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Mar. 30th, 2008 01:02 am
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We just got back to our room and have to get up at 5:30 am tomorrow.  So I won't be updating much tonight and we've got back-to-back stuff from around 6:30 am to 5:00 pm tomorrow.  So it will likely be tomorrow night before give more updates.

Steve Carlson's concert just absolutely rocked!  I liked his music before and had bought all his CDs.  But seeing him perform in person!  He was just terrific.

The Desert Party was fun mostly because of the other fans.  We exchanged ghost stories at our table.  Fred and Chad joined at separate times and each told there own ghost stories.  Both of them are fervent believers in the supernatural--no joking.  Fred shared a story both at our table and earlier that day on stage about an encounter he and friends had years ago.  He said one of his friends actually became a Jesuit priest because of the encounter and was "hunting demons."  Can't tell how much of that part was hype or not.  But he seemed genuine about seeing the ghost (or whatever it was.)  Chad also had a ghost story to tell and said he's had more than one encounter.  One member of our table asked why he particularly would have more than one encounter.  He replied that he believed it was because he was open to the experience.

Fred was definitely feeling happy (both because of the fans and because of a bit too much to drink I think).  He was a little late for the photo op but was on time for the desert party and was very outgoing at that function.

Chad was very laid back and nice.  For me it was hard to separate him from Ash.

Steve Carlson joined us very briefly at the desert party for photos and then left.

ETA #1:  Almost forgot, I have some great photos from Steve's concert.  I'll share one here because he so rocked and I encourage everyone to go to iTunes or his site and get his songs!  He specifically requested that items not be posted to YouTube from the concert.


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