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Here is a photo from our dinner the other night with S (aka [ profile] redteekal)  & T.




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I cannot recall if I mentioned here on LJ (sheesh, I almost typed FB, not LJ *fail*), that a couple of weeks ago [ profile] redteekal (and here I started to type @redteekal. o. m. g.  *massive fail*) who is taking an incredible SIX MONTHS(!) to travel the States and Canada (so, so envious).    She hails from Australia.   

I woke up one Sat/Sun (can't recall which) morning to a PM from her asking me if I knew of a bookstore in PDX that she should visit since she was passing through PDX on her travels that day.   Plus she was looking for a Sam&Dean-like motel to stay the night in.   

So bookstore+PDX=POWELL's.  No doubt.   And I immediately thought of a stretch of 50's-70's looking motels on Interstate, although I could not vouch for any semblance of cleanliness, safety, or quality.  But I love driving by those motels and have always wanted to do a photowalk there as I think some of the motels look awesome on the exterior.  I'm going to post some photos (not mine) of the motels that always catch my eye.  Plus the one that redteekal ended up staying at.

Bob and I offered to treat them to dinner at Jake's Crawfish, a great NW eatery in NW downtown area.    How often do you get to meet a fellow fan from another country, outside of a con?   We had never met in person before; only chatted online.

It was fun!    Redteekal did a great summary of it here on her LJ, which I'm shamelessly stealing:

Speaking of Portland - thanks so very much to [ profile] growyourwings aka Karen and her lovely family for treating us to a very delicious and heart warming meal at a classic Portland restaurant named Jake's Famous Crawfish. We got to meet her (we've been friends on LJ a good long while now) and her lovely hubby and two kids - the very grown up Emily and Tim. I am thrilled that we will be meeting up again for Vancon - I very much enjoyed the discussions we had and we could have talked for so much more. There were photos too! I remember! I'm still hanging out for the ones we took on your camera Karen! :-) FANDOM is awesome and we were both united in trying to explain to the non-Supernaturally-obsessed members of the dinner table that it certainly was not just about the guys. It's totally true - if you work out how long you actually spend with the guys at any given con compared to the time you spend meeting friends and making new friends and just talking ENDLESSLY about the show and about our own lives and finding out about our friends lives it's a ridiculously small percent. I used to think all the talk about this aspect of the con was just some shallow deflecting platitudes people made grand statements with but after experiencing three cons now I know first hand exactly how much it's the friendships and the relationships and the absolute broadening of my personal world experience that has been instigated by my attendance at the cons. Friends all over the world - not just online, people both Tim and I are meeting with because of the links I've made through fandom - both Smallville and Supernatural. The fact that a couple of little TV shows can do that? BLOWS MY MIND.

I so agree with what she said.   It is so very, very COOL all the friendships I've made from all over the world because of this little TV show.   I will be forever grateful to it for that.  As well as for many other things.  But that alone is worth the price of admission.   Actually each of the things I've grateful to this show for is by themselves worth the price of admission - so you combine all of them together - and you get priceless.

And yes, I have some photos of our dinner.  I hope to get to them this weekend.  Will be posting.

And here are some of those great Sam&Dean-like motels on Interstate.  I don't know about you, but whenever I drive by an old motel or some other SPN-like location, I always pause in my head and think "that would make a great SPN location".   :)




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[personal profile] dawnfirenight posted a question today about SPN Creation Conventions here.

I linked her to the same type of question I asked back in December 2007 when [profile] fickleone and I were considering going to our first SPN convention.

I was reading through the replies and found THIS! from [personal profile] mrsr58
um,,,don't worry about that whole "age appropriate" know those folks shannenb mentioned, the ones who camped out all night prior to the breakfast? well, they weren't exactly teenieboppers (believe me, i was one of them)...and we're also doing the LA gold thing, so hopefully will get to say hello to you personally!

you are going to love seeing the boys in person - they are absolutely adorable! and kudos that you're doing the photo op!

So [profile] fickleone and I first "met" [personal profile] mrsr58 on January 1, 2008!  Happy New Year!


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