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I can't remember when we will be able to find this edition in the stores - anyone know?  I assume it is after the ComicCon event itself?



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Someone over on FB just posted this:

Edit:  Correction the FB poster was linking to the Winchester Family Business Website, which is where this information came from.

I was able today to get hold of an advanced copy to the Comic-Con Special Edition of TV Guide. My copy has the gorgeous Winchester Brothers on both the front and back cover, Dean in front in the front cover and Sam in front on the back. The magazine features some big sections for "The Big Bang Theory," "Fringe," "The Vampire Diaries," "Person of Interest," "Nikita," "Children's Hospital," and of course "Supernatural," as well as previews for new shows "666 Park Avenue," "Arrow," "Revolution," "Cult," "The Following," and plenty of DC animation. 

The "Supernatural" section is 8 pages long. It features the following:

- "Blood Brothers" - an interview with Jared and Jensen by Ileane Rudolph (no spoilers)
- "The Many Faces of Evil" - a look at the "Supernatural villains by Ileane Rudolph
- "Blood/Alcohol Content" - a breakdown of shooting the swordfight scene with the Shojo in "Party on Garth" by John Hogan
- "The Devil Is In The Details" - a "Supernatural" trivia quiz by Alice Jester (gee, I wonder who that could be???)
- "Burning Questions" - a season 8 preview interview with executive producer Robert Singer  

Under the cut is spoilery for the theme of S8-including some bits about how the Dean in purgatory bit is resolved. If you plan on buying and reading the Comic Con Supernatural TV Guide edition - this is a summary of the spoilery bits from a Robert Singer interview that is in that TV Guide.  )

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From here:

For the third year in a row TV Guide Magazine and Warner Bros. Television are teaming up for a Comic-Con special edition issue that gives fans everything they want to know about their favorite hit shows.

The magazine features four sets of collectible "flip" covers featuring the casts of The Big Bang TheoryFringeSupernatural and The Vampire Diaries on both sides and exclusive content on Warner Bros.' fan-favorite series, including Person of Interest and Nikita.

Read more:

Love how they are offering two versions with each brother featured in front.





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