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In no particular order, things I loved about this episode..

  - Nazi necromancers
  - Aaron and his Golem - both of whom I loved (the actors rocked as well).  Want more.
  - The 40s/50s music playing in the Batcave.
  - The boys drinking scotch/whiskey rather than beer at the end (shades of Mad Men)
  - How both brothers were dressed throughout.  Sam's vest, Dean in the robe with wet hair (*dies*), Dean's colorful plaid shirt.  ALL of it.
  - Dean geeking out over the sword.
  - Sam geeking out over the books and making an entry in their library about what they learned.
  - Hal Linden
  - The whole storyline.  I was holding my breath people!   
  - Did I mention the music and the scotch/whiskey?
  - Did I mention Dean in the robe with wet hair? *iz shallow*
  - Dean calling Sam, "little brother."  Yeah, I mentioned this in one of my other posts.  Don't care.  Still smiling about it.
  - How close the brothers seemed
  - I want to explore the Batcave.
  - How in spite of the Batcave, they still went on the road.  Best of both worlds.
  - I loved the bar scene between Dean and Aaron (the gay pick up).  I don't think it was overwritten or overplayed.   I think Dean was embarrassed and adorably flustered.  I thought Aaron was wonderfully creative on his feet (so to speak.)
  - When Aaron called the brothers psychopaths as he observed them warming their hands over the burning Nazi.
  - I haven't seen the previews for next ep (I will once I come down a bit more), but I understand the brothers are each wearing GLASSES at one point.  *dies*
  - The brief acknowledgements of Cas and Garth (and by extension Kevin).  Acknowledging there is still issues/concerns there.  
  - I kinda like how they have not yet clued anyone else in on their secret lair.  (It's just for them.)
  - Did I mention I REALLY loved the music? and the scotch/whiskey and Dean in a robe with wet hair?  And Sam with the scotch/whiskey in his hand at the end?   (And Dean with his feet up.)   It all seemed just so...intimate.  lol.

So much love.  Welcome back Show!   :)


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