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I just saw someone on a FB Vegas con community post that she saw two commercials about Vegas Con during the airing of tonight's ep.  She lives in Vegas - so perhaps it was just a local commercial.  Did anyone else see Vegas con commercials during the ep?  I don't watch live so I wouldn't know.

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I don't even CARE that I'm spoiled at this point.   But definitely do NOT watch if you want to wait for 8x13.

highly spoilery video clip for 8x13 )
UPDATE:  If this trend continues, I may have to go back to being a spoilerphobe.  I go for spoilers when I'm looking for reassurance that show is not going to make me sad (and not a good SPN!sad).    I think I'm in love with Carver again.  I don't even care that I was bitching about him up until now.  Good on him for fooling me and so not disappointing.   Yes, I should have trusted in the man behind Mystery Spot, etc.   I was *trying* to.   It was just really hard treading water through the Amelia storyline.  I was getting tired.

UPDATE 2:  I remember back when Jared was being interviewed about S8 back in the early days of S8. He was going on about how the show was addressing something that was a missed opportunity (or something like that). Given that everything being talked about at that time was Sam not looking for Dean and Sam finding a life outside of hunting. I assumed (and I think others did as well) that Jared was referring to a missed opportunity of exploring one of the brothers via finding a "normal" life or a life outside of hunting. Like Sam&Jess or Dean&Lisa, or something. Blech. But I now think all those interviews about reseting and exploring the boys characters was a red herring since the interviews were being given in the context of Sam's life outside of hunting. Obviously Carver and others (likely the boys as well), knew about what was coming. 

more, but slightly spoilery for 8x12 )



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