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Oh god I don't know WHAT to do!!!

I went ahead a bid all over the place for SPN cards I didn't have.  Only went for the very low priced cards and figured if I don't get outbid, then terrific I got a low-cost card.  And if I did get outbid--also terrific cuz that's money I don't have to spend.

And, no surprise to me, I have been pretty consistently outbid as expected. 

Except for two of the cards I kinda sorta wanted I'm now outbid on.  And I KNOW the right thing to do is just LET IT GO.  Because I really need to concentrate on airfare for LA Con 2009, not on these frickin' cards!

But dammit!

*I will not re-bid.  I will not re-bid.  I will not rebid."

Hey!  An SAA reference--AHBL part 1.  When Jake walks in the school house and finds the chalk board all written over "I will not kill".

(Yes M, I do plan on replying to the SAA post you reminded me about this morning.  Just got off work and am catching up.)
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So in my obsession haste to collect the Supernatural Connections cards, I accidently purchased two of these cards:

I did offer one of the two cards to [profile] fickleone first and then was going to contact [personal profile] mrsr58 to see if she wanted it.  But [profile] fickleone wasn't yet sure if she wanted to even open the door a crack for Connections because she was trying to focus on having funds for Conventions (which I should also be doing--but the SAA Obsession bug has me hard!)

When Inkworks offers S3 cards I was considering buying multiple boxes next time.  With all the money I spend on individual cards, I thought surely I could come out ahead.  But I kept wondering what would I do with all those extra cards?  I kept thinking I could trying SELLING on eBay.  But I'm a nervous-nelly.

With this card I thought I could dip my toes in a bit to see how this all works.

So I listed the card HERE at a lower cost than I paid for it. 

So let's see what happens. 

*is nervous* (which is stupid, but what can I say.)


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