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I needed this today.   Seriously have tears in my eyes right now. Just watched this week's Project Runway episode and not only did this guy Brandon win, but he proposed to his partner of 18 years on air, inspired by the challenge which benefited marriage equality. Something not covered in this video linked here was that his partner also proposed to *him* not a week later (without yet having seen Brandon's proposal). Wonderful moments.  I had to pause for a few moments just to compose myself, it was that moving.  This video is a 3 minute set of clips showcasing Brandon's proposal.


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what an amazing episode... )

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Anyone watching Rubicon?  

I didn't even know there was such a show.  I spent the night at my mother's visiting the other day.  I showed her some of my current favorite shows through her On Demand cable option.  (No not SPN, I've shown her that plenty of times!)   While we were watching an episode of Mad Men several commercials for Rubicon came on.  Looked a little intriguing.   Anyone watching it?  Any good?

We stayed up until past midnight because I wanted her to see Project Runway.  It wasn't offered on an On Demand basis so we had to wait for a repeat to air at 11pm (1-1/2 hours--double the commericals! Ugh!)   I really wanted her to see it because she is so into sewing.   Both of our heads were dropping about halfway through (after midnight dontchakno!)  I told her we didn't need to finish it if she didn't want to.  But she wanted to!   I did end up dozing off (I'd seen the episode already.)   I woke up at the end and my mother was all into talking about the episode.   I knew she'd like it.  I'm not even that into sewing and I love it because it shows off creativity.

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Can I just say that I love Project Runway and Master Chef?  Overall I'm generally not a fan of "reality TV," but these two shows just do it for me.  I love seeing creative people being creative.  With thrown in snark or LOLs or tension or whatever.   The more creative the participants are the better.   I'm so glad both shows are back on and just starting!  I've got bunches of episodes to look forward to!

(Plus I'm a little in love with Tim Gunn - "Make it work!)



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