)

And then it very goes very quickly to the shot we all remember.  And I mean so quickly that you don't even see it unless you happen to step through it millisecond by millisecond.



Jul. 10th, 2008 09:57 pm
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Okay so I'm a BAAADDDD SPN Fangirl.

I forgot to tune into AVSC tonight!

So I'm gonna go watch my hard drive copy right now.

Perhaps it will help take the crazy out of me around this whole SAA thingy.

*goes to watch*

Side Note:  When I know I get to work from home the next day it FEELs like I have a day off.  I can work in my PJs, sit back in CIC (my recliner), and just work without having to *see* people.  Feels like a holiday.


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