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JDM is on one of the covers of Empire magazine.  I made this icon from that cover.

icon background is from [profile] teh_indy    

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First about Supernatural

Then about Watchmen

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I didn't even know this was going to happen!  Saw this posted on [community profile] papawinchester  just now:


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Em, Alex and I are leaving in a moment to go see Dark Knight. *Is excited*

Someone uploaded Entertainment Weekly's article on Watchmen and Comic Con.

ETA:  I was in a hurry to get out the door when I posted this and couldn't wrap my brain around who posted the EW article even though I knew I knew who it was.  Just remembered--I think it was [personal profile] ohbooth.

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I love, love, love the graphic novel Watchmen. I mean I really loved that book. I was late reading it by about 20 years. And only found out about it because JDM landed the role of the Comedian in the movie.

I understand the Watchmen trailer was shown during the opening weekend premier of Dark Knight (which I also want to see BTW.)

Someone uploaded the Watchmen trailer to YouTube and I just watched it.

OMG--it looks absolutely FANTASTIC!

Here's just a few screen caps from the trailer--under the cut.

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My brother just emailed me to let me know that JDM was cast as the Comedian in the film version of the graphic novel Watchmen.  He thought I'd read it.  He was confusing the fact that I'm reading The Sandman series right now.  But you bet I did go right out to Amazon and ordered Watchmen!

Casting News for Watchmen

And from Variety the news that the cast will be unveiled at ComicCon

I wonder if that means JDM will be at ComicCon?


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