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Okay so I just bought another SPN card. AND I'm bidding on a gizzion others. (I don't expect to win most of them so I'm telling myself that I won't really be spending that money.) 

See new card below and then read on for the sad, sad story of my slide into addiction.

Hi, I'm growyourwings and I've been addicted to SPN since October 2006.

Previously I posted about my upcoming 2-year LJ-versary (July 23). I found SPN through LJ. I can even remember a post that triggered me to watch the show. It occurred to me that I might be able to find that post. So I went looking through my early LJ entries.

On October 31, 2006 I posted an iTunes meme listing songs on my iPod. The first song listed on this meme was Don't Fear the Reaper. I know that I didn't have that song prior to watching Supernatural.

So sometime between 7/23/06 and 10/30/06 I had started watching Supernatural.

However, I didn't make a post reference to Supernatural until November 11th with this post where I talked about Emily visiting from college and us watching several Heroes episodes together (oh the days when I still really *loved* Heroes.) In that post I mentioned:

"I'm downloading last night's BSG and the last SPN ep right now."

That's it girls. Just an "Oh BTW I'm DL'ing an SPN episode." Most of my posts (not that many in total) from July through November were either meme's, RL comments, or BSG-related. I was very addicted to BSG at the time (still am.)

Then I don't mention SPN again until December 12th when I post this. The photo ALONE with no text, but with the "music I'm listening to" saying I was listening to "Carry On My Wayward Son"

Again all my fandom-based posts were about BSG or Heroes.
On December 12th (OMG, TWO days in a ROW posting about SPN! Is the pattern starting?!) I posted this. My first post-rec of an SPN FanVid (for Dragonfly's Carol of the Supernatural.)

And then some more SPN Fanvid recs posted on December 22th.

I noticed that some of my posts were about either/both Emily or Bob being out of town (Bob was traveling a lot for work right then--for days on end) or about a long-term bout of bronchitis I was going through that was forcing me to stay home from work. So OBVIOUSLY, my addiction is the fault of family-deprivation (Emily & Bob) and work-deprivation due to illness.

(That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

Finally on December 27, 2006 I mention getting my sister-in-law hooked on SPN (Hi [ profile] fickleone   !) And about me starting to go fangirly and viral about infecting others with SPN (and also Heroes, but alas that show just didn't stand up for me over time.)

And from then on it's all over folks. I'd be hard-pressed to find an entry that doesn't mention SPN.

But that gave me some date parameters (yes, I'm a computer geek; I talk in parameters) to search [personal profile] zelda_zee   's LJ to see if I could find the post that started it all for me.

Yes Zelda infected me. She doesn't know me (other than from a few comments years ago that I posted about a couple of her LOST fics--which BTW she is the primo author of one of the BEST EVAR Jack/Sawyer/Sayid series in the history of the universe--but that's another story.  And I friended her LJ to follow not only her fic writing but also her love of Sayid--which I shared -- and still share.  At that time there was not enough Sayid appreciation going on.  See my first ever post as a sample of my Sayid love--weak though my example may be.)

So here's the paragraph that started it all for me. It's from Zelda's post of October 6, 2006 :

"I watched Jensen Ackles lips last night. There appears to be some sort of show built around them. Huh."

It was tacked onto a post about LOST (naturally). Almost as an afterthought. I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHO JENSEN ACKLES was.

I really, really, really didn't.

No clue.

But the statement made me laugh and tweeked my interest. I may even have googled him to see what he looked like. I don't remember being bowled over by him.


So some time in the following few days or weeks I Netflix'd the first disk of S1. And the rest, as they say, is history. (As my family shakes their heads in sorrow for the downfall of their beloved wife and mother.)


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