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I had dinner tonight with a friend.  I'd told her several weeks ago, the last time we had dinner, about my ... um ... obsession  interest in SPN.  But tonight she seemed to really tune into what I was saying.  She says she wants to watch S1--but unfortunately both my copies are out on loan--but when I told her it was recently on sale and may still be--she said she'd likely just go out and buy.

She also said she might watch it tomorrow night.

Then we got a little drunk silly and we ended up envisioning this SPN viewing party for anyone who hasn't seen any or all of the episodes yet.  It would be kinda a grown up girl's slumber party--but with alcohol and the boys!  Anyone who wanted to bring air mattresses and sleeping bags could just crash.  We'd either marathon S1 and/or S2 or we'd pick the best of the best and watch episodes all the way through to season 4.

My son suggested blow-up Jensen dolls.  Since I wasn't sure I could find such a thing--we decided on life-size Jensen & Jared cut-outs on the walls.  An Impala cake.  And we could send out SPN-themed invitations. 

We'll take little intermissions and play SPN fanvids.

Not sure if we'll get that crazy (hee!) but Nanc really, really wants me to do the get-together SPN party thing.  She'll crash here and we'll watch as long as we can.  Maybe I'll invite my other 2-3 friends I've been trying to get hooked.  fickleone can bring herself and anyone else she's trying to hook.


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