Jan. 19th, 2013

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From:   Buddy TV's "The funniest Supernatural episode titles"

My personal favorite title from this article:


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...that are going around the SPN interwebs.   Had to include them here.  From Repimg.





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Go see bowtrunckle's great post about the scene in the last episode where Sam & Dean ...
spoilers for 8x10 )

Love how she walks through the scene.


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I probably have, but it's from one of the very early season photoshoots.   Came across it on Tumblr this morning.  Very striking.


source:  x   <--- for the full glory of this image, you should probably check it out from the source.  "x" marks the spot.

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Screen shot from an episode of Lost Girl that I'm watching.   :)


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Today I discovered these additional Jensen photos that I took at the J2 Breakfast at Burcon 2012.   I'm 90% convinced I haven't posted most, if not all of these previously.   I've been developing a workflow process for developing photos and based on my process, these photos likely were not included previously in any postings (but there might be some exceptions.)   These were likely excluded due to lack of focus, color balance (yikes! on some of these, which I still couldn't really fix), and/or I had others that were similar but better, or just too many photos in general.

In any case, these have been re-editted and gave me about an hour of pleasure today (along with another set I will be posting in a few moments.  The next set are definitely photos I think I've published before, but re-editted for better quality.)

For other photos from Burcon see here.


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Here are some Jensen photos I took at the J2 Breakfast at Burcon 2012 - re-edited as the originals were either off color or too dark, or I just felt like playing with them.   I believe that most of these have been published before.

To see more Burcon photos, go here.  

above :: I believe this shot is when Jensen spotted that Jared had arrived at the breakfast.  Jared was late due to a car mix up and Jensen was winging it without his wingman (heh) until Jared showed up.

more photos under here... )

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I love how someone else can see some potential in a photo I've taken that I didn't see myself.   

Just saw this making the rounds on Tumblr.



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