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I've always enjoyed Steve's music.  I admit to not being up-to-date on his recent releases.   I saw this on FB this morning and it impressed me so much that I've backed my first Kickstarter project.   I love the whole concept and the music really touches me.   Looking forward to seeing this film come into being.

Different Town - The Film, a Kickstarter Project


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If you want icons from the recent Kane/Carlson/Jensen gig in PDX go here.  Canadiangoddess has a whole bunch of them!

A few examples....



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Here are some photos of Steve singing at the Karoake Party on Friday night.  I was only there for the first song.  He started singing at about 1:30 am.  I was tired and had barely stayed awake to that point.  I figured he was done and I left. 

I'm going to post my other Karoake photos on a Friends Only post.

However he evidently sang two other songs. 

The first song he sung was by Bad Company - "Feel Like Making Love"

Not bandwidth friendly.. )

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I'm listening to my Steve Carlson mix as I'm trying to shut down my damn brain so I can finally fall asleep. I usually listen to music as I'm doing something else at home or as I'm driving to and from work. So I often don't just slow down and listen to the music and words.

I knew this of course. But Steve's got such a whiskey-warmed type of voice. I love listening to it.

I really loved seeing him and his band perform in LA.

And some photos from LA Con 2008

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See [personal profile] missyjack's post here.  Steve's new album is out and she says two of the songs were cowritten by J. Ackles.

*goes off to find*
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I want Steve to perform in Portland.   (Just got an email announcement of Steve's performance tomorrow in LA at the Hotel Cafe.)

However, since that's not likely to happen anytime soon....

[profile] fickleone, we live in one of the Indie-capitals of the US.  We should really check out Willamette Week  or the Friday entertainment section and take our hubbies out.  Can't you just see B & C drinking and socializing together??? (hee!)  We should probably include E & A just for "social-glue"

LA Con

Mar. 30th, 2008 01:02 am
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We just got back to our room and have to get up at 5:30 am tomorrow.  So I won't be updating much tonight and we've got back-to-back stuff from around 6:30 am to 5:00 pm tomorrow.  So it will likely be tomorrow night before give more updates.

Steve Carlson's concert just absolutely rocked!  I liked his music before and had bought all his CDs.  But seeing him perform in person!  He was just terrific.

The Desert Party was fun mostly because of the other fans.  We exchanged ghost stories at our table.  Fred and Chad joined at separate times and each told there own ghost stories.  Both of them are fervent believers in the supernatural--no joking.  Fred shared a story both at our table and earlier that day on stage about an encounter he and friends had years ago.  He said one of his friends actually became a Jesuit priest because of the encounter and was "hunting demons."  Can't tell how much of that part was hype or not.  But he seemed genuine about seeing the ghost (or whatever it was.)  Chad also had a ghost story to tell and said he's had more than one encounter.  One member of our table asked why he particularly would have more than one encounter.  He replied that he believed it was because he was open to the experience.

Fred was definitely feeling happy (both because of the fans and because of a bit too much to drink I think).  He was a little late for the photo op but was on time for the desert party and was very outgoing at that function.

Chad was very laid back and nice.  For me it was hard to separate him from Ash.

Steve Carlson joined us very briefly at the desert party for photos and then left.

ETA #1:  Almost forgot, I have some great photos from Steve's concert.  I'll share one here because he so rocked and I encourage everyone to go to iTunes or his site and get his songs!  He specifically requested that items not be posted to YouTube from the concert.


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