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Feb. 10th, 2013 09:42 pm
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I've been working hours today just cleaning up and organizing my Tumblr page.   I'm pretty happy with it now.  ;P


A summary of what I've done:

  ::  I added a Search box so that my Tumblr can be searched for specific tags.  

  ::  I tweaked the formatting a bit.  Mostly fonts, line spacing stuff.  Plus I fixed a few minor errors that were there.

  ::  Added links to My Lj (here), My Flickr, a link to filter my Tumblr for only SPN related items, a link to my PhotoBlog Tumblr account, and to my Tumblr Archive.  I'd never seen the Tumblr archive before.   I think it's cool looking.

what the Tumblr archive looks like... )

  ::  Cleaned up the way the individual posts (permalink pages) are displayed.  Including displaying tags and enlarging the font just a tad so my sorry old eyes can actually read it.

What an individual post looks likeā€¦. )

  ::  And the majority of the time was spent cleaning up all my tags so I could filter better.  Then I created a Tag Cloud page (I feel so damn accomplished, lol.) (Note to self:  I used Post Theory's Tag Cloud generator.)  What this means is that anyone can now filter my Tumblr for things such as:  my SPN con photos (that I've posted on Tumbr of course), anything to do about an SPN episode, for specific episodes like 8x12, or perhaps for fanart.

Like I said, I feel so damn accomplished.  Of course, I lost practically a whole day doing this.  Whatever.


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One of the allures of Tumblr I think is that you appear to get a lot more response to posts.   Tumblr enables a quick "like" and reblog function which can get your posts spreading around a lot via people you don't know.  As I've been playing more in Tumblr and thinking about the LJ vs. Tumblr comparison, I've begun to think that for those of us who are not fandom's writers, but it's visual artists, Tumblr may offer a bit more feedback satisfaction.   And then there's the fact that for whatever reasons, Tumblr is so much more active for SPN than LJ seems to be these days.   Even if the activity might be a bit OTT or youngish or whatever or Cas vs. Sam focused - at least people are reacting and talking - as opposed to the silence that seems to have descended over LJ.   

Don't get me wrong, I still see LJ as my fandom homebase.   My real community.   I'm just venturing out further and exploring and bringing back.  :)

Tumblr is not the place for in depth conversations or getting to know-you's.    I am seeing that relationships form there and perhaps it's just a matter of getting used to the different behavior of Tumblr, but it still does seem to me to as good as LJ for forming a more "connected" community.

But there is something to be said for finding two of my photos on Tumblr with more likes/reblogs than I've ever seen on LJ.

I did not go back to verify this, but I'm pretty sure this photo below is an enhanced version of the one I uploaded.  It appears to have been "Tumblrized" with increased saturation and color filters.





This last one is particularly satisfying as it has nothing to do with SPN, but yet got 98 likes/reblogs.
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So as I've been playing around on Tumblr, I've begun to customize the two Tumblr blogs that I set up many months ago.   

I've set one up as growyourwings to use for general purpose and fandom stuff and which I will use for reblogging.


And I took the first one I set up ages ago and renamed it to Karen Cooke Photography where I will only post my own original work and not reblog.


In order to keep these straight in my head I'm determined to keep the themes different.   I just love the theme I have on the growyourwings blog.

Of course I also have my own domain,, for which I am currently using Wordpress.  And while I really loved that Wordpress theme when I set it up, I'm currently very enamored of these Tumblr sites. 


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and now back to my usual LJ channel....



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Ok, yes, I've done a deep dive into Tumblr.


  ::   Wow, there are a lot very young people on Tumblr watching SPN.  One girl (I assume) said she'd been watching since she was 8 years old.  *I feel old*

  ::  As I knew from last visits to Tumblr - a lot of pretty is out there.

  ::  I feel conflicted.   On the one hand, I haven't seen this much online activity regarding SPN in like forever (*mourns LJ*).   On the other hand, I feel disloyal to LJ.   (Does it make it better if I bring stuff back here???)   On the third hand, it's been a long time since I've felt a level of excitement towards SPN and I find myself wondering if it's the very lack of activity on LJ that is helping to bring my SPN squee down?   On the fourth hand, I would think it's hard to make connections in an environment that seems so "sound-bitey" (if that makes sense.)

  ::  And what especially surprised me.  There are a LOT of people who are JUST NOW starting to watch this show.   I was really surprised at the frequency of posts from people either just starting S1 or in the middle of S3 - S4.   Of course they all may be 14 years old.   But still, this much new traffic for the show can't be all bad can it?

  :: And I had to stop myself from chiming in on a post where two people got into an argument because a person was remarking on the fact that SPN filmed in Canada and someone chimed in to say that SPN did not ONLY film in Canada, some of it was filmed around the state of Washington and in Spokane.  Spokane?  Seriously?   And the original person remarked that yeah, she knew that but they didn't have to take her so literally?  :-/    Then there was another post were someone said they didn't know that "Danni & Jen" had been in a movie together.   I feel both old and also like setting up an SPN 101 Primer for Tumblr - like some SPN Crone or Magi on the Hill for the younglings to come and learn all about the history/lore of the making of SPN.

  :: And finally, you gotta know the average age of people on Tumblr is 14 when everyone's theme is taking up only 1/4 of an entire screen with size 5 pt font which is in light grey on a white background.  :/



Apr. 30th, 2011 09:58 am
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Tumblr is kinda pretty....

I can see the allure.

I just set up a second Tumblr account.  Been looking for an easy venue/blog for my photography.   Played around with LJ and Wordpress.   Tumblr may be so ridiculously easy, it may be the winner!

I had tried to figure Tumblr out a while ago but it eluded my understanding.   Last night and this morning I may have figured out the basics.

Now I look at my LJ layout and it seems so dull in comparison.


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Yes, haven't posted in a while...

I enjoyed tonight's episode.  

spoilers under the cut... )


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