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I may perhaps be in the minority, but I'd never heard of a film called Neverwas (imdb, wikipedia).   A 2005 English film, filmed in Vanconver BC and Toronto, which debuted at the Toronto Film Festival in 2005 but never had a theatrical release and finally went straight to DVD in 2007.

Look at who is in this:   Ian McKellan, Nick Nolte, Jessica Lange, William Hurt.   Short blurb from IMDB: A well-educated psychiatrist leaves an academic career to work at an institution where his father, a novelist, lived before writing a renowned children's book. Acclimating to his position, he encounters a schizophrenic who helps him to discover the book's secrets and his place in the story.

I discovered the film when someone on a INFP FB site recommended it (yes, I'm an INFP.)   Someone was looking for Netflix films that would appeal to INFPs.   This was one of two that came highly recommended.   I looked up the description and the few reviews I could find of it and, honestly, had I just read those alone I likely would not have watched the film.  Although Ian McKellan may have swayed me in any case.   I bookmarked it for a time when I need an escapist distraction.

Today was such a day.

Let me just say that I was enchanted.  Thoroughly.   In fact I had this very weird sense of deja vu why watching it.   It triggered some interesting sense flashbacks to my childhood.  Odd sense flashbacks.   Brief images.  Smells.   Fragments of childhood experiences.   Gave me goosebumps a couple of times (those deja vu moments).

I should warn that the film does deal with mental illness (the protagonist is a psychiatrist working in a mental institution) and suicide (in the past).   But, as described by someone who worked on the film:  "Fantasy and Reality in a magical enchantment-filled life-affirming Tale."

And my "everything is SPN" bone was tickled as I clearly recognized Riverview as the location used for a significant number of scenes:

above :: this photo was taken by someone who worked on the film.  I found his site which has a LOT of photos of sets he helped to build/design.
A lot for Battlestar Galactica.  Great stuff.  I wish he offered more text about the images though.


The "stairway" that is seen in so many movies & tv shows from Riverview also makes an appearance (of course).  As does the main front entrance.

And there was one scene, filmed at night in Ian McKellan's bedroom at Riverview that just took my breath away.  It reminded me somehow of a combination of a Andrew Wyeth painting combined with a Van Gogh.  The photographer in me just wanted to get to that place and take photos myself.  Loved what they did with the window.

Here are my screen shots of that scene:
screen shots... )

For me this is a film I could see myself watching again and again over the years.  Like "What Dreams May Come".   Every few years I could see myself wanting to revisit this little gem.   Below are some random images I found online from the film.  There really is not much out there about it.

The film is available for streaming on Netflix.  Here are some images I found online for it.
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Actually I missed the date again.  Keep forgetting.  It was July 9th, 2006 when I first signed up for an LJ account.  So 7 years now!   I didn't even know of SPN back then.  Came here because of Lost.  But found SPN a few months later.

It appears that the last time I made an LJ-versary entry was 3 years ago.   Where I wrote: "I've had 21,496 unique visits and 41,155 page views.   And while for about a half of that year I was posting a hell of a lot.  The last six months have slowed to a crawl as far as posting is concerned.    In the past four years, I've made 1,828 posts, received 9,157 comments, and made 6,204 comments.   And made great friends!"

That was back in 2010 and I was about to start my 1-1/2 year hiatus from SPN cons.  While I had purchased my first DSLR camera for the Chicon 2008 convention, I still had NO idea how to really use it.   During the 1-1/2  years I was away from conventions I started teaching myself how to really make use of the camera and to understand the technology behind the lenses.   That made all the difference in the world.

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I had a conversation on FB this morning with the partner ("L") of one of my friends ("C", who is also a coworker and staff member).     Which led to me relating all this to SPN. Of course, everything's about SPN (lol.)  But this?  This is personal and core for me.   

It started with L linking to this great article, "Ready for a Vulnerability Hangover?", about Brene Brown, who's 2010 TED Talk, The Power of Vulnerability, is one of my favorite TED Talks (see the TED Talk below.)

Brown has other great TED talks and a book which is now on my Kindle reading list:

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead

images (1)

But how does this relate to SPN, you ask?

In which I drone on about my work and how SPN has impacted that…. )

I did not want a repeat of where I came from, rather I wanted what I observed and heard was the working conditions of the crew of Supernatural. Yes, everything's about Supernatural (lol). Whatever.  As you all know, the show has a well known reputation for being a wonderful and supportive place to work. A key foundation for that was veteran Director Kim Manners, with his, "we spend too much time together to not enjoy each others' company" statements. And we've heard Jared and Jensen state they realized that whatever attitude they adopted would be felt and spread by their coworkers. So they determined to always been supportive and positive. And it's been remarked upon over and over again by others. And it shows in so many ways.   

I try to tell my coworkers that my obsession with this show is not because they are "OMG, AKTORS!"  Or they are "OMG, GORGEOUS!"  I've been a background fangirl all my life, but I've never gone to this extreme.   What really drives my obsession, is all this I said above.   It's how it's positively impacted my personal life.   This attitude that Kim Manners, Jared, Jensen, and all the others have adopted has not just impacted their immediate coworkers.  It's impacted me.  Directly and personally.  In very many ways.  And given the phenomenon of the conventions, I think it's impacted a hell of lot of others as well. 

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Screen shot from an episode of Lost Girl that I'm watching.   :)


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Now there's a Wendigo episode.  


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I just watched s02e09 of Grimm.  Looks like it must have aired around Halloween.  And it was the Woman in White story.   It was pretty good.  I found myself more interested in this episode than most of the other eps of Grimm I've watched.

So now Grimm is doing ghosts?

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WARNING:  This song may be stuck in your head for days, if you are brave enough to listen to it.   Don't say I didn't warn you.  Totally understand if you pass this on by without listening.  (or maybe it's just me and my family who are ultra susceptible to it, lol) 

My daughter shared this video with me on FB a few days ago.  Ever since then the damn song is stuck in my head.  It plays as I'm falling asleep and starts playing when I wake up.  I actually COULD NOT sleep last night because this thing was on infinite loop in my head.

When we shared the song with my son, he was all, "*shrug*, whatever, it's stupid."  Which is the *point* the damn thing is the silliest song you could ever imagine.   Then a day later, I hear the damn song playing repeatedly from up in my son's bedroom.   Seems it must have gotten stuck in his head as well.

Part of the problem for me with this song is that I cannot stop thinking of Sam & Dean when I hear it.  Especially Mystery Spot.   So if anyone is brave enough to play this (remember, I warned you) and is an SPN vidder, this may be a cracky song to use.   

(While the song is silly, as I said, it's the ending frame that kinda "makes it", can't believe this likely played on a TV station somewhere.)


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Watching Hell on Wheels (really well done).   Noticed that John Shiban was an executive producer.   Christopher Heyerdahl is in this to, although I haven't seen him yet.  Fickleone told me about the series and that Christopher was in it.  

Edit:  Huh, looking at cast & crew list on IMDB.  Looks like Ty Olsson is in this show as well.  He does indeed get around.


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I've been watching S2 of Falling Skies (at the insistence of my son, who loves it.)  I'm enjoying S2 more than I did S1.  S1 wasn't bad, just somewhat unmemorable for me.

I'm on the 2nd to last ep of S2 and guess who's in it?   Ty Olsson and Matt Frewer (Pestilence).   


When S2 opened I noticed something immediately and sure enough, Falling Skies now films in Vancouver.  I guess S1 was Toronto (or some other eastern Canadian locale, can't recall for sure.)   But I've been having full spotting SPN locations while watching S2.

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Love how these twins look at each other with grins on their faces.   (and yes I have to admit for some reason I thought of our boys.)


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Just read this article

Supernatural Chat: When Did You Know You Were in Love?   

Which asked: "Do you remember the exact moment when you fell in love with this show?"

I've talked about this before (manymany times).   
I discovered the show in between S1 & S2 due to a comment online by a friend. It wasn't love at first sight for me. Took me a few episodes. What ho
oked me was the "Don't Fear the Reaper" scene from "Faith." Then what nabbed me for life was "Home". Then what sealed the deal was learning about the behind the scenes crew and how down-to-earth and fun they were. The rest is history.

When and how did you fall in love?


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I cannot recall if I mentioned here on LJ (sheesh, I almost typed FB, not LJ *fail*), that a couple of weeks ago [ profile] redteekal (and here I started to type @redteekal. o. m. g.  *massive fail*) who is taking an incredible SIX MONTHS(!) to travel the States and Canada (so, so envious).    She hails from Australia.   

I woke up one Sat/Sun (can't recall which) morning to a PM from her asking me if I knew of a bookstore in PDX that she should visit since she was passing through PDX on her travels that day.   Plus she was looking for a Sam&Dean-like motel to stay the night in.   

So bookstore+PDX=POWELL's.  No doubt.   And I immediately thought of a stretch of 50's-70's looking motels on Interstate, although I could not vouch for any semblance of cleanliness, safety, or quality.  But I love driving by those motels and have always wanted to do a photowalk there as I think some of the motels look awesome on the exterior.  I'm going to post some photos (not mine) of the motels that always catch my eye.  Plus the one that redteekal ended up staying at.

Bob and I offered to treat them to dinner at Jake's Crawfish, a great NW eatery in NW downtown area.    How often do you get to meet a fellow fan from another country, outside of a con?   We had never met in person before; only chatted online.

It was fun!    Redteekal did a great summary of it here on her LJ, which I'm shamelessly stealing:

Speaking of Portland - thanks so very much to [ profile] growyourwings aka Karen and her lovely family for treating us to a very delicious and heart warming meal at a classic Portland restaurant named Jake's Famous Crawfish. We got to meet her (we've been friends on LJ a good long while now) and her lovely hubby and two kids - the very grown up Emily and Tim. I am thrilled that we will be meeting up again for Vancon - I very much enjoyed the discussions we had and we could have talked for so much more. There were photos too! I remember! I'm still hanging out for the ones we took on your camera Karen! :-) FANDOM is awesome and we were both united in trying to explain to the non-Supernaturally-obsessed members of the dinner table that it certainly was not just about the guys. It's totally true - if you work out how long you actually spend with the guys at any given con compared to the time you spend meeting friends and making new friends and just talking ENDLESSLY about the show and about our own lives and finding out about our friends lives it's a ridiculously small percent. I used to think all the talk about this aspect of the con was just some shallow deflecting platitudes people made grand statements with but after experiencing three cons now I know first hand exactly how much it's the friendships and the relationships and the absolute broadening of my personal world experience that has been instigated by my attendance at the cons. Friends all over the world - not just online, people both Tim and I are meeting with because of the links I've made through fandom - both Smallville and Supernatural. The fact that a couple of little TV shows can do that? BLOWS MY MIND.

I so agree with what she said.   It is so very, very COOL all the friendships I've made from all over the world because of this little TV show.   I will be forever grateful to it for that.  As well as for many other things.  But that alone is worth the price of admission.   Actually each of the things I've grateful to this show for is by themselves worth the price of admission - so you combine all of them together - and you get priceless.

And yes, I have some photos of our dinner.  I hope to get to them this weekend.  Will be posting.

And here are some of those great Sam&Dean-like motels on Interstate.  I don't know about you, but whenever I drive by an old motel or some other SPN-like location, I always pause in my head and think "that would make a great SPN location".   :)




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Emily and I went to our local farmer's market yesterday morning.  Came home with a bunch of locally grown, fresh vegetables and some farm fresh eggs and some grass-fed beef.   Last night's dinner, this morning's breakfast and today's dinner have/will be featuring the produce.

I also signed us up for a local organic produce delivery service recommended by a friend of mine.  It's like a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, except there is no obligation for a whole year.   Plus it's all organic.   Some of it does come from non-local sources, but when items are in season, they come from local farmers.   

This is a bug-a-boo I've been on for a while - what the USA commercial food industry has devolved into.   Have you ever watched Food, Inc?   You should.  It's usually available in segments on YouTube.  It's scary.  Bob and I watched it a few years ago.

Edit:   Food Inc trailer on YouTube:

Side note:  On the night of the SPN finale (or was it the episode before the finale?), Guy Bee randomly posted a sentence like, "Corn syrup, that stuff will kill you."  At least it was random to me since I had not yet seen the episode.  And it started me on my rant with my family again - commenting to them about the tweet and how, yeah - it sure will.   Seems like everything is SPN - even my one main soapbox issue.  

I don't know if I've mentioned on LJ that we've also started our own garden.   We now have fresh herbs and hopefully our other produce will flourish. 

I'm trying a recipe out tonight that my personal trainer dreamed up.   Ground beef flattened out like a pizza (except rectangular), layer with fresh spinach leaves, sprinkle on gorgonzola (I used blue cheese since the market I was in didn't have gorgonzola).   Roll it up (like making cinnamon rolls).   Wrap with saran wrap and place in freezer for a couple of hours to firm it up.   Slice burgers off the roll and grill.  Can't wait to try it.  Sounds yummy.   My trainer, Mike, hadn't tried it himself yet.  It was a brainstorm of his which he plans on making for a Memorial Day BBQ.

Here are some photos from our trip to the farmer's market yesterday.   For the US folks - hope your Memorial Day is sunnier than ours is going to be.


above :: I played around a bit in Photoshop with one of the flower shots.   This also has my new photography logo on it.

photos under here... )


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Been catching up on a couple of TV shows that aired during my "dark times", when I wasn't watching much sci-fi type shows.

I'm in the middle of S1 of X-files.  Just now I have a younger Mark Shepperd/Crowley digging in the garden in episode 12 - Fire.   Ha!  

Yesterday I saw "Scotty" in the X-Files episode, Space.   "Scotty" was from Scarecrow and also the trucker from And Then There were None.

The other day in X-Files, Ghost in the Machine, I saw the older "Doc" guy from the Simon Says episode.  The one that shot the gun store guy and then got run over by a bus.  

Saw David Nutter in the directing credits on one of these.   I IMDB'd Kim Manners and see that he doesn't come until S3ish.  

I'm streaming X-Files via Netflix.   Northern Exposure can only be watched via DVDs.  I'm in the middle of S3 of NE.   Love the characters and the quirkiness.

After these two I intend on finally finishing Buffy.  Perhaps then I can proudly hold up my sci-fi geek-TV head.

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spoilery reaction to 6x16... )

And speaking of I said I was at Ashland this weekend watching Measure for Measure.  During the intermission, I was reading through the Play Bill about the other pays being offered in the Bowmer Theater this season.  

This guy caught my attention....

I *knew* I'd seen him somewhere before.   Then I saw this in his OSF bio entry:  "Film/TV: Ashes, Numb, Dexter, Law and Order, Without a Trace, Supernatural, The Shield, Chappelle's Show, Animated Tales of the World (HBO)."

Then I recognized him!  He was from the Magnificent Seven episode (3x01).   It took me until that night to remember his character's name:  Isaac (right? I haven't looked that up yet.)  He's playing Tom Robinson in OSF's To Kill a Mockingbird.  Which I'd love to see even without this connection.  But the connection makes me want to see  it even more.

This is the second SPN guest actor with an OSF connection.   The priest in Houses of the Holy is an OSF alumnae that I've seen in may plays at Ashland.

I'm going to post separately about the Ashland trip...but this made me realize that the show biz world is likely a small one.



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