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How obsessed is it that since I heard that the repeat of Mystery Spot has "6 Months Later" on the screen--I had to program Tivo to record it and am now working on converting it so that I have the episode with the "6 Months Later" on it as well as my previous iTunes copy without it.

*shakes head*

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Found him.

He's Andrew McIlroy (IMDB page)

He's the guy who played the "Mystery Spot Guy" aka Mr. Carpiak on Superanatural's Mystery Spot episode.  He also played a very small speaking part in the recent BSG episode The Ties that Bind.

Don't know why I'm being so geeky about him.  But I just, love, love, love when he say's the lines:

"It's a *MYSTERY SPOT*"  and

"It's where the laws of physics...*hand motion* ... have no meaning.  *grins sleezily and dorkily* "
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Watching BSG S04E03 that aired last night.  I think I spotted another actor who's crossed between BSG and SPN (which both film in Vancouver).

From BSG S04E03:

From SPN S03 Mystery Spot (I love this guy)
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Found here.

Sam Raimi (Spiderman) and Rob Tapert (The Grudge) have snagged former X-Files scribe John Shiban to exec-produce their new syndicated project, Wizard's First Rule. Shiban, who is now with the CW's Supernatural, will help adapt Terry Goodkind's series of books into a weekly TV series. Wizard's is set in a fantasy world of magic (and wizards, of course) and focuses on the Seeker, a man destined to save the world.Shiban tells Variety that much like The X-Files, "There's an overarching mythology to the series, but the job of Seeker allows him to fight evil in self-contained episodes."After spending seven years on The X Files and co-creating the short-lived spinoff, The Lone Gunmen, Shiban looks forward to making the syndie Wizard's strive for network-quality special effects and tone. "We're going to make it look huge," he said.Wizard's has been cleared for broadcast in 84 percent of the country and all top 50 markets. Nerds everywhere, rejoice! —Erin Fox

In other news...

Let one of my co-workers know that one of my all-time favorite SPN episodes was on last night.  She texted me at 9:30 last night saying she was watching SPN and was laughing her ass off.

Also, have some kinda of tendonitis today.  Both hands.  Hard to type.  Hard to use right had at all.  dammit.
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...when I click on Top Episodes I get this view

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I wanted to post after watching each of these this past week--but for some reason LJ kept freezing up everytime I tried to post something.  So I just gave up.


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